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Chinese red envelope wedding: How to Make New Year Envelopes?

It’s a Chinese tradition that they celebrate their new year with Red envelopes. Red is a favorite color for Chinese, and they considered it that Red symbolizes good luck and ward off evil spirits. In this post, we will see the way to make beautiful Chinese new year envelopes.

Chinese New Year envelopes are one of the favorite Chinese traditions which everyone enjoys. In this tradition, elders give shiny red envelops to their young ones, young ones mean including children and unmarried adults.

How to Make Chinese New Year Envelopes?

In this envelope, the Chinese keep new coins or some cash and believed that it will bring luck in the coming year. The gift can be as small as a coin, or as big as a hefty cash amount. There are also some special Chinese letters of good luck written on the envelopes like lai see, hong pao etc. Read below for further details about Chinese new year celebrations.

Chinese New Year Money Envelope

Remember Red envelopes in China always contain money, and mostly given to kids from their elders like parents, grandparents, and others as Chinese New Year gifts.

Here many people ask that Why Chinese Give Red Envelopes? So the answer is, it is a symbol of love, energy good luck, and happiness for them. They love the Red color and use it in their celebration, they send red envelopes to send good wishes, money, and luck.

Chinese New Year Money Envelope

Important and significant part is a Red color, wrapping money in red envelopes is expected to show more happiness and blessings. As it is not possible to open a red envelope in front of the person who gives it to you.

In China, people called red envelope Yasui qian, which means ‘suppressing ghosts money’. People who received a red envelope wished another safe and peaceful year.

Giving money in the red packet is actually a way to share your blessings so if you are earning then start your experience of giving red envelopes. According to tradition, parents put red envelopes in their children’s pockets and in some rural areas, people give a red envelope to each child they meet during the New Year period.

Parents and close relatives even give red envelopes even when you get married as this is a symbol of love and sympathy from them.

Occasions for Red Envelopes

For Chinese their new year is a season of a red envelope, red envelopes are not only limited to Chinese New Year. Generally, it is common in China to give a red envelope during some special occasions, such as a wedding, graduation, the birthday etc.

Tips for Giving and Receiving a Red Envelope

Giving a Red Envelope:-

  1. It’s tradition to put crisp, new bills inside. In the week of a new year, people stand in long queues at banks to exchange old bills for new ones.
  2. They also make sure to avoid putting coins in the envelopes.
  3. As number 4 in Chinese considered symbol of bad luck and it means death for them, so they avoid to give amounts such as 40 yuan or 400 yuan.
  4. The Best way is to prepare Red envelopes in advance and to carry some envelopes during all 16 days of Chinese New Year.
  5. You can put different denominations in differently designed red envelopes.

Receiving a Red Envelope:-

Tips for Giving and Receiving a Red Envelope

  1. Remember! Receive your red envelope with both hands.
  2. After receiving a red envelope, you should express thanks and greet the giver with a pleasing.
  3. Another important thing that Never opens your red envelope in front of the person who just gave it to you.

Chinese red envelope wedding

You should give an envelope with money no lower than your share of the dinner party cost, and it should also be greater than the red pack you received from the same friend at your wedding.

Sign the red packet with your name and complete it with a romantic wish. The most popular ones are mentioned below:

早生贵子 zǎoshēng guìzǐ
“Wish you two will have children as early as possible”
(join in the parental pressure)

白头偕老 báitóuxiélǎo
“Wish your hair turns gray together”
(hold on, is this a wish or a curse?)

永浴爱河 yǒng yù àihé
“Wish you two bathe in the river of love forever”
(if you’re feeling more risqué)

Chinese red envelope symbols

  • Abundance
  • Joy and Prosperity
  • Blessings Blossom

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How To make Chinese New Year envelopes?

It is simple, easy and quick, so Follow these instructions to make Chinese New Year envelopes on your own:-

  • Red A4 size paper
  •  Scissors
  • Glue
  • Gold glitter


  • Fold the paper into half, form flaps then glue together to make the envelope.
  • After that turnover and trim the corners to form the pockets.
  • To make an overlapping flap Cut a stripe to close the envelope.
  • Apply glue on the side and bottom flaps
  • Write a message of good luck on the front part.
  • Apply glue on this message
  • Shake the envelope
  • Fill the envelope with the amount of money you want to give

10 Special Navratri Food recipes in Hindi for 9 days

Navratri the holiest Hindu festival celebrated by Indians from many years. It is the festival consist of 9 nights long festival and is a part of Shree Ram Navam. In this festival people worship nine different avatars of Durga, the Goddess of Power. In this post we will discus about Goddess powers and also special Navratri Food recipes.

According to Hindu’s believes each avatar of the Goddess has a particular power, that includes power of wisdom, power of education, power of wealth and good luck.

Navratri Food recipie

This festival came twice in a year, once in the beginning of the autumn, and in the beginning of spring. Both these are considered to be sacred times to worship any God.

10 Navratri Food Recipes In Hindi

There are many ways to show devotions to God like to keep a fast for 9 days and nights. In this fast, people do not eat any passion inducing Navratri Food, like garlic, onions, hot spices etc.

