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Best Indian Male Wedding Attires

The first thing that comes up to our mind when thinking about the Indian wedding is hues, adornments, nourishment and along with some colorful clothing’s. When we discuss getting ready for an Indian wedding, what the vast majority believe is that we are worried about women. In that case, here in this article, we will discuss best Indian male wedding clothing types.

Indian Male Wedding Attires

There are entire heaps of alternatives to look over so you comprehend what to wear as a male while going to the wedding ceremony. Regardless of whether it’s your wedding or your brother’s, son’s, cousin’s, or a far-off relative’s, we will disclose to you what to wear to appear ideal for the event.

Sherwani For Indian Wedding Attires

Sherwani For Indian Wedding Attires

Sherwanis are maybe the most conventional and most basic outfits men can opt for while going to traditional Indian wedding ceremony. As a general rule, it is a greatly exploded adaptation of a western affected suit. It takes a long coat conveying an imperial impression alongside a touch of innovation which could be a mind-blowing option to choose from.

Selecting The Right Sherwani

Textures like Banarasi and brocade are utilized to make these clothing types. There is a ton of examples and outlines to look over. You can never turn out badly with a sherwani, however, we encourage you to pick light hues like beige, cream, brilliant and ivory as they are an incredible request. Costly sherwanis can even be planned with valuable stones and gems along these lines, in the event that you can bear the cost of it, ensure you resemble one in a million.

Choices You Could Wear With It

You can choose wearing it with tight-fitting pants or jeans typically known as night robe or churidars. Select some matching it with an imperial headgear or some traditional Sehra, and a couple of conventional looking Khussa. A dupatta can likewise be taken to coordinate with the weaving or crafted done on the sherwani. Wearing gold adornments or pearls will likewise look good with such a sherwani.

Jodhpuri Suit For Indian Wedding Attires

A Jodhpuri suit additionally looks elegant at an Indian wedding event. It is a pleasant mix of a coat with a Mandarin or Nehru neckline.

Jodhpuri Suit For Indian Wedding Attires

Selecting The Right One

On the off chance that you are not extremely tall, we’d encourage you to remain from long cut Jodhipuri and pick that one that is of hip length. In case that you are a major overweight or need to shroud some additional pounds, we encourage you to choose for some monochrome Jodhpuri without any patters and in a darker and calmer shading, for example, dim or darker. In the event that you want to go for a plain Jodhpuri at a wedding, we encourage you to look for one that has excellent decorated catches.

In case that you are thin, we encourage you to go for long and designed Jodhpuri dresses.

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What You Should Wear With It

Combine it along with Jodhpuri pants, which are tight fitting from the base and free at the Thigh points for a more customary style, however, you can likewise wear them with a more present-day match of pants. When you wear this suit, you resemble a ruler and give an imperial feel. A weaved coat, beautiful example and illustrious looking pants make it an ideal clothing for a traditional Indian wedding. You can improve the look with conventional chappals with coordinating weaving.

Keep in mind to utilize a pocket square in your pocket, not in an indistinguishable shading from your clothing, but rather in a shading that matches.

Kurta Shalwar For Indian Wedding Attires

Kurta Shalwar For Indian Wedding Attires

This is a customary Indian guy clothing that looks exquisite and still feels good. It is particularly fitting to wear for Sangeet night in case you’re there to be part as a visitor.

Selecting The Right Type Of Kurta Shalwar

You can choose a cotton kurta with light weaving. There are diverse methods for styling and designing a kurta. A salwar kurta clothing will improve your identity and talk a considerable measure about you and your personality. Combine your weaved silk kurta with a differentiating salwar.

What To Wear Along With It

There is a whole scope of footwear choices to browse too, as it looks well with a wide range of footwear, including shoes, chappals, and shoes with the sole.

Pathani Suit For Indian Wedding Attire

Pathani Suit For Indian Wedding Attire

Pathani suits have been out for quite some time but most recently they are again the part of Indian attire. Presently, a great deal of men is seen wearing diverse styles of Pathani suits at Indian traditional wedding ceremonies. Pathani suits give outstanding looks and make you the boss existing apart from everything else. A Pathani coat will include excessively of polish and bling to your general look.

