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Top 5 New Year’s Eve Movies to Watch at Home Instead of Going Out

New Year’s Eve has these days became the occasion for many of us just for partying. Most of the people have been seen planning to party when it’s the end of the year. On the other hand, we see some people who have a totally different mindset, they want to enjoy the New Year’s Eve by staying at home and watching some fireworks. The first kind of people does all that for the sake of hopefulness. But today we are talking about top 5 New Year’s Eve movies to watch at home instead of going out.

Top 5 New Year’s Eve Movies

So, we could summarize by saying that this blog is meant for the second kind of peoples who enjoy New Year’s Eve by staying at home. There could be any reason why you don’t want to go out on New Year’s Eve and stay at home. This might be the reason that you are obsessed with the crowds on New Year’s Eve. You might not be feeling the mood to go out and party instead stay and home and watch some good movies.

Now, we are going to list down the top 5 New Year’s Eve movies with some storyline which would help you choose the movie you are going to watch.

The Godfather Part II

the Godfather part II to be watched on New Year’s Eve

The first movie about which we are talking about is The Godfather Part II. The movie portrays to be drama crime film. The movie surrounds the story of family bonds of father and the son. This could be the great movie to choose if you want to stay home on New Year’s Eve. You would experience some great twists and turns which would be fun watching on the new year. So, you should keep you keep your drinks and popcorns with you to enjoy the movie.

The Poseidon Adventure

The Poseidon Adventure to be watched on new yea's eve

The second movie about which we are talking about has the drama disaster genre. This could also be the best option for you to watch on New Year’s Eve. The movie is based on new year’s night party, where they went on a route starting from New York City to Greece. They are going to Greece on a ship which is named as Poseidon which got stuck in some strong waves of tides. The death of the ship’s captain makes it more difficult to survive. They have to through all the ups and downs on their own.

200 Cigarettes to be Watched on New Year’s Eve

200 cigarettes to be watched on new year's eve

The movie which grabs the third position on our list of New Year’s Eve movies is 200 cigarettes. The movie has a lot of drama in it along with lots of humor & fun. The story of 200 cigarettes moves around some youngsters who want to have some fun partying and searching for love. The men on the move met with two astonishing girls who came from the long island. It also stars some other good characters as well, which is of a driver who operates runs his car as a club.

When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally

The fourth one on the list is when Harry met Sally which is based on the romantic comedy story. It is a blend of romance with some quality of humor. The story is based on two mates which have done their graduation are on their way to New York from Chicago on the same drive. While going on their way to New York they have some quality conversation on being nonsexual friends forever. After some years later, they managed to meet again and wants to make that conversation work in practical life.

In Search of a Midnight Kiss

In Search of a Midnight Kiss

In search of a midnight kiss comes at number 5, the movie depicts the life of a man who is struggling in his life & is not doing not well enough for the past one year. He has gone bankrupt and is on his own. The time keeps ticking and the new year’s eve is about to come. He decided to stay home with all its windows closed and spend his night. Suddenly, his phone rang and the girl on phone advises him to post an ad for himself which later on worked out for him to be good.

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How to Dress for a Civil Wedding – Ideas for Guests

When we talk about the upcoming trends, related to wedding and parties. Alongside with the changing trend in parties, we have also seen a momentous change of trend in the weddings as well. If we talk about the changing trends in the wedding then dress code is supposed to be the crucial part when you are going to a wedding. It varies from civil wedding to religious wedding. So, we’ll talk about how to dress for a civil Wedding.

How to Dress for a Civil Wedding

It would have become very confusing for you if you have to go to a civil wedding and you want to what you should be wearing. The dress codes of a civil wedding have been changing much these days. Previously we used to know that in religious weddings people used to wear more of the formal dresses as compared to the civil wedding. In this article, we will help you solve your problem of what to wear to a civil wedding.