Navratri Food

Let’s have a look on Navratri food recipes in detail, first have a look for 10 food recipes:-

  • Sabudana Khichdi
  • Kuttu Ka Dosa
  • Singhare ke Atte ka Samosa

  • Aloo ki Kadhi
  • Low Fat Makhana Kheer
  • Banana Walnut Lassi
  • Arbi Kofta with Mint Yoghurt Dip
  • Vratwale Chawal Ka Dhokla
  • Kebab-e-Kela
  • Sonth ki Chutney

Sabudana Khichdi:-

It is delicious dish and is full of starch or carbohydrates that gives you the much energy boost while fasting. It is made by sabudana, peanuts and mild spices. You could also opt for sabudana kheer or sabudana vada, which also make great Navratri snacks.

Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana is sago and is allowed to be eaten during Navratri fasts. There is a variety of dishes which you can make with sago, including khichdi, tikki, pakodas, vada, kheer etc, and is really tasty and delicious dish.

Kuttu Ka Dosa:-

If you love dosa, a crispy dosa recipe is made of kuttu ka atta which mean buckwheat flour with a potato filling. The Best way is to serve it with mint and coconut chutney.

Singhare ke Atte ka Samosa:-

Feast while fasting! This is favorite tea time snack and is made of fasting ingredients like water chestnut flour, sendha namak. This recipe has a filling of spiced chironji, you can also serve this samosa with coriander chutney.

Aloo ki Kadhi:-

This lovely Aloo ki curry made with the ever-so-versatile potatoes. Move over the boring aloo ka falahar and by eating this healthy aloo kadhi you can make your Navratri even more special.

Low Fat Makhana Kheer:-

Desserts inspire a cheer and this Makhana Kheer is for you. So try this delicious low fat kheer recipe made with makhana and nuts and this dish will make your fasting all the more worth!

Banana Walnut Lassi:-

You can Charge yourself with this nourishing drink and is made by made with the goodness of yogurt, bananas, honey and walnuts. We will recommend you to drink this healthy lassi and keep yourself energized through the day.

Arbi Kofta with Mint Yoghurt Dip:-

So are you tired of eating potatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner when fasting? So you should try this delicious Arbi Kofta recipe as it is a perfect tea-time snack for you.

Vratwale Chawal Ka Dhokla:-

As Normal white and brown rice are not allowed to eat during Navratri fasts. So instead of this Indians use Barnyard millet as it is filling and energizing.

Vratwale Chawal Ka Dhokla made by samwat ke chawal, this dhokla recipe is tempered with red chillies, cumin, ghee and curry leaves. Enjoy this Navratri fasting special dish at home as home is the best place to eat this dish so don’t resist making it on another occasion.


Another special dish for fast is spiced banana kebabs that will definitely melt in your mouth. This dish is flavored with chillies and coriander and is best for this festival snack.

Almost all fruits are allowed during Navratri fasts so the food you eat needs to be nutritious, healthy and energizing. So What can be the better option than a fruit salad? You should try this during your fast.

Navratri Food Sonth ki Chutney:-

You can try this with dahi bhalla, pakodas or bhajji and even with vrat-friendly snacks. This Navratri delicious recipe is bound to make you fall in love.


8 Steps To Celebrate Scary Slumber Party: Scary Sleepover Games

When ever we talk about scary slumber party, people think it needs to be Halloween, but you should not save all the fun of a fright nights only for Hallows’ Eve. You don’t need special event to celebrate this scary slumber party as you can arrange party whenever you want.

In this post we will discuss how you can celebrate your slumber party with more horror and also fun. The only thing you need for your scary slumber party is both fun and obviously some scary scenes. We’re actually talking about spooky fun rather than genuine scares. We will guide you to make sure that after party people go their homes with tears of Joy rather than tears of fear.

How to celeberate slumber party

In this Scary slumber party post we will discuss some interesting Scary sleepover games, their creepy challenges. We will also share some content regarding useful slumber party ideas and things to do at slumber party.

8 Steps to Celebrate Scary Slumber Party

Here’s some interesting and creative ideas that you can follow to celebrate Scary slumber party.

  1. Start the party at sunset
  2. Play some ghost games
  3. Tell scary stories
  4. Watch Scary Movies
  5. Pull a prank on your guests
  6. Set up some good food
  7. Play truth or dare
  8. Play some scary music

Start Party at Sunset:-

As the best way is to set everything before everyone came, usually about 6:00 PM. When everybody gets there, it’ll be almost 6:40 or something, which will be dark and perfect for horror. Decorations generally have the same themes as jack-o’-lanterns, witches, and plastic bats, etc.

There are many ideas like hide creatures behind cupboards so when anyone open them they get a fright. You can use some decorations for your scary sleepover:-

  • Psychiatric hospital
  • Creepy Circus
  • Terror Temple
  • Devilish dungeon

Scary Slumber Party story

Play some ghost games:-

You can play bloody Mary or do a seance game, do a seance a game. In this game you get a candle, gather together in a circle and connect each other hands, then light the candle and put it the middle. In this game you can call ghost from the other World and usually people called their dead relatives which seems scary.

