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Can I Use Vinegar To Clean Marble Floors?

Marble is one the most beautiful and elegant stones in the world and when you apply more heat and pressure to limestone, marble is formed. Marble is also mixed with a variety of other stones. If you have marble in your house such as marble floors, marble counters, and many others so it is your responsibility to clean and maintain it by using proper and accurate cleaning products which do not cause any damage to the marble.

can i use vinegar to clean marble

As we all know vinegar has so many benefits when it comes to cleaning, many people use vinegar for cleaning their home, washrooms, tiles, counters, drains and many others. Vinegar is no doubt all in one multi-purpose cleaner, but you cannot clean marble floors or marble with vinegar. For cleaning marble floors you must need to learn some effective techniques. So, here on, we are providing you some many easy and efficient tips on Can I use vinegar to clean marble floors without damaging them.

Things required for cleaning marble floors

  • Soft cotton cloth
  • Distilled water
  • Small bucket
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Acetone (nail polish remover)
  • Clear ammonia
  • Mild liquid detergent

Steps to know on can I use vinegar to clean marble floors

Difference between granite and marble

  • Very often people mixed marble and granite when it comes to kitchen and washroom counters. As compared to granite, marble is very soft and elegant stone so you cannot treat marble and granite same while cleaning. Marble gets stained very quickly and easily, so treating marble and granite with same cleaning products or with same cleaning methods is not a very good idea.

Never use vinegar on marble stones

  • When it comes to cleaning, many people use vinegar to clean their granite floors and counters, but you cannot use vinegar on marble floors. Vinegar has very good and effective cleaning properties but at the same time, it has acidic properties as well which can cause damage to the marble. Vinegar on marble can etch the surface of marble counters or floors. So you can never use vinegar on a marble stone, as vinegar is not suitable for marbles.

Do not use vinegar on marble

  • Vinegar is acidic in nature, similarly marble stone contains calcium carbonate which is a base, so when vinegar and marble stone combine with each other they produce a reaction, so this reaction can cause damage to the marble stone.
  • Using vinegar on marble stone can change the colour of the marble and it can also cause fading of marble. Vinegar due to its acidic properties can also leave a stain on the marble, which later can become a very tough task to get rid of. Similarly lemon has same properties like vinegar so you cannot use lemon on marble floors or counters to clean them, they can stain the beneath of marble.

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  • If you deliberately use vinegar or lemon juice on marble and your marble floor get stained from it then you can remove the upper layer of marble to get rid of the bad stain.

Marble is very delicate stone

  • Marble is when combining with vinegar, vinegar raises the PH value of marble and in reaction, a bubble is formed. Marble contains limestone which has basic properties and vinegar has acidic properties, so their reaction is not a good idea.
  • So we will recommend you to keep your marble floors and counters away from the vinegar if you want to keep the shine and new look of your marble preserved. When vinegar is used on marble, then it loses the shine and finish of the marble. Vinegar affects the ageing process of marble, and later on can also make it weak.

How to clean marble floors

  • For daily cleaning of your marble floor, you should use soft cotton cloth and distilled water. For this, thoroughly clean your floor using damp cotton cloth or cleaning mop on the surface of marble and then dry the floor immediately by using dry and soft cotton cloth.

Use mild soap on marble

  • For deep cleaning of marble floors and counters, you can use soap and water. Always use neutral soap, mix it with water to make it mild so it cannot damage your marble. Now damp soft cotton cloth with this prepared solution and thoroughly clean and wipe the marble floor completely with gentle circular motions. After cleaning clean the marble floor with distilled water using a mop or soft cotton cloth. At the end allow the floor to dry by wiping the marble floor with a dry cotton cloth.
  • You will notice the shine on the marble floor like a new one. Cleaning of marble floor with the mild solution of soap and water does not cause any harm to the appearance of marble.
  • For cleaning of light and delicate marble floors, you can use hydrogen peroxide and on the other hand for cleaning of dark marble floors you can use acetone or nail polish remover.
  • You can also use clear ammonia mixed with water to make it mild for cleaning of your delicate marble floors. Ammonia has a powerful cleaning tendency, mixed with water make it neutral and mild for the delicate marble floors and marble counters to clean properly without causing any harm to them.

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Do not use acid on marble

  • Try to avoid using products which are acidic in nature on your marble floor, like vinegar. Do not use tomato juice, orange and lemon juice on your marble floor as they can take away the shine of your marble and may damage it with its acidic properties.
  • As well as do not use red wine or any other wine on your delicate marble floor. Protect your floor by putting different runners and rugs on the floor.
  • Avoid outing any hot substance on the marble floor as it can stain your floor with tough marks.
  • Always try to use ceramic containers on the marble floor, do not use metal or steel one as they get rusty very soon and easily.

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