Selecting A Pathani Suit

You can choose for intense outlines with this kind of clothing. Pick a light shading like gold or silver to coordinate well with the proper event. Darker shades will influence you to emerge of the group, similar to maroon, dark and chocolate darker colors.

What You Should Wear With It

As it is an entire suit, you won’t need to contemplate shading coordination. Simply ensure that the petticoat is a substantially bolder shading than the rest.

Dhoti Kurta For Indian Wedding Attire

Dhoti is the customary clothing of India, yet its definition has changed fundamentally finished the most recent years. Today, it looks conventional and great, as well as rich and effortless and the ideal article of clothing to wear at the wedding service. There have been many advancements in this outfit type, and you will discover a plenty of styles and plans of browse.

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Pick Your Dhoti Kurta

Our recommendation is to keep the weaving on your dhoti kurta straightforward, as you would prefer not to eclipse the lady and groom. Pick light textures and bright tones.

The Most Effective Method To Wear It

Combine your dhoti with a pleasant knee length kurta, and improve your looks in an individual method for your own.

Tuxedo For Indian Wedding Attire

Tuxedo For Indian Wedding Attire

Present day and westernized guys can go for a tuxedo which is an incredible mix of class and solace. Ensure that you get your tuxedo carefully fit to fit your shoulders. A pleasantly fit tuxedo will influence you to overflow with tastefulness along with style and look exemplary in the meantime.

Pick Your Right Tuxedo

On the off chance that you would prefer not to go for the great high contrast look, these days there are a lot of tuxedos in various splendid hues you can select from.

What to wear Along With It

Wearing sandals having a sole with a tuxedo will give you that blend and match look amongst present day and customary, however,r you can likewise wear pleasantly cleaned shoes as well. Go for a necktie that joins with the best and base of the tuxedo. A white shirt is likewise necessary for this look.

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How to Make a Dessert Table for a Wedding

There must be a table fulfilled for dessert, it is an absolute necessity for every wedding, it includes the cakes and a wide range of desserts to be there for the guests after lunch or supper. You should be choosy about how you are going to decorate your dessert table and its style which is the vital step.

How to Make a Dessert Table for a WeddingA wedding is clearly an imperative event and not simply anything you can go on with, so at this article, we have a few recommendations for you on the best way you can decorate a dessert table for your wedding to make it lovely and heavenly.

Ideas to Decorate the Dessert Table for Wedding


The treat table regularly contains a standout amongst the essential components of any wedding such as the wedding cake. So all the other surrounding things should coordinate the style and design of the cake. There is the case when some people like to draw out the cake when it’s an ideal opportunity to cut it, yet at whatever point you exhibit it, the sweet table must regard the enhancing style of your festival and never be confined.

It ought to be situated in a reasonable place in the zone where you are celebrating. It has to be unmistakable to the visitors however not be in a place where anybody can stumble over it. Investigate these tips to brighten and make it more pleasant while preparing the dessert table.

Styles for Your Dessert Table


When ensuring your dessert table takes after the theme you have picked, ensure that any sweet isn’t off-key in either shading plan or style. In addition, including dolls, blossom petals, candles and other non-consumable stylistic layouts around the dessert table is additionally an astonishing plan to fulfill the theme.

However that you are utilizing labels or signs for every pastry with the name and substance of every treat, however, the best and most stylish thought is to utilize a writing board, ensure it doesn’t emerge from whatever remains of the sweet table.

How to Arrange the Dessert Table

Keep in mind the wedding cake ought to be the focal point of consideration, so put the cake in the center and utilize a platform if important so it gains attention. Whatever remains of the pastries has to spin around it and, if utilizing platform for the other things of the sweets, ensure they are not of the same height as that which is of wedding cake.

Selecting the Desserts for Dessert Table

selecting the dessert for dessert table

Other than the cake, pick whatever other types of the desserts that you need on the table. Remembering the assortment of tastes and flours is vital, recall that numerous visitors don’t eat cake yet need to appreciate something sweet after the feast. Here are some breathtaking options you can attempt to make a tasty pastry table.

Selecting the Chocolate Sweets

A great idea in most wedding sweet tables are chocolate desserts, which are perfect for visitors who are not in favor of tarts, cakes or different pastries, yet that can’t refuse to a rich bit of chocolate.