Tell scary stories:-

Another good idea that often works is to tell a scary story. As you have everybody crowd around in the dark so all you need to set the mood for a good scary story. It can be about anything but some things are important to remember to make it effective like your story should be in a horrible tone etc.

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Watch Scary Movies:-

You can watch scary movies like Dead Silence, Bloody Mary, etc. If you are watching online then Netflix is good option and you can find horror movies section there.

Pull a prank on your guests:-

You can also try this like at night, wake up and whisper into you each guests ear anything you want like their names etc. To add the scary effect, you can trail your fingers up their arms to make them think the ghost is there.

Set up some good food:-

To make everyone more comfortable food is really very important so set up some delicious food.

Play Truth or Dare:-

You should try this idea as it completes every slumber party. But to make scary slumber party this time, do the scary version like dare them to go outside with a flashlight for a minute alone. You can also dare them to stay in a dark room alone while you whisper from the outside their name etc. Truth them if they believe in ghosts or ever had a scary encounter, etc.

Play some scary music:-

Search on YouTube the best scary music and play that on your Laptop or phone etc to make party more scary.

8 Scary sleepover games

Games can be a really fun and joyful part of any sleepover, but you can make it more at a scary slumber party.

Scary Slumber Party

First you need to make sure that everyone is ready for games and then you can play any sleepover games like:

  1. The Three Kings
  2. Tsuji-ura, or the Fortune Game
  3. The Doors of Your Mind
  4. Dark Reflection Ritual
  5. The Shoebox Telephone
  6. Midnight Game
  7. The Gambler’s Game
  8. Answer Man

Slumber Party Ideas for Teens

  • Pancakes and Pajamas
  • Unicorn Slime
  • Sleepover Tents
  • Friendship Bracelets
  • Unicorn Eye Masks
  • Fuzzy Slipper Cookies
  • Pillow Fight
  • Unicorn Popcorn

5 Hanukkah Traditions: How to celebrate Hanukkah at Homes?

Every year Hanukkah event brings families and friends close to honor for miracle in Jewish history. People celebrate the event or festival with lights and stick. By Hanukkah traditions they show appreciation for the holiday and take part by lighting the menorah, eating gelt, cooking, playing the dreidel game, and baking delicious food.

People commemorate the miracle in which in the 165 BC, a lamp had oil enough for one night only, but miraculously, burn for eight nights. From that day, Jewish people celebrate this festival for eight nights every year all over the world.

Jewish Hanukkah dishes

They celebrate this festival by lighting, playing games, and of course eating tasty food. We will also discuss Hanukkah delicious food recipes as most of the foods cooked are fried, representing the magical oil.

5 Hanukkah Traditions

Let’s have a look on these 5 Hanukkah Traditions that many people want to know. You can incorporate these traditional ideas for Hanukkah into your upcoming holiday celebration:

  • Menorah
  • Dreidel game
  • Gelt
  • Food
  • Gifts

Menorah:- In this idea people commemorate the miracle in which one-day supply of oil burn for eight nights. They light the nine-branched menorah for representing the miracle, Hanukkah traditions and customs.

You should go for menorah so dust off your menorah from last year, or purchase one at your local Judaica store. Remember to have candles available for each of the eight nights. Practice the Hanukkah prayers and recite while lightening the menorah.

Dreidel game:- Break out your dreidels and get ready for traditional Hanukkah fun. After that you have to notice the Hebrew letters on each side of the dreidel. These letters should represent the words A great miracle happened there. Start your dreidel game properly, which means to include 10 or 15 coins or chocolate for each player and place one coin in the center pot.

Jewish Hanukkah Dreidel game

It is really very interesting game so what you need to do is to follow our guidelines. Have the first player spin the dreidel? If yes then look which side faces up, and when dreidel falls down then instruction will start. You need to instruct the player to either take a coin or give up a portion of his or her coins on the following code:

  • Nun– “nothing”– nothing happens
  • Gimel– “all”– take everything in the pot
  • Hey– “half”– take half of the pot
  • Shin– “put in” – put one coin in the pot

This play will continue until one person has all the coins you should play this as it is much interesting with lots of fun.

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Gelt:-  This is also another interesting idea in which you need to purchase some chocolate coins, or gelt. Gelt is the Yiddish word and in English it means money. It is derived from historic times as Jews gave money to teachers, the poor, and also to the children.

You can replace that coin with chocolate gelt as for the sake of modern times, and then distribute it to children. You can also supply some gelt in order to use for the dreidel game.\

Food:- In order to represent the miracle of oil in Hanukkah celebration you can also use food idea. All you need to cook up some tasty potato latkes for appetizers. You can also follow-up the latkes with some mouth-watering pastry, like rugelach, for dessert.

Gifts:- Keep up with modern times, and expand the gelt-giving tradition during Hanukkah. It serves both for the traditional aspect of giving and the fun part of receiving.

