Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potatoes: Yes they can. Sweet potatoes are very healthy and an amazing treat for dogs. They are full of healthy nutrients, which are vital for your dog’s health. The benefits of sweet potatoes are the same for dogs as they are for human beings. So you can give sweet potatoes to dogs, but in a limit.

You can give baked, mashed and boiled sweet potatoes to your pet but occasionally. Always start with the small amount of new food in your dog’s diet. Then observe your dog’s reaction. If it acts abnormally in any way then immediately take him to the vet.

Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potatoes

You can add a small amount of boiled or mashed sweet potatoes in your dog’s daily diet. So, he will not feel any major difference in the taste of their food.

Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potatoes

Dogs can safely have sweet potatoes. They are an amazing source of many vitamins and dietary fibers for dogs. The high-content of fiber in sweet potatoes helps dogs to improve the functionality of their digestive system.

Sweet potatoes are best for Vitamin A. It also helps to improve dog’s skin, fur, eyes, muscles, and nerves. Sweet potatoes contain orange flesh. That part has beta carotene, an antioxidant that improves heart health. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, then sweet potatoes are not a good idea.

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Yellow-orange color of sweet potatoes is because of Beta-carotene. Deficiency of Vitamin A and Beta Carotene can cause night blindness, abnormal teeth development, poor skin, and others.

Benefits of Sweet Potatoes for Dogs

Sweet potatoes contain a low content of fat. However, they contain vitamin A, C, b6, potassium, and calcium. Sweet potatoes lower the risk of specific kind of tumors and heart problems. Moreover, vitamin C is vital for the working of the immune system.

Dogs are the same as humans. It means that dogs recover from injuries and wounds quickly when you feed them enough amount of vitamin C.

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All the nutrients in sweet potatoes help dog’s to make their fur shiny. It helps to make their skin and muscles healthy too.

Due to high fiber content in sweet potatoes, they also help to relieve diarrhea and constipation in dogs. Sweet potatoes in dog’s diet increase the feeling of fullness in dogs. They also help dogs to lose their weight.

Before feeding sweet potatoes to your dog, make sure its skin is removed. Potatoes with skin can be tough for your dogs to digest. Do not feed raw or unripe sweet potato to your pet. They can cause blockage in a dog’s intestine. Moreover, unripe and raw potatoes are difficult for dogs to digest and chew.

Possible Risks of Sweet Potatoes for Pups

Excess of everything can be dangerous for humans and for animals too. So, only a suitable amount of sweet potatoes for dogs can be beneficial for them.

A large number of sweet potatoes may result in obesity in dogs. Sweet potatoes contain natural sugars in it. So it should be fed in a limit. If your dog is diabetic then sweet potatoes are not a very good option for them. Sweet potatoes contain the glycemic index in them. So, dogs that are diabetic, lazy and overweight should avoid it.

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Dr. Barrack says “Too much of a good thing can cause bone and muscle weakness, due to excessive vitamin A,”. So moderation should be the key to any new food. Don’t feed dogs sweet potatoes as the main food. Protein for animals must be a part of their daily meal.

Before feeding any new food to your dog’s diet. You must consult your vet if he/she agrees then go ahead.

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