On the other hand if you have experience in baking, you can make them yourself and be astonishing every one of the visitors, however, it is difficult as the outcome will be luscious. In this article, we will suggest you with some best tips which will help you a lot while decor your dessert table.

Cupcakes for Dessert Table

Cupcakes for Dessert Table

Cupcakes are obviously the most popular for your dessert table these days. Their flexibility for improvements, particularly as far as icing, implies you can play with them and adjust them to the style of your table. In a perfect world you can influence smaller than normal cupcakes for every one of the visitors to taste, so to don’t be hesitant to try different things with hues to give your table a delightfully sweet and in vogue look.

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Being a Witness at a Civil Wedding – All you Need to Know

In case that your closed ones are about to get married soon and you are invited to be there on their civil wedding, then you might be wondering what it takes to be a witness at a civil wedding. What is the role of the witness in a civil wedding? Your mind would be toppled up with a lot of question and you want answers to all of them. Some common questions regarding that would include that, how many of the witnesses are required, is it necessary that witness should be a close relative?.

WITNESS AT A CIVIL WEDDINGIt has also been noticed that the number of the witness on a civil wedding and the role of the witness on a civil wedding varies regarding different religious beliefs. Keeping in mind that no matter what religion they belong to they would owe the same responsibilities. Although this is of great importance that whether the people who are attending the wedding as a witness are close the couple who is going to be married.

Now without any further delay, we will provide you with every information and detail required to be a witness at a civil wedding. It would include the types of witnesses, generating a marriage certificate, who could be the one to do signature in place of witness and much more.

Generating a Marriage Certificate


The very first thing that the witness of the civil wedding has to take care of is about the marriage certificate. This all has to be done before the day of the wedding. The ones who are going to be married have to go to the courthouse or they can go to the office where the official registry happens along with one witness. This one witness has to appear in front of the officials of the state who is in charge of this process.

Eligibility to be a witness on a civil wedding

Eligibility to be a witness on a civil wedding

There is a certain criterion which should be met for the one who is going to be at the wedding as the witness. If he does not meet this certain criterion then he won’t be eligible to be there as a witness to a civil wedding. This could include

  • The witness should be over the age of 18 years.
  • The witness should be present at the time of wedding event along with the bride & groom.
  • He should also bring some document which would be used to verify the identity of bride & groom.
    This has to be kept in mind that in some places when you visit the registry office the witness should not be the reliving of those who are going to be married. Though it is not always the case, so you should get to know about the registry rules of your area before going there.

What is the Role of the Witness in Civil Wedding?


Talking about the role of the witness in a civil wedding, then the witness has to give the confirmation that both of them are here according to there will and are not forced to be here and signing these documents. Infrequent cases the whole event has to take place in front of a judge, some officials or the mayor along with 2 witnesses.

From all of the above, we can conclude by saying that there is one requirement which has to be met which is the witness should be the adult (of the age of 18 years). This is not necessary to be the relative or not. He could be any dear one to both them.

Defining the role of 2 witnesses in a civil marriage is to be the witness of the event that has taken place. They also have to sign the documents of marriage.

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How to Plan a Fun Wedding: Ideas for a Unique Event

When you are thinking to plan a fun wedding, then it’s obvious that it won’t have to be much of traditional or formal. The wedding is a day of total celebration and to be celebrated with full energy so that this day would be remembered for your whole life. The best part about planning a fun wedding is that it’s always unique from all others. If you will make your wedding a unique event then not only you but the joy could also be seen on the faces of your guests as well.

HOW TO PLAN A FUN WEDDINGThere could be any reason why you want to plan a fun wedding or a unique event. This might be the reason that you have got obsessed with the typical traditional and formal weddings. Now is the time to make a good use of it & now it’s your own wedding. You must have the best music collection for that in your wedding ceremony. There should also be the photoshoot by adding some crazy posses so that it would be placed in your memories whole life.
So, in this tape daily article we are going to help you with different ideas to plan a fun wedding and to make your wedding event unique.

Make People Dance to Have a Fun Wedding

The very first thing you have to take care of is about the Music arrangements and the song selection. You should try to get some information about the trending songs list and the most popular songs these days. The other thing you could do to know the music taste of your guests is divided the music playlist into sections of music artists. So everyone would be able to dance on it to have a fun wedding.