We will briefly discuss on how to dress for a civil wedding, which will cover all the possible aspects including the civil wedding dress colors, dress according to the times of the wedding ceremony whether it’s a countryside wedding or a beachside ceremony along with both men’s and women’s wear.

Colors to Wear on a Civil Wedding

When it comes to which color you should be wearing on a civil wedding, then it’s a very obvious thing that you must know. If you are invited to a civil wedding then there are some of the colors which should be avoided for some good reasons. You should know that the color selection of your dress in a civil wedding really matters. So, you should never wear the white dress in a civil wedding.

Colors to Wear on a Civil Wedding

It has to be done in respect of the bride, as white color is meant for the bride so that she could stand out. One of the other color which you should not be wearing is Black. This is to be done because black color is supposed to be the color of sorrow and grief in the western countries. In case you are thinking of going with the black suit to blend in with the black of the groom then it could be bearable but use some other colors along with that for shoes & tie.

Dress Designs for a Daylight Civil Wedding

Dress Designs for a Daylight Civil Wedding

Now we will talk about what you should be choosing for your dress on a ceremony if you are attending a civil wedding in a daytime. It also impacts you dressing sense on what to wear and what not to. You should be wearing the outfit which would be more comfortable and easy going as compared to that you would wear on the evening ceremony. But you should know the dress code and theme of the ceremony.

Women’s Clothing

Women’s Clothing

When we discuss the daylight dress which women should be preferred to be wearing half formal dress with some grace. The typical half formal clothing which you should be wearing on a daytime wedding would be the cocktail dress. This dress could be either covering the knee or just below the knee. Your outfit would be the one which perfectly fits you.

Choosing Some Decorated Dresses

If you will with some decorated dresses on a civil wedding at a daytime then it would look more elegant.  You should never choose to try out something out of the box which could be bold. It is due to the reason that the bride should be in the spotlight of the ceremony. You could add-on much to your look by giving a nicer touch to your hair which will look amazing with half formal dress.

Choosing Some Decorated Dresses

In order to be more comfortable, you can go with a jumpsuit. As we are talking about the daytime wedding ceremonies then it should be noted that wearing some light colors would be the best option for you. You can also use the matching top with a long chiffon trouser, you can add knick-knacks.

Men’s Clothing

When we have to choose some outfit for men’s clothing then it becomes more difficult. As there are much fewer choices for men to go to a civil wedding. Almost all the men use the suits, but you can turn down the seriousness of a suit if you don’t wear the blazer of the same color. You should rather choose by merging two colors.

Men’s Clothing

Attending a ceremony in the daytime, then you must be going out with some lite color suit. In place of wearing a tie which becomes more formal use a bowtie. Using some good accessories will add much to your look.

Designs to Choose for Evening Civil Wedding

Designs to Choose for Evening Civil Wedding

If you are on your way to the ceremony of a wedding which is supposed to hold at the evening time, then you must dress a little more formal. Even if it is held in the night although then you will do the same. Keeping in mind that the center of attention is kept being on the groom and bride.

Women’s outfit for Evening Wedding ceremony

After that now we are talking about how to choose an outfit if you are a woman and want to look outstanding in the event. Then we will guide you to pick a long maxi. You can also select some dull color dress of some expensive fabrics like silk & satin. This will add to your figure, but keep in mind that never choose something extra tight or which is more revealing.

Women’s outfit for Evening Wedding ceremony

It has to be done because the evening and night wedding ceremonies are supposed to last for many hours and it might get you uncomfortable. You should also keep an eye on your comfort.

Men’s Outfit for Evening Civil Wedding Event

Men’s Outfit for Evening Wedding Event

Again, now we are up to men’s outfit for a ceremony which is held in the noon, then you should probably think of the suit with a tie. Yet we know that it would be good but what you have to do is make a combination of the different color of trouser and blazer with some other color. If you want to try out something more different then wear the velvet made blazer followed by nice trouser.

