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Best Indian Male Wedding Attires

The first thing that comes up to our mind when thinking about the Indian wedding is hues, adornments, nourishment and along with some colorful clothing’s. When we discuss getting ready for an Indian wedding, what the vast majority believe is that we are worried about women. In that case, here in this article, we will discuss best Indian male wedding clothing types.

Indian Male Wedding Attires

There are entire heaps of alternatives to look over so you comprehend what to wear as a male while going to the wedding ceremony. Regardless of whether it’s your wedding or your brother’s, son’s, cousin’s, or a far-off relative’s, we will disclose to you what to wear to appear ideal for the event.

Sherwani For Indian Wedding Attires

Sherwani For Indian Wedding Attires

Sherwanis are maybe the most conventional and most basic outfits men can opt for while going to traditional Indian wedding ceremony. As a general rule, it is a greatly exploded adaptation of a western affected suit. It takes a long coat conveying an imperial impression alongside a touch of innovation which could be a mind-blowing option to choose from.

Selecting The Right Sherwani

Textures like Banarasi and brocade are utilized to make these clothing types. There is a ton of examples and outlines to look over. You can never turn out badly with a sherwani, however, we encourage you to pick light hues like beige, cream, brilliant and ivory as they are an incredible request. Costly sherwanis can even be planned with valuable stones and gems along these lines, in the event that you can bear the cost of it, ensure you resemble one in a million.

Choices You Could Wear With It

You can choose wearing it with tight-fitting pants or jeans typically known as night robe or churidars. Select some matching it with an imperial headgear or some traditional Sehra, and a couple of conventional looking Khussa. A dupatta can likewise be taken to coordinate with the weaving or crafted done on the sherwani. Wearing gold adornments or pearls will likewise look good with such a sherwani.

Jodhpuri Suit For Indian Wedding Attires

A Jodhpuri suit additionally looks elegant at an Indian wedding event. It is a pleasant mix of a coat with a Mandarin or Nehru neckline.

Jodhpuri Suit For Indian Wedding Attires

Selecting The Right One

On the off chance that you are not extremely tall, we’d encourage you to remain from long cut Jodhipuri and pick that one that is of hip length. In case that you are a major overweight or need to shroud some additional pounds, we encourage you to choose for some monochrome Jodhpuri without any patters and in a darker and calmer shading, for example, dim or darker. In the event that you want to go for a plain Jodhpuri at a wedding, we encourage you to look for one that has excellent decorated catches.

In case that you are thin, we encourage you to go for long and designed Jodhpuri dresses.

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What You Should Wear With It

Combine it along with Jodhpuri pants, which are tight fitting from the base and free at the Thigh points for a more customary style, however, you can likewise wear them with a more present-day match of pants. When you wear this suit, you resemble a ruler and give an imperial feel. A weaved coat, beautiful example and illustrious looking pants make it an ideal clothing for a traditional Indian wedding. You can improve the look with conventional chappals with coordinating weaving.

Keep in mind to utilize a pocket square in your pocket, not in an indistinguishable shading from your clothing, but rather in a shading that matches.

Kurta Shalwar For Indian Wedding Attires

Kurta Shalwar For Indian Wedding Attires

This is a customary Indian guy clothing that looks exquisite and still feels good. It is particularly fitting to wear for Sangeet night in case you’re there to be part as a visitor.

Selecting The Right Type Of Kurta Shalwar

You can choose a cotton kurta with light weaving. There are diverse methods for styling and designing a kurta. A salwar kurta clothing will improve your identity and talk a considerable measure about you and your personality. Combine your weaved silk kurta with a differentiating salwar.

What To Wear Along With It

There is a whole scope of footwear choices to browse too, as it looks well with a wide range of footwear, including shoes, chappals, and shoes with the sole.

Pathani Suit For Indian Wedding Attire

Pathani Suit For Indian Wedding Attire

Pathani suits have been out for quite some time but most recently they are again the part of Indian attire. Presently, a great deal of men is seen wearing diverse styles of Pathani suits at Indian traditional wedding ceremonies. Pathani suits give outstanding looks and make you the boss existing apart from everything else. A Pathani coat will include excessively of polish and bling to your general look.

