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Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes? Are Tomatoes Good or Bad For Dogs?

The short answer is yes, dogs and pups can have tomatoes, but there are huge things and exceptions you must know before you feed them to your pet.


Moreover, it is very important to know that tomatoes are in the Solanaceae family. and its parts contain substances that are dangerous in high amounts. Furthermore, poisoning from eating tomatoes in large amount is rare in dogs, but it can happen especially if the pups get into the gardens having unripened tomatoes, that are most harmful to dogs.

Generally, ripe, plain tomatoes that are free of leaves and stems are safe for your dogs to eat, but you must consult your vet before introducing any human foods with your dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes?

Furthermore, tomatoes are rich in nutrients that are healthy for dogs if they eat in an appropriate amount. Tomatoes are high in fiber and low in calories, that is good for digestion. You can also feed Lettuce as it contains Vitamin C, K, and A, that has to be added in every dog’s diet.

Moreover, tomatoes contain lycopene, that reduces the risk of heart problem and promote strong bones, beta-carotene, which can improve cognition, Vitamin A, that helps with eyesight and Vitamin C is good for the skin.

tomatoes for dogs

Tomatoes also have some minerals like potassium and folate, that helps with muscle health and blood pressure.

Majority of the dogs wants to eat whatever they were eating, no matter what it is. If it is a juicy beef steak or juicy beefsteak tomato, your dog wants to help you finish it.

How Tomatoes are Bad for Dogs

Most vets normally don’t suggest feeding table scraps to pups, but some foods are OK to give every once in a while as a snack. Moreover, tomatoes are one of them, as long as owners understand the risks.

Tomatoes are in the Solanaceae family of vegetables, that means the plants contain a few components that are dangerous to specific animals, including solanine. Moreover, solanine is a substance found in the leaves and stem of the tomato, is dangerous to dogs if consumed in the large amount.


The stems, leaves and young green tomatoes contain a high amount of solanine as compared to ripe fruit, that means the ripe tomatoes are safe to feed dogs. This is still a problem for those of us who are having a tomato plant in our garden, as we have to worry about our pets chewing on steam and leaves or eating green tomatoes.

If you have a pet dog and he is not feeling well and vomiting due to an upset stomach then you should carefully choose and feed your dog which is good for his health.

If your dogs have eaten the green part of the tomato plant, then you need to quickly consult your vet. Clinical signs of too much tomatine may include:

  • Tremors
  • Loss of coordination
  • Gastrointestinal (GI) upset
  • Cardiac effects
  • Muscle weakness
  • Seizures

However, these symptoms are rare and the prognosis for pups with tomatine poisoning is typically good. Consult your vet if you notice any changes in your dog’s behavior.

How can you Feed Tomatoes to your Dog?

Besides that, if your vet tells you that it’s OK to feed tomatoes to your pup, then make sure that you select ripe and red ones that have leaves, vines and stems removed.

Can dogs have tomatoes

Serve tomatoes to dogs without any additives such as salt, as these can be dangerous to them. So make sure that you know the source of tomatoes also. Always avoid canned, processed foods and herbicides that can make your dog sick.

Moreover, if you serve your dog a tomato-based product like soup or sauce, first check the ingredients for anything that can cause a problem to your pet. It is best to only feed fresh tomatoes that you prepare for yourself just to be safe.

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