MAKE PEOPLE DANCE TO HAVE FUN WEDDINGUniqueness would be added to it if you do so, it would add up the rhythm of the party in your fun wedding. What else could be better than this if you distribute the tables within the different categories? The guests with the same music taste would sit on one side and else on the other side, so they could enjoy in their own way dancing & have a fun wedding.
Doing so will lift up their moods, they would always keep this time as their one of the precious memory about such a fun wedding which they have never before experienced in their life.

Make Suitable Decoration to Have a Fun Wedding


The second most important thing of an event like a wedding is photo shoots. You should arrange it in a way that will please them. For that you have to arrange the photocall, along with that you should place the red carpet at the entrance of the venue. This will make them feel on the top of this word. They would feel like real celebs, and they would enjoy it the most as it is one of the unique ideas you are introducing to have a fun wedding.

Introducing Fun Games to Plan a Fun Wedding


In order to make your guests be charged with energy, you have to arrange some fun and games for your wedding event. The activities you should be arranging should be the mood lifters. All those things would be on the spot to make the wedding a fun wedding, you should surprise the groom and bride with some unexpected surprises. This could include the mob dance or some interesting games which would involve the bride and groom as well.

You could also think of pranking your guests to some extent, or you could also prank the bride or groom. But keep in mind that pranks should not be as scary that it would ruin the vibe of the wedding. These should be on some low level to bring humor to the wedding.

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How to make bridal mehndi design for hands?

Especially for ladies to attend weddings they use to apply mehndi design on their hands in order to make weddings more appropriate. Mehndi design is an important part of different culture especially in Asian cultures, they use to apply mehndi design before weddings. It’s not just in Asian culture but women and girls of other cultures also use mehndi just because mehndi is temporary, and you can remove it as you want if you are not comfortable with it.


For an Asian bride’s mehndi takes an important place in following different norms, as different cultures show that mehndi is the sign of happiness and wealth.Mehndi is usually applied on arms and feet of a bride using different beautiful designs in order to look bride more attractive and stand out. These designs styles usually range from motifs up to pepper leaf. Nowadays mehndi designs and styles are made in geometrical and some symmetry shapes. In this article, we will guide you how to make bridal mehndi design for hands.

Tips For Applying the Mehndi

There are various bridal mehndi designs some of them are attractive and fabulous and some are complicated and applying mehndi is not an easy task to do. We are giving you some techniques to use before applying mehndi to the bridle hand.

  • First, you have to sit in a place where you are comfortable so as to avoid moving while applying mehndi to your hand, it takes around 3-4 hours to dry and till that time you have to be patient. This is to avoid moving your hand once the mehndi design is applied to your hand.


  • Once you have settled down for mehndi put a tissue paper or towel close to you, in case if have unluckily touch anything with the same hand this step is just for your caution. Afterward, you can use a towel to wipe the mehndi stains.
  • For applying the mehndi effectively and efficiently, make sure you are making the mehndi paste by yourself at home.

Things Required While applying Mehndi Design

Here is the list of things that is useful while applying mehndi design


  • The Mehndi Cone.
  • A Mehndi Design which you want to use.
  • A piece of tissue or towel if something went wrong.

Steps Required for applying Mehndi

Steps Required for applying Mehndi


  • First of all, remove the pin in front of mehndi cone tip. This will make sure that you are now using it.
  • For applying the mehndi, you have to put pressure on the back part of the mehndi to ensure mehndi past will squeeze out.
  • If mehndi is mistaken squeezed more then clean it with tissue paper or towel.
  • Keep this thing in mind that you have to hold the mehndi cone in the same way as you hold the pencil.
  • Now after holding the mehndi, take a good look at the design which you will be going to use and then apply it on the hand.
  • Here is one more condition. If you are applying on someone’s hand then start it from the base otherwise if you are applying on your own hand then try it from the fingertips.
  • Hold the mehndi cone in the same way as pen or pencil and keep looking at the design you are making to make it amazingly perfect.
  • In case if your mehndi strays the design, use the towel or tissue to remove it as quickly as possible to remove it before leaving the mehndi mark.
  • Once you have applied the mehndi on the bride’s hand, the palm will be the darkest place of the mehndi.

