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Why Is My Child Failing At School? – All Possible Reasons

For parents, finding out that their child is failing at school is like a nightmare because having low grades at school means trouble getting into college and even after that.

Why Is My Child Failing At School

Failure is something which does not possess any single cause. Each student has unique abilities and has a separate case of failure hence their level of academic performance can be resolute by several factors.

In this article, we will describe different factors that why your child is failing at school, so to look at all the possible reasons, read the article till the end.

The Student’s Learning Difficulties

The Student's Learning Difficulties

Motivational and cognitive problems can cause the failure of your child at school. A high percentage of cases have been reported that the students are being failed at school due to their learning difficulties such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, or the problems with the student’s hearing or vision.

It is necessary to diagnose these causes as soon as possible, if present, so that your child could match up the pace with their peers. If you are unable to diagnose it or you do not give attention to this then it can stigmatize your child as “you are a nerd” or “studying is not for you”.

It is your responsibility to contacts at school and the school psychologist so you can diagnose any learning disability in your child if present. Moreover, low self-esteem and depression often occur during this age which can significantly affect the performance of your child.

Lack Of Motivation

Lack Of Motivation

Just like adults, children also need motivation which enables them to produce a work. If they are bored they would not want to make an effort and surely they would not take the classes attentively.

For instance, if your child I gifted with a very high IQ, he will often lose his interest in his classes, quickly. This is because his capacity is far ahead of the level of the rest of the class.

Faults In Our Education System

Faults In Our Education System

Almost more than seventy percent people believe that the education system has many faults as it does not exactly help several students to obtain better marks. One of the European Union countries Spain has the highest dropout rate of 24.9%.

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For the governments, reducing this high rate of failure in Spanish school has been a motive. Up to present day, several laws have been approved to improve the education system but none have proved to resolve the problem.

Moreover, formal education is a huge chain and in it each link is important. The teacher is one of the most important links as he is the person who has a wide knowledge of his subject and he can motivate his students and can easily involve his class.

He can also help the lazy students to catch up to the pace of the rest of the fellows and to increase their self-esteem.

Socio-Economic Causes

Socio-Economic Causes

Though there are no official studies which show a direct relationship between the performance of children and the socioeconomic status of the families.

But it is a fact that in many cases a lack of money to continue higher education or support at home does not give the children the best chance to meet their potentials and it may lead them to dropping out at an early age. Such groups of students are often directly dependent on public funding in education to acquire the best possible marks.

Due to the socioeconomic situation, your child may lack the motivation to continue higher education which can be a reason for your child’s failure at school. If there is no motivation in the purview to complete your child’s studies, the child may not find the point in studying.

Current Problems

Current Problems

Just like adults, children also have ups and downs in their lives. Any emotional period or any tragic event that has a negative effect on your child or the cases of harassment can also cause your child to fail at the school.

Sometimes they are just like little bumps in the road that are sorted out and these events are just passed with the period but sometimes they affect someone’s life very badly even his study is also affected. Especially in the cases of bullying, it is necessary for the parents and the teachers to detect it as soon as possible and take appropriate steps.

A lack of self-esteem, fear of failure and hesitation may have intense reasoning but the fact is that each student has a unique case and he needs more attention than others especially if he is going through a tough time.

What To Do If Your Child Is Failing At School?

What To Do If Your Child Is Failing At School

After knowing the possible reason why your child is failing at school, it is now your turn to hold the situation and get back your child’s life back on track. Talk to your child and the teacher of your child and figure out what has changed in the behavior of your child.

Once you get the possible reason, talk to your child peacefully and try to discuss why you think that he is failing and what you can do for him or her. Ask your child to cooperate with you, tell him that both of you need to be on the same page and try to help him or her on every step no matter what the problem underlying is.

Note: There can be other reason for the failure of your child, so try to figure it out and help your child to keep pace with other fellows.

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