Playing Love With My Kidnapper

Chloe Ayling Kidnapping: Famous model Chloe Ayling was kidnapped last year and kidnappers kept her for six days in Italy. People criticized her for being happy after her return to the UK, they were doubtful about her story which she explained to Victoria Derbyshire that how she escaped from the kidnappers and then how she has handled people’s criticism.

kidnapped model
  • The model was chained for two days to a chest of drawers, after that she convinced her to share a bed with a kidnapper, so only in this way she could escape from the situation.
  • The more we started talking, the more the bond was kind of forming and once I realized he was starting to like me, I knew I had to use that to my advantage,” Chloe says.
  • Ayling was from south London, she was only 20 years old, says she was lured to Milan on the promise of a photo shoot by Lukasz Herba, on last 30th July. But there she was injected with the high dose of drug ketamine, and then she was forced to strip.
  • Kidnapper kept her handcuffed; he put her in a large rectangular bag, which has handles and a shoulder belt or strap, which we usually use to keep our clothes and other personal stuff. They took her 120 miles away in the trunk of the car to the old farmhouse.
  • Miss Ayling said it was “horrendous” when she arrived at the old farmhouse, and Herba said that they will sell Ayling as a sex slave unless she found 300,000 euros.
kidnapper Herba
  • But she was injected with the drug ketamine, stripped, handcuffed, stuffed in a holdall bag, driven 120 miles (193km) in the boot of a car to a remote farmhouse.
  • Ms. Ayling says it was “horrendous” when she arrived at the house and Herba said she would be sold as a sex slave unless she found 300,000 euros (£265,000).
  • “I thought what he was saying was all true and I didn’t doubt him for a second because he was so detailed in responses to my questions,” she says. He also asked her, that if we can have a relationship. He asked her if he could kiss her.
  • “I thought this is my chance to get out,” Mis Ayling says.
  • “Once I saw his reaction to what I was saying that things could happen in the future – he was acting excited and really looking forward to it and always talking about it – it was that response that made me realize I needed to keep doing that.”
Chloe Ayling interview
  • When the kidnapper gets to know that the amount he wanted was not going to be paid, after realizing this, he released her and took her in the car to the British consulate in Milan.
  • In the meantime they were waiting for British consulate to open, some people reported that they have seen them both together laughing with each other and cracking jokes.
  • It was strange to people, Ayling says, “but why would you be ‘offish’ with the person who is starting to have feelings for you and is relying on that to release you? “I had to do everything I could to make him fall in love with me.”
  • Herba was jailed in last June for 16 years and nine months.
  • In his defense, Kidnapper said he had previously met Ayling and had fallen in love with her. He claimed he wanted to create a scandal to help her career by creating extra publicity.
  • “I still don’t fully understand his motivation,” she says. “It can’t just be money as of why [pick] I and he added me on Facebook two years ago, it’s like he’s been stalking me for that long so it must be an obsession as well.”
  • After her return to the UK, Ayling spoke to TV reporters about the incident. Some people criticized her for being so happy; they also criticized her on her clothes which she was wearing.
  • “I was just being me. I went to the reporters because I thought that would make them go away, but it didn’t really work,” she said.
  • “People expect me to be crying all the time and shutting myself off from the world, not facing any cameras. I could have chosen to do that but I thought how is that going to help me recover. By talking about it, by being around people was my way of getting over it and moving on.”
  • Ayling wrote a book about all the incident and criticism, she quoted “Once they’ve realized someone is controversial they just try and dig deeper and deeper and try and make people hate that person even more as that’s what will get the views.
  • “It is hurtful because I didn’t expect to go through something so bad and be disbelieved by your own country.”


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