Steps after applying mehndi on your hand


  • Once you are done with applying mehndi then make the mixture of sugar syrup along with lime juice and apply it on the part where mehndi design is created with a cotton swab. This will look your mehndi design darker and prettier.
  • After applying mehndi if there is irritation on your hand then consult the doctor you might have some of the allergies.
  • After applying mehndi don’t use water to clean that hand for almost 3-4 hours. Mehndi will take almost overnight to dry perfectly.
Tips: Take this into consideration that applies mehndi almost 24 hours before going for weeding so as to ensure that mehndi dried up properly.
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How to do your makeup for an evening wedding

If you want to crack out the best dress in wardrobe then evening weddings are the best way to do it, including a variety of outfits you can choose from the wardrobe that fits your style add-on with different hairstyles to make it perfect for evening weddings. In evening weddings, you should be cautious of putting makeup perfectly that makes you stand out in the wedding. That’s not feasible for those with the short budget they usually use to avoid salon. In this article, we will provide easy techniques that will help you in makeup for an evening wedding.

How to do you makeup for an evening weddings

Steps you Should keep in Mind for Evening Wedding

  • If you are looking for putting the makeup that longs last, then you should apply the foundation that is best suitable to avoid the deficiencies and looks perfect on your face. Normally due to sun or sweat makeup vanishes so instantly not just in the day but on the evening too. In order to avoid it, you should choose products that are waterproof.


  • If your face contains dark circle, pimples or any other face marks then hide them using concealer with the addition of compact powder over the concealer to look perfect. The compact powder will soften your face presence. If you want more natural look then you can also use translucent powder instead for a healthy appearance.


  • After all that you are now done with base makeup. Now in order to make your eyes look perfectly matching with your face. For this, you have to apply some compact powder to your upper eyelid. This will enhance your makeup time to stay longer and look fresher. This will help you retain your eyeshadow for a longer period.
  • Despite choosing different makeup styles for your face, applying eyeshadow perfectly is significant for makeup that will overcome the chances of ruining whole makeup. For those looking for different thoughts on how to do makeup for evening, the wedding does consider a variety of eye makeup styles like dramatic, golden makeup or shimmer eyeshadow as well.


  • After completing your eyeshadow while doing makeup now start working on eyeliner. Here we will provide you some secrets that will make your eyes look amazingly different from others which will add your makeup to more intense look. If you want your eyes to finish to appear neat and perfectly professional, then apply eyeliner that will frame the eyes.
  • Now after you are done with eyeliner put on mascara on eyelashes. This will make your eyes look amazing and beautiful for an evening wedding.


  • Lips are the spotlight of makeup. While doing makeup your focus should be more on making your lips look beautiful. Lips-makeup gives an amazing odor to your makeup, especially for evening wedding makeups. You should keep this thing in mind that your lips should look similar to your theme dress. To make it more appropriate for a wedding. There is no strict rule to obey while doing lips-makeup.
  • If you have put smoky eyes, then don’t use the same style to your lips then try to use sheer lip gloss or either use light lipstick. This will avoid the overdoing with it.

SHEER SMOKY LIP GLOSS for eveing wedding

  • After you are done with refining your eye makeup you can paint lips as red that is more attractive to eyes but doesn’t make it too dark that will ruin all your makeup. It all depends on the theme you are choosing for the evening wedding to look balance and more decent. We all know that evening wedding usually contains dark and shaded themes. So, try to use makeup colors accordingly.
  • For the evening wedding, makeup doesn’t forget to spot your cheekbones for the finishing makeup. Use blusher or bronzer to put some attractive colors on your face. Choose an appropriate blush that suits the skin tome and seems like the natural color. Be cautious while applying it because on overdoing you will look like a clown. Especially doing it with dark makeup.

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How to Throw a 30s Themed Party – Ideas and Tips

If you are thinking to party hard and party with some style, then you should probably think to throw a 30s themed party. it would be such a classic theme to choose due to the grace and vibe of 30s hype and the great history. in case you have decided to throw a 30s themed party, then we will help you with different tips and ideas how to arrange with proper arrangements.

how to throw 30s themed party

There might be anyone of your own reason which provokes to throw a 30s themed party. it might be due to the reason that you are fed up with the 21st centuries partying style and want some classic music and essence held by the people of the 30th century. The guest you are inviting to your 30s themed party should be informed by you at least to dressing in the blend of 30s themed party costume.

