If you get a Rottweiler dog the first time then it is important for you to have some knowledge of this breed so that you can understand your pet what it likes and what steps you can take to look after them, the physical appearance of Rottweiler is they are well built and have a very strong muscular body. Rottweilers are loyal, intelligent and devoted towards there owners.

Rottweiler have a very strong muscular body

This breed has a commanding nature so to keep your pet in good condition you must follow certain guidelines which we will provide you in this article so that you can give proper attention to your pet they needed. Keep reading this article to know how to care for a Rottweiler.

Look After Rottweiler

  • First of all, we will talk about feeding a Rottweiler, there is a lot of things you can choose to feed your pet but it is important to feed them balanced and nutritious food. One of the best and easy way to feed your Rottweiler is the dry food of high quality. For the growth and good appearance of your pet food them nutritious food.

Feed your rottweiler healthy food

  • you must keep it in mind that proteins in your dog’s food should never less than 30%, Fiber should be less or equal to 4% and overall fat in feed should be 20%.You must not give them a high quantity of food at once as this breed is very greedy and eat all the food you provide them. In case you do not monitor your pet’s diet then they will adopt the bad habit of eating and can gain weight.
  • Whenever you feed your pet you must consider their age and give them food accordingly for example if you have a bull Rottweiler then it should be fed by its mother for at least six weeks, but if you want you can give them solid feed when your pet is one month old. Once your dog gets used to of solid food then buy quality food and feed them 3 times a day.

Feed according to dogs age

  • Rottweiler is the best pet for children’s because they are always active, energetic and always ready to play but you must keep it in mind that this breed does not like rough treatment because they are very sensitive.
  • If you treat your dog tough then your pet can become lazy, angry and does not follow your orders, it will be hard for you to train your pet if you rough treat your dog.

Give Fresh water

  • Always provide your dog fresh and clean water so that your dog always remains hydrated throughout the day and remember to clean your dog’s water bowl daily.
  • You can also feed your pet apple fruit which is good for your pet but make sure your pet does not eat apple seeds because all bones and the seeds are toxics for dogs.
  • Clean your pet’s ears regularly and pay special attention to this area because it is the place where most of the times bacteria attacks. You also need to look after the nails of your pet and make sure their nails are not being worn away as they walk. You can also cut your dogs nail with a special nail cutter which is available in the market.
  • You must keep your pet in the family and try to make them adopt family life, a Rottweiler is a very sensitive animal and does not like loneliness. If you keep your pet in loneliness then they become shy.

Take your pet to vet

  • You must vaccinate your pet against the rabies disease, as rabies is a fatal disease and transferable therefore you must vaccinate your pet against this disease.
  • You must clean your pets area where they sleep at least once in a weak so that they do not get dirty and disease.
  • This article is only based on providing basic information, Tryarticles does not have any authority or responsibility to prescribe any medicine or treatment we strongly recommend you to take your pet to vet in case of any type of pain or condition your dog to have.

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