How to celebrate Hanukkah at Homes?

There are lots of ways to celebrate Hanukkah event at home but best ways are given below:-

  • Lighting the Hanukkah Candle
  • Hanukkah Blessings
  • Latkes and Doughnuts
  • Playing Dreidel
  • Songs, Gelt and Gifts

10 Hanukkah Facts

Here are 11 festive facts about Hanukkah festival so read to know what Hanukkah really about?

Hanukkah Traditions Facts

  1. DON’t worry about spelling it wrongs
  2. It Celebrates a Military victory & miracle
  3. It’s not the biggest Jewish holiday
  4. The food isn’t the healthiest
  5. The Letters on a dreidel form an Acronym
  6. The dates change the year
  7. Sometimes HANUKKAH coincides with THANKSGIVING
  8. Some JEWS Give Money rather than gifts
  9. You will need to light 44 candles
  10. You can buy scented candles

Hanukkah food recipes

  • Fried Hanukkah Foods

Oil is the reason to celebrate Hanukkah, and plays an important role in making Hanukkah dishes. Latkes are fried potato pancakes and the most popular foods Jewish eat during Hanukkah. It is shredded potatoes made with flour, egg, onions and seasonings.

  • Hanukkah Meat Foods

Brisket is a very popular dish that mostly serves at Hanukkah tables. This is a slow-cooked piece of meat and serves as a warming and also welcoming dish during winters.Usually, it is cut from the lower chest or breast of veal and if you want to make brisket:

  1. Place a roasting pan on medium heat,
  2. Sear brisket from all sides,
  3. Pour beef broth,
  4. Onion slices,
  5. Onion soup
  6. Beer in it,
  7. Let it bake for 30 minutes

How do you make a costume that resembles a dead Chucky?

Halloween is an event that people celebrate all over the World and for this, they need chucky costume. Everyone tries to dress-up best for this occasion for fun. It is now integrated with other cultures but basically began in the US. If you also want to make your Halloween day memorable then buy Halloween chucky costumes

We will guide you to make a costume resembles with dead chucky. Read this post and enjoy your Halloween without spending a fortune on a costume, we will also guide you for best Chucky Makeup.

Chucky Costume

Chucky acts like a serial killer in a film and transfers his soul from the doll to the human body. His character was one of the most horror recognizable icons, so let’s see who is Chucky (Chucky doll) and how you can make his costume.

Who is a Chucky doll?

First of all, we will discuss chucky and then move forward for chucky costumes, makeup etc. Charles Lee Chucky Ray is basically a fictional character who was the villain of child’s play. He acts like a serial killer and transfers his soul from the doll to the human body. His character was one of the most horror recognizable icons.

Chucky doll

He was one of the most iconic horror film characters, a murderer and psychopath doll. He scares everyone who crosses his path, so what will be the better option than chucky for Halloween?

How to make a Chucky Costume?

After simple steps you can make a chucky Halloween costume so read the below steps:

Steps to follow:

  1. Long Sleeve Striped Shirt: For DIY chucky costume arrange a long sleeve striped shirt. If you don’t have then you can also utilize short sleeve. Make sure shirt must be similar to Chucky doll shirt that was in rainbow color
  2. Denim dungarees: Now you need to find denim dungarees for Chucky’s demonic style
  3. Red Hair: Many people often don’t notice chucky red hair. So you can wear a Red color wig to make you look more similar to the doll. You can also use hairspray to fix the shape you chose or you can use red spray dye that will go away after you wash it
  4. Makeup: Another important part is makeup that will make you more similar to Chucky’s face. Covers the scars that appear on the chucky face when he kills someone or face accidents. You can paint with a red and brown lip pencil and can give some depth
  5. Add Words: If you want yourself more similar to Chucky’s costume then add a word on dungarees. You can add Good Guys on dungarees with a permanent marker. The best way is to create the letters using red letter stickers
  6. Footwear: Now you need to select some best footwear for yourself. So go for some red trainers like Adidas trainers with white stripes
  7. Plastic Knife: Your Halloween costumes chucky is almost ready all you need is a plastic knife. You can also use Axe if you don’t find a knife. You can easily find both plastic Knife or Axe from costume shops, so take it and enjoy the party
  8. Toddler: One thing you must remember if you have a toddler then use toddler chucky costume. By using this for a toddler will be more fun as in theory we could find chucky as adorable children’s doll

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Toddler chucky Costume for sale

If you want to purchase chucky costume for your toddler then you can purchase on sale. Below with some images, we provided some toddler chucky costumes that are on sale.

  • Chucky Kids Halloween Costume
Chucky Kids Halloween Costume

This beautiful chucky kidz Halloween costume is 52% off now. As the original price was the US $63.00  and now you can purchase just in the US $29.95.

  • Child Kids Rainbow Striped Chucky Good Guy T-Shirt Costume:
Chucky shirt

Another beautiful T-Shirt for child kidz is available on discount. You can purchase it in the just US $24.99.