Selecting A Pathani Suit

You can choose for intense outlines with this kind of clothing. Pick a light shading like gold or silver to coordinate well with the proper event. Darker shades will influence you to emerge of the group, similar to maroon, dark and chocolate darker colors.

What You Should Wear With It

As it is an entire suit, you won’t need to contemplate shading coordination. Simply ensure that the petticoat is a substantially bolder shading than the rest.

Dhoti Kurta For Indian Wedding Attire

Dhoti is the customary clothing of India, yet its definition has changed fundamentally finished the most recent years. Today, it looks conventional and great, as well as rich and effortless and the ideal article of clothing to wear at the wedding service. There have been many advancements in this outfit type, and you will discover a plenty of styles and plans of browse.

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Pick Your Dhoti Kurta

Our recommendation is to keep the weaving on your dhoti kurta straightforward, as you would prefer not to eclipse the lady and groom. Pick light textures and bright tones.

The Most Effective Method To Wear It

Combine your dhoti with a pleasant knee length kurta, and improve your looks in an individual method for your own.

Tuxedo For Indian Wedding Attire

Tuxedo For Indian Wedding Attire

Present day and westernized guys can go for a tuxedo which is an incredible mix of class and solace. Ensure that you get your tuxedo carefully fit to fit your shoulders. A pleasantly fit tuxedo will influence you to overflow with tastefulness along with style and look exemplary in the meantime.

Pick Your Right Tuxedo

On the off chance that you would prefer not to go for the great high contrast look, these days there are a lot of tuxedos in various splendid hues you can select from.

What to wear Along With It

Wearing sandals having a sole with a tuxedo will give you that blend and match look amongst present day and customary, however,r you can likewise wear pleasantly cleaned shoes as well. Go for a necktie that joins with the best and base of the tuxedo. A white shirt is likewise necessary for this look.

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How to Celebrate New Year in India

As per the Hindu lunar schedule, In India New Year begins the New Year festivities in the nation, which is amid the second seven day stretch of April. Be that as it may, the Indian people group are exceptionally assorted, and individuals living in various parts of the nation have their own specific manners of commending this day. That is the reason, Indians don’t observe New Year on a specific day or date.

how to Celebrate New Year in India

However, they have begun tolerating the first of January as an all-inclusive New Year day. In this article, let us perceive how to observe New Year in India.

How is New Year Celebrated in India?

How is New Year Celebrated in India

Individuals in all areas wear new dresses and partake for the sake of entertainment filled exercises like playing recreations, singing, moving and celebrating. Film theaters, nightclubs, eateries, carnivals, resorts and others get loaded with men, ladies, and offspring of any age. Individuals call and wish each other and welcome Happy New Year. They trade welcoming cards, endowments, and messages as an approach to observing New Year.

Various New Year occasions are secured and exhibited on TV channels. Individuals who don’t go out to celebrate regularly get a good chance to sit before their TV and watch these new year festivities programs with their family to spend an enjoyable New Year’s Eve while being at home. Creating some New Year resolutions is a vital part of New Year festivities throughout India. These incorporate working harder, growing a great personality, leaving negative behavior patterns, getting thinner and so on.

How do Indians Observe New Year Celebrations?

Indians Observe New Year festives Celebrations

Live shows are regularly held in real urban communities of the nation, including some of the major cities of India like Delhi and Mumbai. Various VIPs like Bollywood stars go to these shows and grandstand their abilities. Various honor demonstrates are additionally sorted out on New Year’s Eve, which is communicated on most of the TV channels. While numerous go to these shows with their friends, others jump at the chance to praise their New Year with relatives and dear companions.

This exciting day is accepted as a one of a kind open door to invest some quality energy with friends and family and restore association with old companions. The entire thought is to state farewell to the previous year and welcome the coming year with a beam of expectation and hopefulness. Beginning of the New Year is regularly observed as a bundle of satisfaction and bliss in individuals’ lives.

