How to know the cats age?

It is good to know the cat’s age so that you can give your pussy needed care according to its age. Mainly the date of birth of your pet is not known because your pet is not been us since birth. If you are unaware of your cats birth then you can approximately calculate your cats age through certain observations.

cats age

It is possible that cat experts wrongly predict the age of cats age, therefore it is hard to determine a cats age. In this interesting article, we will explain how to know the cats age.

Follow these steps to know cats age

  • A good way to tell the cats age is by looking the teeth of a cat. This method is considered to be the most reliable and useful method for estimating a cats age. By looking at the teeth of pussy for that you have to lift up the pussy’s lips smoothly.
  • If cats have 26 temporary teeth which are similar to the milk teeth of humans then its mean your cat is young. Young cats have 14 teeth in the upper jaw and 12 below. After birth cats teeth start appearing within two weeks of their birth but sometimes they can take up to four weeks to appear.

teeth of cat

  • In between two and four weeks, First sharp teeth appear and will grow till all the teeth are clearly visible. At Three weeks mostly the canines start the First month, a half of a kittens life premolars in lower jaws will be shown.
  • At two months of cats age, the cats can be grown all 26 teeth. During this time period of cats age temporary and milk teeth are replaced by the permanent teeth. At the age of three or four months permanent teeth will come out and thus the process will again be repeated. At the age of six months, your cat gets the adult teeth.
  • It is difficult to calculate cats age after six months, therefore, we have to pay attention to the condition of the cat’s teeth. Normally, a cat whose age is above one year has clean, healthy and white teeth. When the cat is two years old its teeth began to look like more yellowish, opaque. At the age of three to five years cats scale will spread and much wear can be observed.

cats age change

  • Once cats are above five to ten years its teeth present deterioration and the cat’s gum color changes. Cats are considered to be old after ten years and they have very damaged teeth, the cat can also have lost some teeth.
  • If we know the growth and tooth wear of cat then it is very helpful to know the age of a cat, but we just know teeth never give us exact calculation the reason is there are many other variables which affect the state of cats teeth, like food, lifestyle, health, hygiene etc.
  • If the cat had a wildlife then it is possible that tooth state of wear is higher as compared to the cat which stays in the home. When you are observing the age of your cat through its teeth you must always consider the lifestyle of your cat.

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