  • Chucky Costume Chucky Kids Halloween Fancy Dress:
Chucky Kids Halloween Costume

Chucky Kidz another fancy dress is on sale and you must buy it as it provides 35% off. So recent price of Chucky Costume Chucky Kids Halloween Fancy Dress is the US $32.79.

  • Child Kids Rainbow Striped Chucky Good Guy T-Shirt Costume 2018:
Chucky shirt

There is also another T-Shirt costume 2018 that you can purchase at a very low price. So don’t waste your time and avail this offer. This shirt is available on the US $22.99.

  • Seed Of Chucky Sexy Chucky Ladies Costume M 10-12:
chucky tshirt

You can purchase this beautiful item on the just US $25.00. Although it is used but in a good condition and doesn’t come with high stockings and wig is also included that was bought separately with it together.

Video guide for Chucky Makeup

For your chucky makeup here I provide a video tutorial which will help you for makeup. So watch the video and follow every step for perfect Chucky makeup.

You can share your views in the comment section.

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Best Indian Male Wedding Attires

The first thing that comes up to our mind when thinking about the Indian wedding is hues, adornments, nourishment and along with some colorful clothing’s. When we discuss getting ready for an Indian wedding, what the vast majority believe is that we are worried about women. In that case, here in this article, we will discuss best Indian male wedding clothing types.

Indian Male Wedding Attires

There are entire heaps of alternatives to look over so you comprehend what to wear as a male while going to the wedding ceremony. Regardless of whether it’s your wedding or your brother’s, son’s, cousin’s, or a far-off relative’s, we will disclose to you what to wear to appear ideal for the event.

Sherwani For Indian Wedding Attires

Sherwani For Indian Wedding Attires

Sherwanis are maybe the most conventional and most basic outfits men can opt for while going to traditional Indian wedding ceremony. As a general rule, it is a greatly exploded adaptation of a western affected suit. It takes a long coat conveying an imperial impression alongside a touch of innovation which could be a mind-blowing option to choose from.

Selecting The Right Sherwani

Textures like Banarasi and brocade are utilized to make these clothing types. There is a ton of examples and outlines to look over. You can never turn out badly with a sherwani, however, we encourage you to pick light hues like beige, cream, brilliant and ivory as they are an incredible request. Costly sherwanis can even be planned with valuable stones and gems along these lines, in the event that you can bear the cost of it, ensure you resemble one in a million.

Choices You Could Wear With It

You can choose wearing it with tight-fitting pants or jeans typically known as night robe or churidars. Select some matching it with an imperial headgear or some traditional Sehra, and a couple of conventional looking Khussa. A dupatta can likewise be taken to coordinate with the weaving or crafted done on the sherwani. Wearing gold adornments or pearls will likewise look good with such a sherwani.

Jodhpuri Suit For Indian Wedding Attires

A Jodhpuri suit additionally looks elegant at an Indian wedding event. It is a pleasant mix of a coat with a Mandarin or Nehru neckline.

Jodhpuri Suit For Indian Wedding Attires

Selecting The Right One

On the off chance that you are not extremely tall, we’d encourage you to remain from long cut Jodhipuri and pick that one that is of hip length. In case that you are a major overweight or need to shroud some additional pounds, we encourage you to choose for some monochrome Jodhpuri without any patters and in a darker and calmer shading, for example, dim or darker. In the event that you want to go for a plain Jodhpuri at a wedding, we encourage you to look for one that has excellent decorated catches.

In case that you are thin, we encourage you to go for long and designed Jodhpuri dresses.

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What You Should Wear With It

Combine it along with Jodhpuri pants, which are tight fitting from the base and free at the Thigh points for a more customary style, however, you can likewise wear them with a more present-day match of pants. When you wear this suit, you resemble a ruler and give an imperial feel. A weaved coat, beautiful example and illustrious looking pants make it an ideal clothing for a traditional Indian wedding. You can improve the look with conventional chappals with coordinating weaving.

Keep in mind to utilize a pocket square in your pocket, not in an indistinguishable shading from your clothing, but rather in a shading that matches.

Kurta Shalwar For Indian Wedding Attires

Kurta Shalwar For Indian Wedding Attires

This is a customary Indian guy clothing that looks exquisite and still feels good. It is particularly fitting to wear for Sangeet night in case you’re there to be part as a visitor.

Selecting The Right Type Of Kurta Shalwar

You can choose a cotton kurta with light weaving. There are diverse methods for styling and designing a kurta. A salwar kurta clothing will improve your identity and talk a considerable measure about you and your personality. Combine your weaved silk kurta with a differentiating salwar.

What To Wear Along With It

There is a whole scope of footwear choices to browse too, as it looks well with a wide range of footwear, including shoes, chappals, and shoes with the sole.

Pathani Suit For Indian Wedding Attire

Pathani Suit For Indian Wedding Attire

Pathani suits have been out for quite some time but most recently they are again the part of Indian attire. Presently, a great deal of men is seen wearing diverse styles of Pathani suits at Indian traditional wedding ceremonies. Pathani suits give outstanding looks and make you the boss existing apart from everything else. A Pathani coat will include excessively of polish and bling to your general look.

