Can Dogs Eat Peas: Yes! Dogs can safely have peas when it comes to vegetables. Green peas are very healthy for your dogs. You can give green peas to your dog as a treat. As they are rich in Vitamin K, Vitamin B, and Vitamin A.

Pet owners can give steamed and frozen peas to their dogs. Peas are an excellent food for adding some extra nutrients in your dog’s diet.

Can Dogs Eat Peas

Dog’s having kidney issues should not eat peas. As peas contain purines that can make kidney issue worse. Excess amount of peas can cause digestive problems and gas in dogs. Many high-quality dog food contains peas as an ingredient in them.

Can Dog Eat Peas

Moreover, spring is the season for fresh and green peas. You can give fruits and vegetables to your dog, just as an occasional treat. Excess amount of any food can harm your dog’s health.

Sugar peas, snow peas, English peas, and sugar snap peas are the types your dog can have. Canned peas are not advisable for dogs. Canned food contains lots of salt, sugar and other preservatives in it. It may contain some chemical that can be toxic for your pet. So, only stick to plain and fresh peas for your dog.

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As a standard rule, if human beings can eat pea pods then dogs can also eat. However, garden peas should always be shelled. Peapods can be a choking hazard for your dog. So watch it, and always observe your dog’s reaction after every new food. A great number of peas can cause vomiting and diarrhea in dogs.

Benefits of Peas for Dogs

You can add peas to your dog’s food. Dogs can have frozen peas also. Peas contain a high level of proteins. They help to boost the energy level of your dog.

As we all know peas are high in fiber. It helps to maintain your dog’s weight and at the same time lower its cholesterol. Green peas are an amazing source of iron, zinc, fiber, magnesium, and potassium. All these nutrients are best for your pet’s eyesight, digestion, skin and more.

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Moreover, peas contain lutein, that is anti-oxidant. Lutein is best for eye health, skin and heart health of a dog. Peas are very gentle on the dog’s digestive system.

Possible Risks of Peas for Dogs

As with any food, peas can also have some possible side effects. Excess amount of anything can be harmful to dogs. Similarly, peas in large quantity for dogs can cause an upset stomach and even vomiting.

Peas contain a naturally occurring chemical known as purines. It is also present in many drinks and food. It produces uric acid that can be harmful to dogs having kidney problems. Excess of uric acid can lead to stones in the kidney and other worst conditions.


Dogs do not need vegetables and fruits in their diet as human beings do. They are carnivorous in the wild and eat meat. But you can give them occasional treats and peas is the best option for this.

Other Vegetables for Dogs

You can also other vegetables to your dog, some of them are given below:


Few chopped parsley helps to improve the breath of your dog.


Carrot is an amazing treat for dogs. It is good for their teeth.


Plain and fresh cucumbers are fine for dogs. Avoid giving pickled cucumbers to pups.


Broccoli head is OK for dogs but in a limit. Excess of broccoli can cause stomach upset.

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