Characteristics Of A Teacher In Psychology

The teacher can play the best role in the development of personality and character of a student by presenting his best self. He is a motivator and advisor for the students. Teacher work as a parent for learners. The teacher always tries to enhance the abilities of pupils and act as a role model for them.Characteristics Of A Teacher In Psychology

Many teachers play different roles for pupils. Everyone can become a teacher but being the best teacher is not easy. Here at TryArticles, I have discussed the best qualities of a teacher from a psychological point of view.

Characteristics Of A Teacher

The characteristics of a teacher include his personality, attitude, and way of talking. The success of students depends upon teachers. The behavior and attitude of teachers determine the personality of pupils. Student always learns from a teacher in a positive or negative way.

You may have seen many children that daily discuss their teachers when they come back from school. Modeling starts from childhood and remains at higher levels. Qualities of teachers are following.

Patience, Care, And Kindness

A teacher should be kind and caring. Student always learns from the teacher what they pretend and present to them. This caring and kind behavior of teacher usually transfers into students. Teacher act as role model for pupils and they do what they learn from a teacher.Patience, Care, And Kindness

According to research, some factors have a great impact on the education of student that include caring and kind relationship with the teacher. Education does not depend on learning of the student alone but it also depends upon qualities of teachers. Everyone remember his/her teacher at every stage of life, the mistakes he made or experiences he done with the teacher.


Confidence is the best quality of the teacher. A teacher should be confident always because students learn this confidence from teachers. The confident teacher can manage his class and working environment in a best and disciplined way. Confidence is the main thing that is very necessary for an educational career.Confidence


Motivation is the reason to act or specific behavior. A teacher should be a motivator for pupils because he can help them to set future goals and dreams. Motivation is necessary for any field of life. Teacher act as a motivator for the students.Motivator

Resource Person And Guider

The teacher can provide a complete guideline to the students in the best way. He is a resource of knowledge for pupils. Students always follow the guideline that is provided by teachers. A teacher is a source of education and best lessons for pupils. These are the best qualities of a teacher.Resource Person And Guider

Advisor And Role Model

Modeling is also called observational learning or imitation that include particular symbols to demonstrate any behavior. Teacher act as a role model for students. He advises his students through his education and personal experiences.Advisor And Role Model

Like Parents

Teachers act as parents for their students because they teach them about life experiences and help them to identify the good and bad things. Teachers can help to learn about life experiences and make your best future. They also teach you to manage the tough situations of life. A teacher always plays an important role in the success of his students.Like Parents


Discipline is the training to obey rules in any work setting and teacher should have this quality to manage his class in a disciplined way. This system of rules is very important to run any institute successfully. A good teacher always trains his student to obey rules in a disciplined way.Disciplinarian

Judge And Planner

The teacher also acts as a judge and planner for pupils. He teaches them to judge and analyze the situation and make plans to resolve any issue or difficulty. These best qualities can help you to manage the critical situations in an educational setting. If you want to become the best teacher you should learn these qualities.Judge And Planner


A teacher should be friendly with students. It is necessary because students work positively and efficiently in a friendly environment. It proves to be very effective in an educational setting. Positive attitude matters a lot for a friendly relation with the students.Friendly

If you are friendly with your student it means they can share their issues with you. It is a unique quality of any teacher that relaxes the minds of students and create positive work setting.

Communication Skills

Communication skills refer to the ability to convey feelings or ideas effectively in a disciplined way. These skills matter a lot in educational career. A teacher who cannot convey his ideas or lecture it means he does not have communication skills.Communication Skills

These skills are very important in any field of life. Communication skills also show your confidence and help you to convey your ideas that what you want to say. Students learn these skills from teachers. Pitch and clear sound matter a lot in these skills.

Communication may be verbal or nonverbal. Both of these are necessary for teaching. You can describe your communication skills in following ways.

  • Confidence.
  • Open mind.
  • Respect.
  • Empathy.
  • Friendliness.
  • Conscious and clarity.
  • Listening ability.
  • Nonverbal communication. Your body movement and eye contact.


Reinforcement leads to the quality of a teacher. Reinforcement is something that can increase a response towards any behavior.  It may be negative or positive. The best teacher always uses positive reinforcement to motivate pupils. Positive reinforcement refers to a reward for education or marks.Reinforcer

And negative reinforcement is a punishment to complete any task that relates to education. Negative reinforcement has bad impacts on psychological well being of a student. And positive reinforcement can motivate the students to do any task in a disciplined and optimistic way.

Reinforcement means a stimulus that can increase a response toward specific thing and teacher act as a reinforcer for the students.

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