Along with that, there are many other things as well for which you have to look around. These could include the classic music of 30’s themed party. You should also decorate the whole party venue to make it look like you are in the past. So, in this article, we should help you how to throw a 30s theme party including some great ideas and tips.

Explore the Period of the 30s: Their Living and Lifestyle

The very first thing you have to do is to search the time period of the thirties, how was that time period like. What was their lifestyle? Do a brief research about their fashion sense. You also have to know about their music taste. If you all about 30s themed parties like and their music, dressing, and lifestyle then you could make your party lit. you should also have to know about their culture, this will also help you a lot when you are planning to throw a 30s themed party.


Putting all thing aside, the time period of the thirties was even different in every part of the world. If we explore more details, we would come to know that even in one country there was the difference in cultural inheritance and music taste as well. So, to overcome this you could explore more and more because it would be pretty complicated. You could include some jazz music along with some gangster looks to make it look like 30s themed party.

The Historic Time of Hollywood History

When you are on the move to throw a 30s themed party than one of the best ideas which would pop-up to mind would be to make the guests dress like the Hollywood stars. This is due to the reason that 30s were the historic time in the history of Hollywood. It brought the new life to the Hollywood. After the world suffered from the World War One, they were the pioneers to bring up the cheering faces to the screens.


To arrange the complete decoration, you should use the red colored carped at the entrance and cover the walls with the big sized posters of the stars. The posters would be black or the golden in color. This would give them the feel of being a star.

30s Themed Party Music Taste (Swing Jazz)

30s Themed Party Music Taste

The music was the core of that time without bringing the right music on the party, it won’t lift the moods. That time was known for the music taste although it was much different from this era. But the music of that time is still remembered. The most popular of that time was swing jazz, ragtime & some other. The most popular music records include Bing Crosby, Irving Berlin and followed by many others.

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How to Decorate for a Wedding at Home: Tips and Ideas for an Affordable Event

A wedding is the most special event of someone’s life. To make it more special and the most rememberable day of your life, you have to make some special arrangements to decorate for a wedding at home. Knowing that it would be the important event of your life, so arrange it in a way that not only you but it would become the memory in minds of your guests as well.
If you are thinking to arrange your wedding at home, then this might be worrying you that how to decorate for a wedding at home. Here we will provide you with some useful tips and ideas to make it an affordable event.

DECORATE A WEDDING AT HOMETo arrange and to decorate for a wedding at home is preferred than planning the event at a banquet or some religious place because it would be a more private wedding and could have more fun privately. Although it would need more dedication from you if you decorate for a wedding at home.
It would make more convenient for you to choose the theme of your wedding ceremony and to select the items to decorate for a wedding at home. Without any delay, we will move on to the unique and affordable ideas to plan a wedding at home.

Decorate Entrance Gate for Wedding at Home

As we all know the first the first impression is the last impression, so when the guest will arrive at your wedding venue the first thing that they are going to notice is the entrance gate. So you could choose different ideas like posting a board with the wedding groom and bride name written on it. It would be preferred to write their name on a blackboard with a Chalk it would make it look more elegant.

Decorate Entrance Gate for wedding at home You could choose the flowers studded gate when you want to decorate a wedding at home. It would address a message of warm welcome to the guest. You could go with the option of different colorful flowers to add more vibe to it. But keep in mind do not select the more expensive ones so that it won’t upset your budget.

Ideas for Corridors & Hall for Wedding at Home

When you are planning to decorate a wedding at home then probably it is necessary that you have to decorate your hallways and other places in your house. But before that, you have to ensure they are of your house where you are planning to organize your wedding ceremony and along with that the time of your ceremony is also very important.

Ideas for Corridors & Hall for wedding at home

The thing is that if your event is arranged at evening then you should make good use of the lightning and the candles along with red roses in the hall and the surrounding. It will give a glance and the smell of the roses would cheer up the mood of the guests. The good lighting is crucial for evening wedding event.
On the other hand, if you are organizing for the daytime then the colors you should be choosing would be a lighter shade. The main thing while you are decorating the corridor is you should choose some good quality fabrics like linen and hang it on from the roof to the floor. White color should be a better choice but you could choose according to your taste as well.

