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How to Keep your Cat Clean and Healthy?

If You are having a cat in your house as a pet, and you want your cat to be clean and healthy then you might have noticed that cat is one of the clean animals. Usually, it is advisable to make your cat habitual to water from the start, despite the fact that cat keep’s them clean as they groom well.

How to Keep your Cat Clean and Healthy

It all depends on your cat, whether they go out and get themselves dirtier than usual or not. If they get themselves dirty, then you may face difficulty cleaning them. Now we will provide you easy steps that how to keep your cat clean and healthy? without getting in too much trouble.

Steps to keeping your Cat clean and Healthy

Here we will provide you that how to clean your cat well using easy to follow steps.

  • Cats usually are recognized as neat and clean animal as they clean themselves or groom by licking their fur. It’s better to help them stay clean and healthy. You should be cautious about your cat’s coat. Just as, it is important for you to avoid cat hair on your clothes. It also helps to prevent trichobezoars and hairballs that might harm your pet badly.
  • While helping them stay clean and healthy you have to regularly brush their hairs. Which helps them getting dirt particles on their coats, also help in preventing knots and finding their hairs all over the bed as well as on your clothes. This also helps you avoid your cat from swallowing too many hairs which is dangerous for their health.

brushing your cat hairs


  • Those having cats with shorter hairs they just need to groom them once a week, whereas those having long hairs should be groomed on daily basis. You have to choose a better brush for your cat to avoid falling their hairs so frequently.
  • If you have a garden in your house and also your cat has interaction with other animals, then it’s important to look for parasites like fleas and ticks while brushing. In case of finding them, it should be clean through other measures. You have to take certain precautionary measures to avoid them attacking your pet.
  • Checking your pet regularly overcomes certain condition like scratches and wounds. Through this way, you will make your cat healthy and clean, from all the harmful infections.
  • Another approach to cleaning your cat is to check their ears which is very important. Ears are one of the delicate components of the animal’s body. Cleaning your pet’s ears on the monthly basis helps you in the prevention of different diseases.
  • While cleaning ears of your cat do remember don’t insert anything into their ears, not even a single cotton bud. In case of doing that any sudden movement can harm your pet. As animals are typically restless and they keep on moving. It’s better to use well-wrung gauze instead with a serum to clean the inside and outside of cat’s ears deeply.
  • Cleaning your pet eyes is another aspect that should be checked regularly in case if you want your pet to stay clean and healthy. For cleaning cat’s eyes use a wet gauze soaked in saline in case if you see any gunk or dirt around the eye.

cleaning your cat eyes

  • In order to keep your cat clean, cleaning cat’s eyes just hold the head of the cat firmly to stop them from moving while cleaning. It’s essential that your cat feels comfortable otherwise if the cat feels uncomfortable or attacked then it may escape from you or even scratch you. Cat do all these just to get out of the situation.
  • Normally cats are not used to of water as compared to dogs. It’s better to make your cat use of water just because in case if your cat gets dirty then you have to clean them. if you didn’t make your cat use of water then it will be going to be a tough job for you to clean them.

changing habit of your pet cat

  • It’s essential that your grooming process should be very good and comfortable to the pet so that they don’t feel irritation while cleaning. So, that they are used to of it. Never force your animal of cleaning otherwise they will get afraid of it.

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