The Effect of New Year Festivities on Everyday life

EFFECT OF new year festivities IN INDIA

The beginning of the new year festivities is supposed as a limited occasion in the nation. Individuals are permitted to take a specific number of limited occasions amid a year, yet most organizations and government workplaces stay open on this day. Open transport likewise works completely.

Due to festivities till late night, it is basic to report late at deal with first January. Security fixes in metro urban communities like Bangalore and Mumbai, as there have been expanded instances of battles and attack in the course of recent years. Countless visitors land in India amid New Year festivities, particularly Goa which is maybe the most supported traveler goals in the nation.

What New Year Depicts in India


Although there is no symbolization of materialization in India that connects straightforwardly to New Year, the Indian air gets loaded with dynamic hues, parties, social banquets and supplications amid this time. Diverse individuals have distinctive methods for praising this day.

Youths jump at the chance to party, youngsters get a chance to play and go to event congregations and other such places to have some good times, while senior citizens get a kick out of the chance to begin the New Year with some love and recollecting the Almighty. Indian agriculturists suppose this day as the start of their season harvests their crops.

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Top 10 European New Year’s Eve Destination

Have you been planning to go on a European trip for New Year’s Eve and you aren’t sure about the destination which could be the perfect option for you. This might be the pre-planned tour or the last-minute surprise tour to have a blasting new year eve celebration. Even if you have made up your mind that you are going to Europe for the trip but although then to which specific country or to which specific destination is a real headache.


 Europe is full of some astonishing eye-catching destination which could be chosen, which could create some unforgettable memories for you. Here we will come up to you with the top 10 best places for you in Europe to spend your New Year’s Eve.

Berlin to Visit on New Year’s Eve

Berlin to Visit on New Year’s Eve

Berlin would be the first priority to spend the New Year’s Eve. The reason is that Berlin could be the liveliest destination which will help you to cheer up your moods and party hard with some amazing fireworks. In case that you like hanging out on the New Year’s Eve nights then you should visit the Berghain nightclub which is one of the most famous clubs.

On the off chance, you could also opt for Brandenburger Gate which would blow up your mind due to an extended arrangement for the new year’s celebrations up to 2km including lightning and everything you could imagine.

Budapest on New Year’s Eve

Budapest on New Year’s Eve

The next destination to spending the New Year’s Eve in Europe in Budapest which is the capital city of Hungary. This is the most astonishing city to be at the time of new year’s celebration, as the celebrations are going on the whole night and you could also experience the craziest traffic of the European culture. This also has to be kept in mind that the celebration kept on going there starting from 30th to 1st for 3 days.

Paris for New Year’s Celebration


Paris is one of the famous destinations for celebrating the new year’s celebrations as it also has a strong cultural heritage. This is supposed to be the most astonishing destination of Europe which is suggested to everyone to visit, due to it’s warm welcoming culture and people. They have the most insane crowd for the celebrations.

Copenhagen, Denmark for New Year’s Celebration in Europe

Copenhagen, Denmark for New Year’s Celebration

The next destination for your European New Year’s celebrations in Copenhagen which is in Denmark. If you want your celebration to be unique so that you could share your experience with your friends, then this is supposed to be the choice for this year. They also have an outstanding parade of Royal Guard at the Amalienborg square. There are also spots like Town Hall where you would see some breath-taking fireworks.

London to Visit on New Year

London to Visit on New Year

London is also among the most top-rated destination to visit in Europe. London is also famous for some mind-blowing fireworks display. If you have decided to spend your New Year’s Eve destination, then you must go to Millban Tower which will provide you with a sky full of fireworks. This kind of theme is also available to be seen in Cannon Street. At this venue you will be a part of one of the biggest crowd, this will have kept on going for many hours.

Amsterdam to Celebrate New Year’s Eve Celebration

Amsterdam to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

In the next place, we have Amsterdam for celebrating New Year’s Eve celebration in Europe. You would find the streets fully crowded and everyone would be enjoying their selves with full energy. You should also visit Dam Square and the Niuwmarket for limitless joy. They also have the biggest technology expo going on at the time of new year.