Choosing the Centerpiece to Decorate Wedding at Home

Choosing the Centerpiece for wedding at home

Now when you are done with other things, then comes the time for choosing the centerpiece. choosing the right centerpiece is also very important as all the other things are done. You can go with the option of fower with the color you want to synchronize. If you are making everything white then you could choose white flowers, but if you want to have the typical pink flowers it won’t be that bad too. You can also choose the color like green and yellow.

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Ideas for Unique Wedding Invitation

When we talk about the wedding, then a lot of things comes to our mind. You might think of what dress you should be wearing on the wedding or about organizing the events. Putting all this aside, the very first thing about which you should be worried is your wedding invitation. The very first step you have to take is to send your relatives your wedding invitation. You should make your wedding invitation unique from the others.

Ideas for Unique Wedding Invitation

It should be more appealing that no one would put it aside after receiving it rather they would love to open & have a look at it. You might be obsessed with receiving the same sort of cards on the wedding invitation. Now is the time when you are thinking about your own wedding invitation, then make it worth spending money on the wedding invitation. You might have some idea of how your wedding invitation card would look like.

So, in this blog, we are going to give you some unique Wedding Invitation ideas. We’ve chosen some of the best ideas which you could be picking for your wedding. We would provide you five assorted styles to choose from, which will release your stress of selecting one.

Jigsaw Puzzle Style Wedding Invitation

The first style that we are talking about it the jigsaw puzzle style. This could be the most amazing option for you to choose from, as you would send your wedding invitation to your loved ones for your wedding ceremony then they have to solve the puzzle to read it. Isn’t it amazing? You should put your invitation card in the envelop so that it would look more formal.


This is the cheap in cost as well. Either you could design the card by yourself through any program or you could directly send it to experts. They will do the rest of the job of converting it into an interesting puzzle.

Wedding Invitation in form of Fan

Wedding Invitation in form of Fan

The second idea for a unique invitation is sending it in the form of a fan. This could also be a unique way to send the invitation to your wedding. What you have to do is buy the fans as an invitation card for every single one of the guest. Then you could take those to the printing house to print your invitation information which needs to be printed. This is the most realistic way which you could choose.

Wedding Information on the Balloon

The third most unique and interesting way to send your relatives the invitation to your wedding is by giving the event details on the balloon. You might be thinking what this really means. The idea about it is that you should make the wedding invitation card the usual one. But what you should do that not to print the event date and location on the card. Rather you should print that information on the balloon.

Wedding Information on the Balloon

So, you should place the balloon on the card. In order to read that info, they have to inflate the balloon on which information would be written. But keep in mind that you must provide your phone number on that card so that if the balloon has burst then they can contact you on that number.

Bookmark as Your Wedding Invitation

Bookmark as Your Wedding Invitation

The fourth way about which we are discussing here is using a bookmark for your wedding invitation. This is also a unique and a new way to send the invitation for your marriage to the loved ones. you have to make it in a way so that the pictures of the groom and the bride which are going to be married should be displayed on the upper side and the information would be written on the bottom side of that.

Natural Way for Wedding Invitation

Now we will provide you two natural and unique way of inviting your guest to your wedding. The first way is to send all the guests an email with some expressive note. This will help save the surroundings but not using the paper.

Natural Way for Wedding Invitation

The second way is that you should make your invitation card with some paper material which could completely be recycled. You can also use some recyclable stuff to make it more beautiful.

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How to Dress for a Civil Wedding – Ideas for Guests

When we talk about the upcoming trends, related to wedding and parties. Alongside with the changing trend in parties, we have also seen a momentous change of trend in the weddings as well. If we talk about the changing trends in the wedding then dress code is supposed to be the crucial part when you are going to a wedding. It varies from civil wedding to religious wedding. So, we’ll talk about how to dress for a civil Wedding.

How to Dress for a Civil Wedding

It would have become very confusing for you if you have to go to a civil wedding and you want to what you should be wearing. The dress codes of a civil wedding have been changing much these days. Previously we used to know that in religious weddings people used to wear more of the formal dresses as compared to the civil wedding. In this article, we will help you solve your problem of what to wear to a civil wedding.

We will briefly discuss on how to dress for a civil wedding, which will cover all the possible aspects including the civil wedding dress colors, dress according to the times of the wedding ceremony whether it’s a countryside wedding or a beachside ceremony along with both men’s and women’s wear.

