How to know if my Cat is cold?

The arrival of cold temperatures forces us to take steps to remain warm and make our homes to be warm and pleasant. In many times we think how our pets feel in the cold weather especially cats. Cats do not have a thick coat of Other breeds of animals like dogs have . if you are a wonder to know how to know if your cat is cold?

cat in winter

Then we will clarify this concept and explain to you how to act to keep your cat comfortable and warm.

Follow these steps to protect your cat from cold

  • You should know that in cold temperatures the pets will be very cold. It is true that these pets are prepared for the cold weather by changing their fur but some breeds of cats have less fur as compared to other breeds, for example, Persian, Devon Rex cats have no fur at all and therefore they need extra care In cold weather.
  • You can notice that in cold weather these pets try to shelter in the areas which warm like heaters and chimneys, sometimes they come inside the blanket. This behavior of pets informs us that they are feeling cold.
  • Cats which are above seven years are more sensitive to cold as compared to pets which are less than seven years because they have a weaker immune system.
  • You have to take extra care of your pet in the winter months to make sure that your pets are healthy and comfortable. In case your pussy is sick then you must take care of it and keep it warm because sick pets feel colder.
  • The best method to protect your pussy from the cold is to place a blanket in your house where your pussy can be covered and rest.

place a blanket

  • If you have a pussy breed which has less hair then we suggest you cover your pussy back with a piece of pets special clothing. This will keep your cat warm and protect it from the cold.
  • You can also turn on your home heater which makes home temperature good and bearable for a cat. Cats can handle temperature approximately 50 C, therefore, do not worry if your cat is sleeping on the hot surface.

home heater

  • If you are leaving your house for a long time then it is suggested that you should turn off the heater to avoid an accident due to heating. You can place a small bed for your cat in the cold weather so that your cat does not have to sleep on the cold surface of your house floor.
  • To keep your cat warm you can close all the windows of your house in the cold weather so that cold air does not enter into your home. If you know how to keep your house warm then you can keep your pet comfortable and warm in cold weather.
  • If your cat goes for walk usually, then the best approach is that you should avoid the cat letting out the house in the cold weather, in case your cat goes out then you must increase the cat’s food because it makes them warm.

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