Selecting A Pathani Suit

You can choose for intense outlines with this kind of clothing. Pick a light shading like gold or silver to coordinate well with the proper event. Darker shades will influence you to emerge of the group, similar to maroon, dark and chocolate darker colors.

What You Should Wear With It

As it is an entire suit, you won’t need to contemplate shading coordination. Simply ensure that the petticoat is a substantially bolder shading than the rest.

Dhoti Kurta For Indian Wedding Attire

Dhoti is the customary clothing of India, yet its definition has changed fundamentally finished the most recent years. Today, it looks conventional and great, as well as rich and effortless and the ideal article of clothing to wear at the wedding service. There have been many advancements in this outfit type, and you will discover a plenty of styles and plans of browse.

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Pick Your Dhoti Kurta

Our recommendation is to keep the weaving on your dhoti kurta straightforward, as you would prefer not to eclipse the lady and groom. Pick light textures and bright tones.

The Most Effective Method To Wear It

Combine your dhoti with a pleasant knee length kurta, and improve your looks in an individual method for your own.

Tuxedo For Indian Wedding Attire

Tuxedo For Indian Wedding Attire

Present day and westernized guys can go for a tuxedo which is an incredible mix of class and solace. Ensure that you get your tuxedo carefully fit to fit your shoulders. A pleasantly fit tuxedo will influence you to overflow with tastefulness along with style and look exemplary in the meantime.

Pick Your Right Tuxedo

On the off chance that you would prefer not to go for the great high contrast look, these days there are a lot of tuxedos in various splendid hues you can select from.

What to wear Along With It

Wearing sandals having a sole with a tuxedo will give you that blend and match look amongst present day and customary, however,r you can likewise wear pleasantly cleaned shoes as well. Go for a necktie that joins with the best and base of the tuxedo. A white shirt is likewise necessary for this look.

I hope you find my article helpful if you have any further queries you can mention in the comment section down below, I’ll be humble to help you out. For other related articles, you can visit Tape daily

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How to Make a Dessert Table for a Wedding

There must be a table fulfilled for dessert, it is an absolute necessity for every wedding, it includes the cakes and a wide range of desserts to be there for the guests after lunch or supper. You should be choosy about how you are going to decorate your dessert table and its style which is the vital step.

How to Make a Dessert Table for a WeddingA wedding is clearly an imperative event and not simply anything you can go on with, so at this article, we have a few recommendations for you on the best way you can decorate a dessert table for your wedding to make it lovely and heavenly.

Ideas to Decorate the Dessert Table for Wedding


The treat table regularly contains a standout amongst the essential components of any wedding such as the wedding cake. So all the other surrounding things should coordinate the style and design of the cake. There is the case when some people like to draw out the cake when it’s an ideal opportunity to cut it, yet at whatever point you exhibit it, the sweet table must regard the enhancing style of your festival and never be confined.

It ought to be situated in a reasonable place in the zone where you are celebrating. It has to be unmistakable to the visitors however not be in a place where anybody can stumble over it. Investigate these tips to brighten and make it more pleasant while preparing the dessert table.

Styles for Your Dessert Table


When ensuring your dessert table takes after the theme you have picked, ensure that any sweet isn’t off-key in either shading plan or style. In addition, including dolls, blossom petals, candles and other non-consumable stylistic layouts around the dessert table is additionally an astonishing plan to fulfill the theme.

However that you are utilizing labels or signs for every pastry with the name and substance of every treat, however, the best and most stylish thought is to utilize a writing board, ensure it doesn’t emerge from whatever remains of the sweet table.

How to Arrange the Dessert Table

Keep in mind the wedding cake ought to be the focal point of consideration, so put the cake in the center and utilize a platform if important so it gains attention. Whatever remains of the pastries has to spin around it and, if utilizing platform for the other things of the sweets, ensure they are not of the same height as that which is of wedding cake.

Selecting the Desserts for Dessert Table

selecting the dessert for dessert table

Other than the cake, pick whatever other types of the desserts that you need on the table. Remembering the assortment of tastes and flours is vital, recall that numerous visitors don’t eat cake yet need to appreciate something sweet after the feast. Here are some breathtaking options you can attempt to make a tasty pastry table.

Selecting the Chocolate Sweets

A great idea in most wedding sweet tables are chocolate desserts, which are perfect for visitors who are not in favor of tarts, cakes or different pastries, yet that can’t refuse to a rich bit of chocolate.

On the other hand if you have experience in baking, you can make them yourself and be astonishing every one of the visitors, however, it is difficult as the outcome will be luscious. In this article, we will suggest you with some best tips which will help you a lot while decor your dessert table.

Cupcakes for Dessert Table

Cupcakes for Dessert Table

Cupcakes are obviously the most popular for your dessert table these days. Their flexibility for improvements, particularly as far as icing, implies you can play with them and adjust them to the style of your table. In a perfect world you can influence smaller than normal cupcakes for every one of the visitors to taste, so to don’t be hesitant to try different things with hues to give your table a delightfully sweet and in vogue look.

