Can Dogs Eat Pecans? The answer to this question is No! Pecans are indeed tasty snacks for all of us and we often use them in sweets and cakes. However, some of the human foods that we enjoy are not good for our hairy friends.

Can Dogs Eat Pecan

This is a fact that some chemicals naturally occur in some foods. They are very healthy and good for us but they can be detrimental to our dogs. That is why it is necessary before sharing your food to check that your dog is eating it safely.

This article will help you guide about can dogs eat pecans. So if you want to know thoroughly about this then read the article till the end.

Can Dogs Eat Pecans?

All of us love our pets and want to share some goodies of life with them. Sometimes, it includes everything from dinner to nuts, desserts, fruits, and vegetables.

However, you must know that you cannot share everything with your canine friend and pecans are one of them. Moreover, they should not eat any food including pecans such as pecan ice cream, butter or pecan pie.

Can we give pecans to dog

It is because pecans are toxic to your dogs and can lead to a number of problems. In some worst case scenarios, excessive consumption of pecans can prove fatal.

This is the reason it is so important to research any human food before we actually go ahead and feed it to them. It is worth remembering that food that is good for us does not mean it is good for dogs as well.

Toxic Effects On Dog’s Health

Pecans can have toxic effects on dogs because:

  • They contain a toxin which is called juglone that is harmful to dogs.
  • Also, they comprise levels of a poison known as Aflatoxin. It comes from the Aspergillus mold, to which dogs are very vulnerable and easily fall ill to.

Toxic Effects On Dog's Health

If your dog is affected by Aflatoxin, he might show very low levels of appetite. Also, he starts to vomit and sometimes you can see blood in it. Besides, there can be lethargy, emit urine that is orange in color and pass blackened stool.

  • Besides, it can lead towards:
  • A severe gastric intestinal upset in your pet
  • An obstruction in the digestive tract of your dog. Because they are hard for dogs to digest.
  • Seizures
  • Tremors
  • Neurological damage to your dog.
  • Serious risk of developing pancreatitis and becoming obese
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Rich in sodium, can be deadly to dogs
  • Cause your dog to choke on their shells
  • Liver failure
  • Development of bladder stones

What To Do If Dog Eats Pecans?

There is no need to be worried if your dog consumed one or two pieces of pecans.  This quantity is not enough to cause serious poisoning in your pet.

On the other hand, if your dog eats the whole pecan with its shell or an entire bowl, there is a lot to worry about.

What To Do If Dog Eats Pecans, can dogs eat pecans

So, if you suspect that your dog has eaten pecans, you should get him to your veterinarian or an animal emergency care center as soon as possible. Because, if you take too much time to get them to the vet’s help, they will develop liver failure.

Besides, the more time you take to get your pet to professional care if they are poisoned from eating pecans, the slimmer the chances of their recovery. Moreover, harder the treatment becomes.

Pecans are very harmful to your dog. You should keep him as safe as possible and refrain from giving any pecans to him.

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