Characteristics Of Learner In Psychology

Every student wants to grow up and develop interpersonal relationships, language skills, mental readiness, and maturity. They want to become emotionally strong and practical in life. Characteristics of learner are very important to gain success.

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Characteristics Of Learner In Psychology

Educational psychology promotes new methods to learn and teach in universities, colleges, and schools. It also deals with the nature of learning. Here at TryArticles, I have discussed the best characteristics of the learner.

Best Characteristics Of A Learner In Psychology

Educational psychology includes two files: education and psychology. It combines psychological knowledge with educational theories.

Many divisions are working on educational psychology to promote new methods of studies by several experiments. To know the best characteristics of a learner, read this article till the end.

Abilities Of Learner

Any necessary skill that is essential to perform any specific activity or act refers to the ability of a person. Such characteristics which show the sharpness of mind, competence, and skills of a person called abilities. These are the basic requirements that are necessary for the performance of individuals in any field of life.

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Abilities help to perform any task without learning and training. Learning can polish the abilities of individuals. We can say that the abilities of people are the synonym of their intelligence. Many abilities combine to form intelligence. It means that more a person can perform anything, more he is intelligent and sharp minded.Abilities Of Learner

Abilities of a learner also grow with his development. A child is more able to perform activities if he can read, learn, run, catch, throw, sing, jump and write. All these are abilities that can make a person more active. Performance can explain the abilities of the learner in a good way.

In educational psychology, you can judge the abilities of a person from his performance. These abilities can measure, polished and enhanced in the educational setting. The students who are more intelligent then others are more able to learn easily.

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Different kind of students may be present in the class. Most of them are average but dull and sharp students are also present in class. The intelligent students always remain ahead. The dull and slow learner does not show good performance.

The dull and intelligent students should be taught in separate classes from different teaching methods according to their mentality. It can help to enhance the abilities of the learner. Some educational psychologists are forced for this idea but others remain to disagree.

These psychologists say that slow learner becomes duller and do not compete if he is separated. It may be true or not. The basic quality of a learner is his ability to perform any task. In the psychological method of measurement and testing, different abilities of students can measure easily. Intelligence tests can measure the following abilities of the learner.

  • Verbal abilities.
  • Numerical abilities.
  • Spatial abilities of the learner.
  • The ability to recall something.
  • Reasoning ability.
  • Ability to repeat or memorize anything.

The students who do not utilize their abilities may fail in many fields of life and face several difficulties. A teacher can identify and polish the abilities of the learner in the best way. Educational psychology is working to develop and polish the abilities of a learner.

Its aim is to measure and enhance students role and performance. The students who study and do education with their abilities can perform better. The interest, aptitude, anxiety, conflicts, traits, and level of aspiration of a teacher are also very important in educational psychology. Learning situation and environmental factors are also considered important.

Interest Of Learner (Characteristics Of Learner)

In the learning process interest considered as powerful and dictator. It is a motivator for learners in education. The problems of inattentiveness can easily solve by the interest of the student in lessons. In Latin, the word “interest” means “ it concerns for anything” or “it matters”. So it concerns for learner and matters in educational psychology.

You can become an absorbed student with the help of interest. Interest is used as a motivating force to give attention to any person, thing or activity. It is a favorable attitude towards objects and determines the participation of learners.Interest Of Learner

Attention and interest are related to each other because both come before attention or it is a precondition. Educational activities can become joyful from interest. It has complexity. You can say that interest is the driving force for any achievement.

It is an inner condition of the mind that can force a person to favor anything with attention. It becomes a spotlight for the attention that illuminates your surrounding environment. Attention means to develop a consciousness for anything. Following four things are important to develop ideas from interest.

  • Good analysis.
  • Judgment.
  • Imagination.
  • Reasoning.

The inborn tendency of a person that forces him to do anything with the profession without any reward is called intrinsic motivation or natural interest. You don’t need to learn from anywhere if you have this inborn motivation. For example, the interest of the mother in her child and the bird’s interest in making a nest.

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The artist, writer, poet, player and professional people also have intrinsic motivation. The natural interest remains lifelong for a person. Changing in time or status does not matters to continue this natural interest. The types of interest are following.

  • Intrinsic.
  • Acquired.
  • Temporary.

Aptitude Of Learner (Characteristics Of Learner)

Aptitude refers to the abilities or skills that are important to achieve anything. It is the measurement of success of an individual in any field including job, school or games. In educational psychology, learners may choose for the subjects in which they show aptitude. Learners also have an aptitude for professional fields that include medical and engineering etc.Aptitude Of Learner

Motives Of Learner

Motive refers to the energy that forces a person to do anything or move. It also directs our behavior towards anything. Your motive can energize you to satisfy your needs. The accomplishment of specific requirements takes place from the motives.

These motives are the set of psychological forces that force an individual to fulfill his needs. Attention also caused by motives. A motivated person can show directed pattern of behaviors in any specific situation or time. In psychology, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation is very necessary to move a person. Motives have many types.Motives Of Learners

The word motive comes from the Latin word which means “to move”. Motive makes the behavior of a person more persistent and intense. It produces a response towards certain stimuli. It can also change your level of activity.

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