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How to Celebrate New Year in India

As per the Hindu lunar schedule, In India New Year begins the New Year festivities in the nation, which is amid the second seven day stretch of April. Be that as it may, the Indian people group are exceptionally assorted, and individuals living in various parts of the nation have their own specific manners of commending this day. That is the reason, Indians don’t observe New Year on a specific day or date.

how to Celebrate New Year in India

However, they have begun tolerating the first of January as an all-inclusive New Year day. In this article, let us perceive how to observe New Year in India.

How is New Year Celebrated in India?

How is New Year Celebrated in India

Individuals in all areas wear new dresses and partake for the sake of entertainment filled exercises like playing recreations, singing, moving and celebrating. Film theaters, nightclubs, eateries, carnivals, resorts and others get loaded with men, ladies, and offspring of any age. Individuals call and wish each other and welcome Happy New Year. They trade welcoming cards, endowments, and messages as an approach to observing New Year.

Various New Year occasions are secured and exhibited on TV channels. Individuals who don’t go out to celebrate regularly get a good chance to sit before their TV and watch these new year festivities programs with their family to spend an enjoyable New Year’s Eve while being at home. Creating some New Year resolutions is a vital part of New Year festivities throughout India. These incorporate working harder, growing a great personality, leaving negative behavior patterns, getting thinner and so on.

How do Indians Observe New Year Celebrations?

Indians Observe New Year festives Celebrations

Live shows are regularly held in real urban communities of the nation, including some of the major cities of India like Delhi and Mumbai. Various VIPs like Bollywood stars go to these shows and grandstand their abilities. Various honor demonstrates are additionally sorted out on New Year’s Eve, which is communicated on most of the TV channels. While numerous go to these shows with their friends, others jump at the chance to praise their New Year with relatives and dear companions.

This exciting day is accepted as a one of a kind open door to invest some quality energy with friends and family and restore association with old companions. The entire thought is to state farewell to the previous year and welcome the coming year with a beam of expectation and hopefulness. Beginning of the New Year is regularly observed as a bundle of satisfaction and bliss in individuals’ lives.

The Effect of New Year Festivities on Everyday life

EFFECT OF new year festivities IN INDIA

The beginning of the new year festivities is supposed as a limited occasion in the nation. Individuals are permitted to take a specific number of limited occasions amid a year, yet most organizations and government workplaces stay open on this day. Open transport likewise works completely.

Due to festivities till late night, it is basic to report late at deal with first January. Security fixes in metro urban communities like Bangalore and Mumbai, as there have been expanded instances of battles and attack in the course of recent years. Countless visitors land in India amid New Year festivities, particularly Goa which is maybe the most supported traveler goals in the nation.

What New Year Depicts in India


Although there is no symbolization of materialization in India that connects straightforwardly to New Year, the Indian air gets loaded with dynamic hues, parties, social banquets and supplications amid this time. Diverse individuals have distinctive methods for praising this day.

Youths jump at the chance to party, youngsters get a chance to play and go to event congregations and other such places to have some good times, while senior citizens get a kick out of the chance to begin the New Year with some love and recollecting the Almighty. Indian agriculturists suppose this day as the start of their season harvests their crops.

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Top 10 European New Year’s Eve Destination

Have you been planning to go on a European trip for New Year’s Eve and you aren’t sure about the destination which could be the perfect option for you. This might be the pre-planned tour or the last-minute surprise tour to have a blasting new year eve celebration. Even if you have made up your mind that you are going to Europe for the trip but although then to which specific country or to which specific destination is a real headache.


 Europe is full of some astonishing eye-catching destination which could be chosen, which could create some unforgettable memories for you. Here we will come up to you with the top 10 best places for you in Europe to spend your New Year’s Eve.

Berlin to Visit on New Year’s Eve

Berlin to Visit on New Year’s Eve

Berlin would be the first priority to spend the New Year’s Eve. The reason is that Berlin could be the liveliest destination which will help you to cheer up your moods and party hard with some amazing fireworks. In case that you like hanging out on the New Year’s Eve nights then you should visit the Berghain nightclub which is one of the most famous clubs.

On the off chance, you could also opt for Brandenburger Gate which would blow up your mind due to an extended arrangement for the new year’s celebrations up to 2km including lightning and everything you could imagine.

Budapest on New Year’s Eve

Budapest on New Year’s Eve

The next destination to spending the New Year’s Eve in Europe in Budapest which is the capital city of Hungary. This is the most astonishing city to be at the time of new year’s celebration, as the celebrations are going on the whole night and you could also experience the craziest traffic of the European culture. This also has to be kept in mind that the celebration kept on going there starting from 30th to 1st for 3 days.

Paris for New Year’s Celebration


Paris is one of the famous destinations for celebrating the new year’s celebrations as it also has a strong cultural heritage. This is supposed to be the most astonishing destination of Europe which is suggested to everyone to visit, due to it’s warm welcoming culture and people. They have the most insane crowd for the celebrations.