Madeira for New Year’s Eve Celebration in Europe

Madeira for New Year’s Eve Celebration

After Amsterdam, the next destination on the list of New Year’s celebrations list comes to the Madeira. You must be thinking why Madeira has been placed on the list, then the answer is yes there is a special reason behind which is Guinness Book of World Record that this destination holds for arranging the biggest fireworks.

Rome for Spending New Year Eve

Rome for Spending New Year Eve

Next on the list for spending your quality time on New Year’s Eve in Rome, which is the capital of Italy. It is also known as the place of love. This city also has some rich traditional values. They have some great event’s going on, which could include Amore festival. It is a festival which is celebrated for three days, along with Fiera Di Rome which is a musical night held in Rome.

Brussels New Year’s Eve Celebration

Brussels New Year’s Eve Celebration

The ninth destination which we would prescribe you for your new year’s vacations is Brussels which is the capital city of Belgium. They have the speciality of chocolates and to explore the true culture of Brussels you must go to Grote Market. All the city is having some great music playing throughout the night.

Prague for New Year’s Eve

Prague for New Year’s Eve

The last spot is grabbed by Prague which has a nickname as the city of hundred spires. Again, if you are in love with having a great and unique experience of fireworks launched then this is the right destination for you. You have to keep yourself safe from the firework’s as the people there can blow their fireworks anywhere at any time, which is absolutely insane.

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How to ask a girl out for Valentine’s day

Are you interested in someone? Someone you might feel is the one to be with you. If the answer is yes then you are definitely at the right place to read this. There are many people who are shy to ask someone out for a quality time. You might be one of those, so don’t worry we are here to help you how to ask a girl out for a valentine’s day.

HOW TO ASK A GIRL OUT on vlentint's day

There might be any reason why you are unable to ask a girl out for valentine’s day. This might be the reason that you don’t want to ruin the chance by making it sound bad. The girl you have been thinking to be your valentine, then you could also be checking her out for some period. This proves that you have a possibility to go on a date with her, especially when it’s the time of valentine’s day.

As the valentine’s day is the time for you to express your feelings and be romantic. So this shows that you have to make a good use of this day. In this article, we will help you with the different ways how you can ask a girl out for a valentine’s day.

Ideas to Ask a Girl out for Valentine’s day

  • It might not seem to be inappropriate to say, but it is necessary for you to make sure that the girl you are asking to go out with doesn’t have a boyfriend. Also that he is not spending more time with anyone else. This would make sure that you have a chance with her.


  • The next step for you is to take a chance before valentine’s day almost a week ahead of 14th Feb. Ask her about her plans for the day.
  • Then you have to know whether she is going out with someone, she is single or not. This will let you know that whether she is going out with friends on valentine’s day. So it is the perfect situation for you is she has no plans.


  • The fourth step for you to make a move is to know about her views on valentine’s day. Does she think about it as a day to express your feeling of love and be romantic or she has some other thoughts that valentine’s day is not meant to be celebrated? If she posses second type mind thoughts then be convincing.


  • When you are done with knowing everything that she doesn’t have any boyfriend, she has no negative thoughts about celebrating valentine’s day and is not going out with her friends. This is the right time to do the right thing, make a move and ask her casually that you don’t have any plans for the valentine’s day so can you go out with me?
  • The thing you have to keep in mind that don’t make it look like a proposal or anything like that and just make it casual.


  • If you got her answer “Yes” then arrange a nice valentine dinner for her at a very pleasant surrounding place. The location should be such that where you could talk to her without any hesitation and have some fun.


  • You should not try to make it too steamy or romantic so that it would not make her uncomfortable. Just make it the meetup for starting your relationship. Kind of the first meet to give it a push.

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How to Decorate Your Dinner Table for Valentine’s Day

A celebration is a moment to be remembered, so make it a special one for yourself. We come across very few moments to celebrate. But the day which is meant for celebration is valentine’s day. This day is meant to be very special for those who are in a relationship. Valentin’s day is for celebrating your relationship and expressing your feeling’s.  

In case you are the one of those who is in waiting for valentine’s day to celebrate & don’t have any idea how to make it a special one for their partner. You might be thinking for a romantic dinner for Valentine’s day. We will help you how to decorate your dinner table for valentine’s day. 