Colors to Wear on a Civil Wedding

When it comes to which color you should be wearing on a civil wedding, then it’s a very obvious thing that you must know. If you are invited to a civil wedding then there are some of the colors which should be avoided for some good reasons. You should know that the color selection of your dress in a civil wedding really matters. So, you should never wear the white dress in a civil wedding.

Colors to Wear on a Civil Wedding

It has to be done in respect of the bride, as white color is meant for the bride so that she could stand out. One of the other color which you should not be wearing is Black. This is to be done because black color is supposed to be the color of sorrow and grief in the western countries. In case you are thinking of going with the black suit to blend in with the black of the groom then it could be bearable but use some other colors along with that for shoes & tie.

Dress Designs for a Daylight Civil Wedding

Dress Designs for a Daylight Civil Wedding

Now we will talk about what you should be choosing for your dress on a ceremony if you are attending a civil wedding in a daytime. It also impacts you dressing sense on what to wear and what not to. You should be wearing the outfit which would be more comfortable and easy going as compared to that you would wear on the evening ceremony. But you should know the dress code and theme of the ceremony.

Women’s Clothing

Women’s Clothing

When we discuss the daylight dress which women should be preferred to be wearing half formal dress with some grace. The typical half formal clothing which you should be wearing on a daytime wedding would be the cocktail dress. This dress could be either covering the knee or just below the knee. Your outfit would be the one which perfectly fits you.

Choosing Some Decorated Dresses

If you will with some decorated dresses on a civil wedding at a daytime then it would look more elegant.  You should never choose to try out something out of the box which could be bold. It is due to the reason that the bride should be in the spotlight of the ceremony. You could add-on much to your look by giving a nicer touch to your hair which will look amazing with half formal dress.

Choosing Some Decorated Dresses

In order to be more comfortable, you can go with a jumpsuit. As we are talking about the daytime wedding ceremonies then it should be noted that wearing some light colors would be the best option for you. You can also use the matching top with a long chiffon trouser, you can add knick-knacks.

Men’s Clothing

When we have to choose some outfit for men’s clothing then it becomes more difficult. As there are much fewer choices for men to go to a civil wedding. Almost all the men use the suits, but you can turn down the seriousness of a suit if you don’t wear the blazer of the same color. You should rather choose by merging two colors.

Men’s Clothing

Attending a ceremony in the daytime, then you must be going out with some lite color suit. In place of wearing a tie which becomes more formal use a bowtie. Using some good accessories will add much to your look.

Designs to Choose for Evening Civil Wedding

Designs to Choose for Evening Civil Wedding

If you are on your way to the ceremony of a wedding which is supposed to hold at the evening time, then you must dress a little more formal. Even if it is held in the night although then you will do the same. Keeping in mind that the center of attention is kept being on the groom and bride.

Women’s outfit for Evening Wedding ceremony

After that now we are talking about how to choose an outfit if you are a woman and want to look outstanding in the event. Then we will guide you to pick a long maxi. You can also select some dull color dress of some expensive fabrics like silk & satin. This will add to your figure, but keep in mind that never choose something extra tight or which is more revealing.

Women’s outfit for Evening Wedding ceremony

It has to be done because the evening and night wedding ceremonies are supposed to last for many hours and it might get you uncomfortable. You should also keep an eye on your comfort.

Men’s Outfit for Evening Civil Wedding Event

Men’s Outfit for Evening Wedding Event

Again, now we are up to men’s outfit for a ceremony which is held in the noon, then you should probably think of the suit with a tie. Yet we know that it would be good but what you have to do is make a combination of the different color of trouser and blazer with some other color. If you want to try out something more different then wear the velvet made blazer followed by nice trouser.

Use of Accessories & Different Hairstyles For Civil Wedding

Finally, when it comes to giving the final touch to your look when you will be attending a civil wedding then you must make a good use of accessories. You can use some good hats according to where the event is held if it is beachside then wear light fabric dress with a picture hat. The dress color would be a light one.

Use of Accessories & Different Hairstyles

For men, it is a good time to use their wrist watches along with some leather bracelets. If you have long hair then you should be choosing the braided updo hairstyle to look more elegant. It will make you look more formal.

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