How To Choose A Vacuum Cleaner?

Cleaning of a house or even a single room is quite a difficult job. But if you have a vacuum cleaner, this may become easier to do. However, choosing an appropriate vacuum cleaner needs a certain level of prudence. Amongst so many types and models of vacuum cleaners, offered for sale, you have to choose the one that suits your demand, the best.

Choosing The Vacuum Cleaner

Here we will suggest you some useful tips on How to Choose a Vacuum Cleaner

What Is A Vacuum Cleaner?

This is a commonly used home appliance that cleans the floor of any type and the carpets. It has a strong suction ability that helps pick all dirt, dust and small pieces of trash from the floor or the carpets. It normally comprises of a suction machine, a drum or bag, long suction tube and a handle to control it. It may also have wheels, depending on its type.

The function of this machine is to suck and store the dust, dirt or any other small pieces of trash from the floor and store it temporarily in the suction bag or drum for onward disposal. It normally utilizes around 1500 to 2000 watts of electric power. However, its capacity is measured by its suction power.

Due to its heavy sucking power, it also creates noise, which is quite disturbing. It is therefore also an important point that needs to be considered while selecting a right vacuum cleaner for you. The noise or sound wave is measured as frequency and the amplitude and the symbol used to denominate it is Decibels (dBA).

what is a Vacuum Cleaner

Remember that any noise more than 85 dBA may result in hearing diseases and a sound more than 100 dBA continuously for 30 minutes may result in permanent hearing damage. So prefer a vacuum cleaner creating noise less than 65 dBA.

Apart from these technical issues, the choice of a correct vacuum cleaner depends on the usage, i.e. where or on what surface it is going to be used, such as a simple floor, a floor with tiles fixed on, a wooden floor, a floor with glazed tiles and various types of Carpet Floorings. Every manufacturer offers different types and capacities of vacuum cleaner for different types of floors. There are some specialized vacuum cleaners that are required for a specific job.

Types Of Vacuum Cleaners

There are many types of vacuum cleaner available in the market, out of which you have to select the best for your requirements. Let us help you do that.

The Normal Or Everyday Vacuum Cleaner

This is the most common vacuum cleaner, consisting of tube and dirtbag (both are removable for ease of work). At the end of the suction tube, you may attach an appropriate nozzle. There are so many types of nozzles that can be attached to this cleaner.

A brush type nozzle can also be attached that helps pick up dirt and dust and also cleans the surface due to brushy nature. This is best for normal cleaning of almost every part of your house. You may select one, amongst an affordable price range.

Canister Type Of Vacuum Cleaner

This type of vacuum cleaners are quite easier to handle due to its lightweight. These are useful for cleaning uneven surfaces as well, such as the stairs and such a surface or corner, where normal cleaner may not reach.

In this type of vacuum cleaner, the nozzle is attached at the last end of a rod that is connected to the vacuum by the hose. Wheels are placed on the base that makes it easier to carry with you while cleaning. These are more powerful.

Types Of Vacuum Cleaner

Broom Type Of Vacuum Cleaner

this type of vacuum cleaners have a broom like a shape. It is also a lightweight vacuum cleaner. The best part of this type of vacuum cleaners is that it can be operated without a permanent electricity connection; it works on batteries, though it makes it less powerful.

Ideal for using in remote corners of your house, where you won’t be able to carry a relatively larger vacuum cleaner with long hanging electricity wires and cables. You may select one out of the wide range of broom cleaners as per your requirements.

Robot Type Of Vacuum Cleaners

With the use of latest technologies, the manufacturers have introduced a robot type vacuum cleaner, capable of cleaning your floors as per your instructions and requirement. Just place it on the floor and switch it on, the rest will be done by itself. However, at this stage, this type of vacuum cleaner is unable to pick entire dirt from your floor. Moreover, it is of relatively lower power.

Let’s hope, with continued research and development, soon we may see an improved version of this type of vacuum cleaner with better options.


  • Some vacuum cleaners come with filters. You may opt for that if you have a dust allergy problem.
  • Select the length of electricity wire/cable depending on your usage. If you have power connections available in all parts of your home, it is better to have a shorter electricity cable, as it is easier to handle.
  • If you have to move around the cleaner in a large area, you may opt for wheels that make movement easier.
  • Never forget to consider the noise level. A noisier vacuum cleaner may be an annoyance for you and your family.

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