How to Decorate Your Dinner Table for Valentine's Day

If you have someone in your life who means a lot to you in your life, then don’t miss this chance because if it’s not now, then never. You could make this valentine’s day very romantic. When you are inviting someone to valentine’s day dinner then, the most important thing is to decorate it well enough. You should make them feel how much you care about them by putting your heart in to decorate valentine’s the dinner table. Given below are some ideas to decorate your valentine’s day dinner. 

  • While arranging the dinner table for valentine’s day, you have to put all your efforts to make your valentine feel that you have done something for the special one.  
  •  The first and the most important thing is to select the tablecloth for the dining table. Keep in mind that go for the tablecloth which looks more elegant and blends with the color choice of your guest. 


  • The third thing you have to do is make some good use of candles for lighting. Try to keep away from bright light and keep it simple by putting some candles in a systematic order. This will make your valentine’s dinner more romantic. Have this thing in mind that there should be enough lighting so that you both could see each other. 


  • The next thing that you have to worry about is your valentine’s day dinner menu. You should make sure that the menu you are selecting is same as for your guest. Make all the dishes in form of pairs and along with that, you must have wine on your table. 


  • It has to be remembered that using the right way. right glassware and other utensils are also important. You must choose the best cutlery in which the valentine’s day dinner has to be served. Keeping aside the fact that you have been together for a long time but doing so will make them feel better about themselves. 
  • Each minor detailing in decorating will add up much to your celebration. So, get a very catchy centerpiece for your dinner table. Try to make it’s color red as it would blend in with Valentine’s vibe. You could choose some good red roses as well. 


  • If you know your partners choice well enough then make good use of it by placing some amount of air-spray of her choice. Be aware that doesn’t make much use of it because it could ruin your food’s taste.  
  • Don’t forget to have a chilled bottle of champagne at the at the end of the valentine’s day dinner. You could have it with some sweet dish.  


  • You could have someone to serve all this for you but end up with serving the champagne and dessert yourself. 

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Top 5 New Year’s Eve Movies to Watch at Home Instead of Going Out

New Year’s Eve has these days became the occasion for many of us just for partying. Most of the people have been seen planning to party when it’s the end of the year. On the other hand, we see some people who have a totally different mindset, they want to enjoy the New Year’s Eve by staying at home and watching some fireworks. The first kind of people does all that for the sake of hopefulness. But today we are talking about top 5 New Year’s Eve movies to watch at home instead of going out.

Top 5 New Year’s Eve Movies

So, we could summarize by saying that this blog is meant for the second kind of peoples who enjoy New Year’s Eve by staying at home. There could be any reason why you don’t want to go out on New Year’s Eve and stay at home. This might be the reason that you are obsessed with the crowds on New Year’s Eve. You might not be feeling the mood to go out and party instead stay and home and watch some good movies.

Now, we are going to list down the top 5 New Year’s Eve movies with some storyline which would help you choose the movie you are going to watch.

The Godfather Part II

the Godfather part II to be watched on New Year’s Eve

The first movie about which we are talking about is The Godfather Part II. The movie portrays to be drama crime film. The movie surrounds the story of family bonds of father and the son. This could be the great movie to choose if you want to stay home on New Year’s Eve. You would experience some great twists and turns which would be fun watching on the new year. So, you should keep you keep your drinks and popcorns with you to enjoy the movie.

The Poseidon Adventure

The Poseidon Adventure to be watched on new yea's eve

The second movie about which we are talking about has the drama disaster genre. This could also be the best option for you to watch on New Year’s Eve. The movie is based on new year’s night party, where they went on a route starting from New York City to Greece. They are going to Greece on a ship which is named as Poseidon which got stuck in some strong waves of tides. The death of the ship’s captain makes it more difficult to survive. They have to through all the ups and downs on their own.

200 Cigarettes to be Watched on New Year’s Eve

200 cigarettes to be watched on new year's eve

The movie which grabs the third position on our list of New Year’s Eve movies is 200 cigarettes. The movie has a lot of drama in it along with lots of humor & fun. The story of 200 cigarettes moves around some youngsters who want to have some fun partying and searching for love. The men on the move met with two astonishing girls who came from the long island. It also stars some other good characters as well, which is of a driver who operates runs his car as a club.