Copenhagen, Denmark for New Year’s Celebration in Europe

Copenhagen, Denmark for New Year’s Celebration

The next destination for your European New Year’s celebrations in Copenhagen which is in Denmark. If you want your celebration to be unique so that you could share your experience with your friends, then this is supposed to be the choice for this year. They also have an outstanding parade of Royal Guard at the Amalienborg square. There are also spots like Town Hall where you would see some breath-taking fireworks.

London to Visit on New Year

London to Visit on New Year

London is also among the most top-rated destination to visit in Europe. London is also famous for some mind-blowing fireworks display. If you have decided to spend your New Year’s Eve destination, then you must go to Millban Tower which will provide you with a sky full of fireworks. This kind of theme is also available to be seen in Cannon Street. At this venue you will be a part of one of the biggest crowd, this will have kept on going for many hours.

Amsterdam to Celebrate New Year’s Eve Celebration

Amsterdam to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

In the next place, we have Amsterdam for celebrating New Year’s Eve celebration in Europe. You would find the streets fully crowded and everyone would be enjoying their selves with full energy. You should also visit Dam Square and the Niuwmarket for limitless joy. They also have the biggest technology expo going on at the time of new year.

Madeira for New Year’s Eve Celebration in Europe

Madeira for New Year’s Eve Celebration

After Amsterdam, the next destination on the list of New Year’s celebrations list comes to the Madeira. You must be thinking why Madeira has been placed on the list, then the answer is yes there is a special reason behind which is Guinness Book of World Record that this destination holds for arranging the biggest fireworks.

Rome for Spending New Year Eve

Rome for Spending New Year Eve

Next on the list for spending your quality time on New Year’s Eve in Rome, which is the capital of Italy. It is also known as the place of love. This city also has some rich traditional values. They have some great event’s going on, which could include Amore festival. It is a festival which is celebrated for three days, along with Fiera Di Rome which is a musical night held in Rome.

Brussels New Year’s Eve Celebration

Brussels New Year’s Eve Celebration

The ninth destination which we would prescribe you for your new year’s vacations is Brussels which is the capital city of Belgium. They have the speciality of chocolates and to explore the true culture of Brussels you must go to Grote Market. All the city is having some great music playing throughout the night.

Prague for New Year’s Eve

Prague for New Year’s Eve

The last spot is grabbed by Prague which has a nickname as the city of hundred spires. Again, if you are in love with having a great and unique experience of fireworks launched then this is the right destination for you. You have to keep yourself safe from the firework’s as the people there can blow their fireworks anywhere at any time, which is absolutely insane.

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Being a Witness at a Civil Wedding – All you Need to Know

In case that your closed ones are about to get married soon and you are invited to be there on their civil wedding, then you might be wondering what it takes to be a witness at a civil wedding. What is the role of the witness in a civil wedding? Your mind would be toppled up with a lot of question and you want answers to all of them. Some common questions regarding that would include that, how many of the witnesses are required, is it necessary that witness should be a close relative?.

WITNESS AT A CIVIL WEDDINGIt has also been noticed that the number of the witness on a civil wedding and the role of the witness on a civil wedding varies regarding different religious beliefs. Keeping in mind that no matter what religion they belong to they would owe the same responsibilities. Although this is of great importance that whether the people who are attending the wedding as a witness are close the couple who is going to be married.

Now without any further delay, we will provide you with every information and detail required to be a witness at a civil wedding. It would include the types of witnesses, generating a marriage certificate, who could be the one to do signature in place of witness and much more.

Generating a Marriage Certificate


The very first thing that the witness of the civil wedding has to take care of is about the marriage certificate. This all has to be done before the day of the wedding. The ones who are going to be married have to go to the courthouse or they can go to the office where the official registry happens along with one witness. This one witness has to appear in front of the officials of the state who is in charge of this process.

Eligibility to be a witness on a civil wedding

Eligibility to be a witness on a civil wedding

There is a certain criterion which should be met for the one who is going to be at the wedding as the witness. If he does not meet this certain criterion then he won’t be eligible to be there as a witness to a civil wedding. This could include

  • The witness should be over the age of 18 years.
  • The witness should be present at the time of wedding event along with the bride & groom.
  • He should also bring some document which would be used to verify the identity of bride & groom.
    This has to be kept in mind that in some places when you visit the registry office the witness should not be the reliving of those who are going to be married. Though it is not always the case, so you should get to know about the registry rules of your area before going there.

What is the Role of the Witness in Civil Wedding?


Talking about the role of the witness in a civil wedding, then the witness has to give the confirmation that both of them are here according to there will and are not forced to be here and signing these documents. Infrequent cases the whole event has to take place in front of a judge, some officials or the mayor along with 2 witnesses.

From all of the above, we can conclude by saying that there is one requirement which has to be met which is the witness should be the adult (of the age of 18 years). This is not necessary to be the relative or not. He could be any dear one to both them.

Defining the role of 2 witnesses in a civil marriage is to be the witness of the event that has taken place. They also have to sign the documents of marriage.

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