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Chinese red envelope wedding: How to Make New Year Envelopes?

It’s a Chinese tradition that they celebrate their new year with Red envelopes. Red is a favorite color for Chinese, and they considered it that Red symbolizes good luck and ward off evil spirits. In this post, we will see the way to make beautiful Chinese new year envelopes.

Chinese New Year envelopes are one of the favorite Chinese traditions which everyone enjoys. In this tradition, elders give shiny red envelops to their young ones, young ones mean including children and unmarried adults.

How to Make Chinese New Year Envelopes?

In this envelope, the Chinese keep new coins or some cash and believed that it will bring luck in the coming year. The gift can be as small as a coin, or as big as a hefty cash amount. There are also some special Chinese letters of good luck written on the envelopes like lai see, hong pao etc. Read below for further details about Chinese new year celebrations.

Chinese New Year Money Envelope

Remember Red envelopes in China always contain money, and mostly given to kids from their elders like parents, grandparents, and others as Chinese New Year gifts.

Here many people ask that Why Chinese Give Red Envelopes? So the answer is, it is a symbol of love, energy good luck, and happiness for them. They love the Red color and use it in their celebration, they send red envelopes to send good wishes, money, and luck.

Chinese New Year Money Envelope

Important and significant part is a Red color, wrapping money in red envelopes is expected to show more happiness and blessings. As it is not possible to open a red envelope in front of the person who gives it to you.

In China, people called red envelope Yasui qian, which means ‘suppressing ghosts money’. People who received a red envelope wished another safe and peaceful year.

Giving money in the red packet is actually a way to share your blessings so if you are earning then start your experience of giving red envelopes. According to tradition, parents put red envelopes in their children’s pockets and in some rural areas, people give a red envelope to each child they meet during the New Year period.

Parents and close relatives even give red envelopes even when you get married as this is a symbol of love and sympathy from them.

Occasions for Red Envelopes

For Chinese their new year is a season of a red envelope, red envelopes are not only limited to Chinese New Year. Generally, it is common in China to give a red envelope during some special occasions, such as a wedding, graduation, the birthday etc.

Tips for Giving and Receiving a Red Envelope

Giving a Red Envelope:-

  1. It’s tradition to put crisp, new bills inside. In the week of a new year, people stand in long queues at banks to exchange old bills for new ones.
  2. They also make sure to avoid putting coins in the envelopes.
  3. As number 4 in Chinese considered symbol of bad luck and it means death for them, so they avoid to give amounts such as 40 yuan or 400 yuan.
  4. The Best way is to prepare Red envelopes in advance and to carry some envelopes during all 16 days of Chinese New Year.
  5. You can put different denominations in differently designed red envelopes.

Receiving a Red Envelope:-

Tips for Giving and Receiving a Red Envelope

  1. Remember! Receive your red envelope with both hands.
  2. After receiving a red envelope, you should express thanks and greet the giver with a pleasing.
  3. Another important thing that Never opens your red envelope in front of the person who just gave it to you.

Chinese red envelope wedding

You should give an envelope with money no lower than your share of the dinner party cost, and it should also be greater than the red pack you received from the same friend at your wedding.

Sign the red packet with your name and complete it with a romantic wish. The most popular ones are mentioned below:

早生贵子 zǎoshēng guìzǐ
“Wish you two will have children as early as possible”
(join in the parental pressure)

白头偕老 báitóuxiélǎo
“Wish your hair turns gray together”
(hold on, is this a wish or a curse?)

永浴爱河 yǒng yù àihé
“Wish you two bathe in the river of love forever”
(if you’re feeling more risqué)

Chinese red envelope symbols

  • Abundance
  • Joy and Prosperity
  • Blessings Blossom

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How To make Chinese New Year envelopes?

It is simple, easy and quick, so Follow these instructions to make Chinese New Year envelopes on your own:-

  • Red A4 size paper
  •  Scissors
  • Glue
  • Gold glitter


  • Fold the paper into half, form flaps then glue together to make the envelope.
  • After that turnover and trim the corners to form the pockets.
  • To make an overlapping flap Cut a stripe to close the envelope.
  • Apply glue on the side and bottom flaps
  • Write a message of good luck on the front part.
  • Apply glue on this message
  • Shake the envelope
  • Fill the envelope with the amount of money you want to give


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