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How To Choose A Musical Instrument For Your Child?

Nothing can be a better addition than playing a musical instrument to a person’s life. The ability to play the musical instruments is an indeed amazing thing. Children are by nature very creative and curious. If they are taught music at this age they can learn it quickly and can produce amazing compositions afterward.

 A Musical Instrument For Your Child

It has been seen that the most experts started practicing from early childhood. Even if your child does not end up becoming a professional player, playing music can be helpful in improving academic and physical and social skills.

Playing musical instruments requires practice and skill therefore in this article, we will describe, how to help your child choose an instrument, so to know more, read the article till the end.

Consider Your Child’s Age

Consider Your Child's Age

The age of your child plays an important role in selecting the instrument he/she can learn to play. Health and physical strength of your child are crucial in the selection of the instrument, which are automatically brought by the age.

Note: Though children can learn music at an early age but they can play musical instruments only when they possess a certain height and physical strength to hold the instrument.

Consider The Physical Strength Of Your Child

Consider The Physical Strength Of Your Child

Instruments like cello and the harp are bulky and heavy, such musical instruments require physical strength to play, hold and to transport them.

Not just physical strength, children even need to maintain a proper posture, for instance, drummers have to play with proper posture, and otherwise, they may endure shoulder, back and neck injuries.

Consider The Height Of Your Child & The Size Of Instrument

Consider The Height Of Your Child & The Size Of Instrument

The height of your child is also an important factor to be considered before selecting an instrument. Children can play some specific instruments only when they reach a specific level of height. For example, to manage all the notes of a trombone, your child needs to be tall enough to do so.

Fortunately, today musical instruments come in all sizes, so now your child can choose the right size according to his height and start learning. But this also means you will have to keep investing in the right size of the instrument as the height of your child increases with the age.

Oral Features Of Your Child

Oral Features Of Your Child

Oral features are also one of the important factors to be considered before selecting a musical instrument for your child. If a child has braces or he will get the braces soon, this thing can highly influence the fact that which instrument will he can play and which he cannot.

The ability to play clarinets and saxophones of your child will not be restrained by braces that much. He can face difficulty playing the flute initially but can overcome it successfully afterwards.

But the braces are not as compatible with the instruments like the trumpet and French horn baritone instruments like the tuba.

Consider Personality Of Your Child

Consider Personality Of Your Child

While choosing a musical instrument, your child’s personality also plays an important role. An extrovert child who does not mind being in the limelight may be happier playing the violin, flute, trumpet or electric guitar.

On the contrary, an introvert, contemplative and a reserved child may find happiness and comfort in playing piano at the backstage.

Consider Your Financial Aspects

Consider Your Financial Aspects

After deciding the instrument which is best for your child to learn, next, you need to give attention to your financial aspects too. This is because musical instruments are usually costly and there will be cost involved in the music education for your child too.

Besides, instruments need to be maintained, repaired and tuned from time to time, which will require money as well. The learning lesson of your child will continue for several years, so you should stay prepared for making this investment

Some Instruments And Your Child’s Traits

Here is a list of some musical instruments and what best characteristics a child may need to play them:

Physical Strength Of Your Child

  • Flute: Suits best to introvert and shy children who enjoy their privacy.
  • Clarinet: Best for sociable, alert and bright children who love to follow several hobbies and interests at a certain time.
  • Saxophone: Best for kids who are often tagged as absent minded and dull. This instrument let the free to improvise, which is an enjoyable trait for well-balanced, happy kids.
  • Oboe: This is often played by intelligent but socially awkward child.
  • Bassoon: This is ideal for children who have a good sense of humor.
  • Trumpet: Suitable for child who is ambitious, aggressive, and dominant.
  • Baritone horn: Appeals for gentle and peaceful children who do not shy being in the center of the stage.
  • French horn:  Appeals for children who are intense, hardworking, and persistent and who want to be a part of smaller groups.
  • Trombone: Suitable for artistic, sociable, and sensitive children who want to feel that they are composing the music themselves.
  • Violin: Best for well-behaved children who like contributing to a group sound.
  • Cello: It is best for children who have long fingers and big hands, also, the children who do not want to be in the center of attraction, but demand respect from others.
  • Drums: Appeals for the hyperactive, nervous restless, irritable and tense children who want peace and satisfaction in their life. This drum can also be great for children who are frustrated for some reasons.
  • Piano: This instrument is ideal for intelligent, conscientious, and quiet children who are patient enough to practice it for years. This is because piano is usually a solo instrument and it requires a lots of practice and a child who loves to be in a company may not like it.
  • Guitar: This is very comforting for acquisitive or possessive children acoustic, bass or electric guitar both can work better.

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