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How to Choose a Good Friend?

You have heard a famous quote about friends that “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. This builds an understanding that a true friend never leaves you in the hour of need. Good Friend always stands with you in both good and bad times of your life. A true friend never expects the same in response they just help you as a good human being. True friends are like a family. In our life, we grew up with a lot of people but few sticks in our mind.GOOD FRIENDS

So, it is up to you how you choose your good friend. On tape daily, we will help you out that how to choose a Good Friend.

Ways of Choosing a Good Friend

  • There are many stages of life from which a child passes in our society; childhood, school, college, university, office. In these stages, many people come to you but only a few become part of your life as a memory. As we grow up we start choosing our friends very carefully and be very cautious about them. When we move forward we leave behind our circle of friends and make new ones. These friends show our mentality and character.


  • A good friend is one who always seems to listen and observe your thoughts. They seem to understand your every act. They will never try to break your trust and always respect your sentiment.  Friends will point out your mistakes and try to make it right by convincing you. They will try to polish the abilities and skills you got to make you a strong person. They will never punch you down by enhancing your weakness instead they would try to remove it. Friend will tell you the ways how you can enhance your personality.


  • A good friend is keen to look at your emotions and feelings and never try to overcome your opinion. He is always there to hear you. A good friend is very keen to see what is going on in your life and always wants to talk about it. He may be of some help to solve your problems. He feels very excited and developed after discussion with you.
  • A good friend always keeps your secret to his heart. He will never tell your personal feeling to anyone. Having this type of people in your circle you feel very blessed and safe. These are some important qualities which you should look while selecting a friend.
  • If you are going to choose a good friend you should see whether he is honest and sincere to you or not. He will never betray your feelings and emotions. He won’t mention your failures and always helps to improve your goals. He will stand at your side at the time of success and be a good friend to you. A good friend should be a figure of inspiration of you. Friend influences each other but a good friend always has a space for you so that you can grow morally.


  • An alternate way to choose a good friend is to take help from the past experience of friendships. If your experience of choosing a particular type of friends is not good then stay away from them. You should keep in mind the conclusions of the previous friendships. If you find these qualities in someone then you should ask him to be your friend.


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