When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally

The fourth one on the list is when Harry met Sally which is based on the romantic comedy story. It is a blend of romance with some quality of humor. The story is based on two mates which have done their graduation are on their way to New York from Chicago on the same drive. While going on their way to New York they have some quality conversation on being nonsexual friends forever. After some years later, they managed to meet again and wants to make that conversation work in practical life.

In Search of a Midnight Kiss

In Search of a Midnight Kiss

In search of a midnight kiss comes at number 5, the movie depicts the life of a man who is struggling in his life & is not doing not well enough for the past one year. He has gone bankrupt and is on his own. The time keeps ticking and the new year’s eve is about to come. He decided to stay home with all its windows closed and spend his night. Suddenly, his phone rang and the girl on phone advises him to post an ad for himself which later on worked out for him to be good.

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Reasons Why You Should Not Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and people all over the world are planning to celebrate this day with their loved ones. Unfortunately, this blog post is about Why you should not celebrate Valentine’s Day.

shouldn't celebrate Valentine's day

14th February is designated for Valentine’s Day celebrations for ages. The history of this day dates back to 3rd century ancient Rome. This day is also celebrated to pay tribute to Saint Valentines who stood up for his love and got killed.

valentine's day

However, this day has set many unrealistic patterns and is creating havoc in reality.

Why you Shouldn’t Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Consumerism and Valentine’s Day

Yes, you heard it right! The countless love tokens, fluffy bunnies, chocolates, Cupid signs, heart-shaped balloons are just a few starter packs of this day. Consumerist markets make billions of dollars through sales on 14th February every year.


According to an estimate, the sales reach up to 19.6 billion US Dollars and on average, each American spends $143 for Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Similarly, food businesses and event organizers generate a lot of profit through food and luring people into the idea of a perfect romantic date. This way, masses are fooled to spend more money and buy branded products as a token of their love.

valentine's day

Well, let that sink in you guys because numbers never lie!

Marketing On Point!

The whole year, advertising agencies and brands spend a considerable amount of time in preparing for Valentine’s Day celebrations and sales. This is another great way of making the audience actually listen and pay heed to various marketing agencies.

don't plan Valentine's Day

Earlier print media was the only way for marketing, however, in recent decades, digital media is the biggest avenue for attracting the global audience.

Approximately 51% of the global population celebrates this day each year. Besides, this is not a noble cause and let’s not forget, our planet and lives have more important issues to deal with at the moment.

Unrealistic Expectations

When it comes to human feelings and emotions, they are both pure and raw at the same time. The idea of celebrating a single day to prove your love and devotion to someone is absolutely exaggerated. 14th feb

Valentine’s Day creates unrealistic expectations about love and romance. Couples looking for a day to appreciate their partners or spouses just to live up to modern societal notions. Life is more than happy and flashy figures appearing on the digital screens everywhere.

Not Eco-Friendly

Valentine’s day about showing love and to quote a popular opinion “love is in the air” but what happens when a lot of paper, plastic, and garbage actually pollute our air with the previous day’s celebrations.

Non Eco-Friendly Valentine's Day

A lot of goodies and items are manufactured from plastic and the use of fireworks destroys nature. Our planet is literally on the verge of collapsing because of industrial waste and garbage.

It’s a Rat Race

This age is all about following the trends, creating new hashtags and following a rat race in general. Materialism has taken over the pure emotions of love and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Celebrating this day is a total waste of time and money.

By practicing gratitude and practically showing love every day is the real game-changer, trust me. Couples do not practice love by celebrating Valentine’s Day, it becomes more of a social ritual instead.

Social Pressure

For single people, Valentine’s Day becomes problematic as they are looked down upon and it is expected from every single person to be with a significant other on this eve. Single people may face a mental breakdown or irritation due to this overly and unnecessarily hyped day.

should not celebrate valentine's day

Take the sincere advice and say no to Valentine’s Day to save your wallet, relations and most importantly, planet earth!