Rice is considered as one of the most popular human food around the world. Can Dogs eat rice? Yes, dogs can eat rice. In fact, rice is good for dogs when they have an upset stomach.

Rice is light food, it is easy to digest and it is low in fiber. In this article, you will find the benefits and rice diet for dogs.

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You will find various commercial and homemade foods which contain rice as one of their ingredients. There are two types of rice, brown and white rice. Both have many benefits on the dog’s health. Rice also helps in the normal functioning of the brain.

Types of Rice –  White & Brown Rice

There are two types of rice, one is white and other is brown. Both have equally good for dog’s health and are a fine source of energy for the dog. White rice is a little easier to digest while brown rice contains more proteins and less starch as compared to white rice.

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Besides the color of rice, the thing which really matters is the grade of rice used. It is highly recommended that stick to the human grade rice for the dog instead of cutting the corners. One thing about which you should be aware that some dogs have allergic to rice, so be careful before giving rice to your pup.

Brown Rice- Can Dogs Eat Brown Rice?

Dogs can eat and digest the food that comes from the plants, they are not strict carnivores. So the answer to the question “Can dogs eat brown rice” is definitely yes. There are many commercial dogs food which include brown rice in their recipe.

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Brown rice is considered as nutritious for dogs. You can brown rice to the dog’s regular diet, but remember that feed it in small quantity. There is a limit to feed the dog the brown rice, if you exceed that, it may lead to serious diseases.

Advantages of Brown Rice

Below is the list of benefits of brown rice over white rice:

– Protein: The level of proteins in brown rice is more as compared to white rice.

– Starch: Brown rice contains less amount of starch than white rice.

– Nutritional value: As the brown rice does not go through the processing as the white rice goes through, so it is more nutritionally richer.

– Fiber: Brown rice is enriched by the fiber, while white rice does not contain any fiber.

– Constipation: As the brown rice contains fiber, so it helps your dog in overcoming constipation.

Alzheimer’sAlzheimer’s is a kind of disease such as memory loss, brown rice contains neurotransmitter nutrients. These nutrients help in fighting against this disease.

White Rice- Can Dogs Eat White Rice?

The answer to the question “Can dogs eat white rice” is yes, we know that the dogs are omnivores but fruits and some vegetables are also safe for them. You will find many commercial foods that contain white rice as an ingredient. The reason for that is, it easily digests.

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You can add white rice in the dog’s diet, there is no wrong with adding white rice in the dog’s diet. The thing which should be taken into consideration is the quantity of rice you include. You can not replace the diet with white rice only. It will affect the dog’s health.

Advantages of White Rice

There are many benefits of both type of rice, compared to brown rice below is a list of few white rice advantages over the brown rice:

– Cooking Speed: White rice takes less time to cook as compared to brown rice.

– Stomach Problems: White rice is notorious and that’s why it is best for diarrhea and upset stomach.

– Chewing: Brown rice is a little harder than white rice, so it is easy to chew the white rice.

– Ease of Digestion: It is much easier to digest white rice as compared to brown rice.

– Cost: Usually white rice is less expensive than brown rice.

How Rice is Bad For Dogs?

Rice is not harmful to the dog’s health unless your pup is allergic to rice. To check whether your dog is allergic to rice, you need to give your dog rice in small quantity. Observe the dog and notice if there is an adverse reaction.

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Assuming that your pup is not allergic to rice, serve him with a small amount of rice. It will be better to consult any vet for the ration of rice in the diet. Remember that never feed rice in huge amount, it will be harmful to dogs.

In case, if your dog is allergic to rice, below is a list of symptoms that you will observe:

  • Skin itch
  • Loss of hair
  • Infections (Ear Infection mostly)

Best Way to Make Rice For Dog

You will find various ways of cooking rice for dogs, but the most common and safe is boiling the rice is. This method is for both brown and white rice. Some people also feed their dogs cooked chicken and rice, that is better for the upset stomach.

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Following are the basics steps which you need to follow to cook the rice properly for your dog to eat:

  • Add 1 cup of rice
  • Add 4 cup of water
  • Boil for 20-30 minutes
  • Once the rice is boiled well, cool it properly and after that mix it with the food or meal and feed it to your dog.