Use of Accessories & Different Hairstyles For Civil Wedding

Finally, when it comes to giving the final touch to your look when you will be attending a civil wedding then you must make a good use of accessories. You can use some good hats according to where the event is held if it is beachside then wear light fabric dress with a picture hat. The dress color would be a light one.

Use of Accessories & Different Hairstyles

For men, it is a good time to use their wrist watches along with some leather bracelets. If you have long hair then you should be choosing the braided updo hairstyle to look more elegant. It will make you look more formal.

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How to Have Fun at a Party Without Drinking?

If we talk about celebrations then what would be the first thing which comes to our mind. The answer would obviously be the party. If we talk about having the party we suddenly experience our mood lift. This could be because the party is all about having some fun along with the frequent supply of food & drinks. Having a lot of drinks could ruin the party, so we will talk about how to have fun at a party without drinking.

How to Have Fun at a Party Without Drinking

You might be thinking about why should we have a party without drinking. There could be many reasons why you want to have fun at a party without drinking. It could be due to the reason that such parties with the free supply of food and drinks starts off with a blast but ends with the terrible impact of drinks. These days parties without drinking are not considered very common as it doesn’t pull the massive crowd to it.

A party without drinking is much better as it doesn’t end up badly due to the influence of alcohol and your party site won’t get affected by the vomiting. To have a party without drinking doesn’t mean you cannot have fun in the party. We are going to help you in how to have fun at a party without drinking.

Using Some Non-Alcoholic Drinks in the Party

If you are the one who wants to have a fun at the party without drinking then you should use the look-alike cup like every other person is having filled with the drink and go in the corner and fill it up with some non-alcoholic drink. Now you can merge in the crowd of that party and feel free as everyone is feeling. Along with that, you should keep drinking it like you would if it would be the drink.

non-alcoholic drinks in party

This will help you a lot and it won’t let your other friends at the party that you are not drinking because they would already be drunk and they won’t be able to figure it out. It will help you to enjoy all of the party without drinking, you will also not feel odd for not drinking at a party.

You could also entertain yourself by having some non-alcoholic cocktails, this will make you feel more confident and everyone else would like to have a sip from your glass.

Bringing your Other Skills to Spotlight

If you have some of the other outstanding skills then it would also help you out in a very good way. You could dance, sing, rap and make the crowd think that you are the coolest guy in the party. You have to bring out your most special skills to please the crowd. In case you are good at dancing then show some awesome dance moves, or you are a good copycat then use that to gain the attention of the audience.

Bringing your Other Skills to Spotlight

You can use these tactics to cheer all the party without even drinking a single drop of alcohol and enjoying all of the party night. If you are good at having a strong & healthy conversation you can pass the whole party without drinking.

Be Confident and Relaxed

It is the most important and crucial thing to know about when you are going to have a fun at a party without drinking. It has been noticed many times that people who came to the party to have fun without drinking, eventually end up doing that is due to the reason that they feel tense, uncomfortable and unconfident.

be confident and relaxed at a party without drinking

You should make you feel comfortable, calm, relaxed and comfortable to enjoy the party without drinking. This could be done by dressing yourself in a courteous manner to make you feel confident.

Blend in & Make Friends to Party Without Drinking

You can use the party venue to help you make some new friends along with having some quality conversation with them to have a quality time at the party without drinking. You can hold your non-alcoholic drink and move around the party without feeling awkward and use any conversation starter to start an enjoyable conversation and make some new friends.

Blend in & Make Friends to Party Without Drinking

It will allow you to feel good about yourself. You must use some good lines to introduce yourself followed by introducing some humor to the conversation with some jokes.

Playing Some Party Games to Have Fun

This would be very amazing if you become successful in introducing some of the party games like darts and many others. It will rescue you to interact with the other people at the party. Even if you are on a party with some drinks you can start the beer pongs which is among the best drinking party games. More and more people will join you in playing this.

playing Some Party Games to Have Fun

No one would be able to pick you odd out to be a nondrinker at a party. Rather everyone would be having a significant impact on you for having fun.

Hit the Food Counter First

In the meantime, when all the party guys are trying to get their glasses filled with drinks you can go to the food counter at the party and enjoy some quality free food. If you are a food lover you would really love to do that. After that you could have some Non-Alcoholic drink, if you are too shy to ask for such a drink then you could probably bring your own drink with you.

Witness the Crowd at a Party Without Drinking

Witness the Crowd at a Party Without Drinking

In case you are the one who doesn’t like being much social in such parties but you want to have some fun you can witness the crowd which is drunk and has fun seeing them doing crazy things. It would be the most awesome experience of a party without drinking you would ever have in your life. You can use the crazy confessions of your friends to make fun of them after that when they are over to it.

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Reasons Why You Should Not Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and people all over the world are planning to celebrate this day with their loved ones. Unfortunately, this blog post is about Why you should not celebrate Valentine’s Day.

shouldn't celebrate Valentine's day

14th February is designated for Valentine’s Day celebrations for ages. The history of this day dates back to 3rd century ancient Rome. This day is also celebrated to pay tribute to Saint Valentines who stood up for his love and got killed.

valentine's day

However, this day has set many unrealistic patterns and is creating havoc in reality.

Why you Shouldn’t Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Consumerism and Valentine’s Day

Yes, you heard it right! The countless love tokens, fluffy bunnies, chocolates, Cupid signs, heart-shaped balloons are just a few starter packs of this day. Consumerist markets make billions of dollars through sales on 14th February every year.


According to an estimate, the sales reach up to 19.6 billion US Dollars and on average, each American spends $143 for Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Similarly, food businesses and event organizers generate a lot of profit through food and luring people into the idea of a perfect romantic date. This way, masses are fooled to spend more money and buy branded products as a token of their love.

valentine's day

Well, let that sink in you guys because numbers never lie!

Marketing On Point!

The whole year, advertising agencies and brands spend a considerable amount of time in preparing for Valentine’s Day celebrations and sales. This is another great way of making the audience actually listen and pay heed to various marketing agencies.

don't plan Valentine's Day

Earlier print media was the only way for marketing, however, in recent decades, digital media is the biggest avenue for attracting the global audience.

Approximately 51% of the global population celebrates this day each year. Besides, this is not a noble cause and let’s not forget, our planet and lives have more important issues to deal with at the moment.

Unrealistic Expectations

When it comes to human feelings and emotions, they are both pure and raw at the same time. The idea of celebrating a single day to prove your love and devotion to someone is absolutely exaggerated. 14th feb

Valentine’s Day creates unrealistic expectations about love and romance. Couples looking for a day to appreciate their partners or spouses just to live up to modern societal notions. Life is more than happy and flashy figures appearing on the digital screens everywhere.

Not Eco-Friendly

Valentine’s day about showing love and to quote a popular opinion “love is in the air” but what happens when a lot of paper, plastic, and garbage actually pollute our air with the previous day’s celebrations.

Non Eco-Friendly Valentine's Day

A lot of goodies and items are manufactured from plastic and the use of fireworks destroys nature. Our planet is literally on the verge of collapsing because of industrial waste and garbage.

It’s a Rat Race

This age is all about following the trends, creating new hashtags and following a rat race in general. Materialism has taken over the pure emotions of love and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Celebrating this day is a total waste of time and money.

By practicing gratitude and practically showing love every day is the real game-changer, trust me. Couples do not practice love by celebrating Valentine’s Day, it becomes more of a social ritual instead.

Social Pressure

For single people, Valentine’s Day becomes problematic as they are looked down upon and it is expected from every single person to be with a significant other on this eve. Single people may face a mental breakdown or irritation due to this overly and unnecessarily hyped day.

should not celebrate valentine's day

Take the sincere advice and say no to Valentine’s Day to save your wallet, relations and most importantly, planet earth!