How To Choose The Right Cricket Shoes For Me?

If you want to play cricket, whatever level it may be, the basic requirement is your cricket kit. Among many items in your cricket kit, such as a bat, a ball, batting gloves and a helmet or cap, the most important thing is your shoes. Well, the shoes are of different types when it comes to the use; whether you want a pair of shoes for batting or for bowling or for fielding or wicket keeping. These days, manufacturers offer specialized shoes for each task.


In older days, there was used to be only one type of cricket, the Test Cricket. Accordingly, the shoes were also simple white colored. But now, the scenario is changed. Now you play different games of cricket at different levels, such as Test, ODIs, T-20s and League Cricket. Apart from Test Cricket, players wear different colored uniforms; hence the shoes are also of different colors, depending upon the color scheme of your team. Let us explore what type of shoes are correct for you.

Parts Of A Shoes

Shoes have following parts, which are:

  • Out-sole
  • Upper
  • Sock Liner
  • Midsole
  • Heel
  • Torsion Bar
  • Lasting

Types Of Shoes Depending On Outsole Of Shoes

When it comes to the outsole of the shoes, cricketing shoes are mainly of two types, whatever the color may be, one is the batting shoes and the other is bowling shoes.

Types Of shoes

  • Batting Shoes – Batting shoes normally carry spikes on the front portion of the sole. These are also called as the half-spiked batting shoes. Due to spikes only on the front portion of the sole, these are helpful for free and fast movement of feet.
  • Bowling Shoes – These shoes are specially made for the bowlers that carry spikes on the entire sole, thus providing effective grip of feet on the ground, which is very helpful for bowlers. Recently, the manufacturers have introduced something very special in the bowler’s shoes. The front of the shoes has a hole in it, through which the toe of the foot comes out when the bowler lands his foot on the ground, thus avoiding stress on it, ultimately preventing injury.

Going further, shoes are categorized as the one meant for playing on the hard surface and the other for soft surfaces.

  • Rubber Studded Shoes – When you are to play on the grounds, having the hard surface, rubber studded shoes should be worn by you. Due to rubber studs on the entire sole, the movement is a lot easier for you on hard surfaces.
  • Spiked Shoes – The shoes having spikes on the sole are suitable if you are going to play on grounds having relatively softer surfaces. Due to spikes on the sole, foot is firmly gripped on the ground.


So, while selecting shoes for you, consider both the factors, i.e. type of surface you are going to play on and nature of your play, i.e. batting or bowling.

While shoes are mainly categorized depending on the out-sole, other parts of the shoes are also equally important. Due consideration must be given to these parts as well before you select right shoes for you.

  • Upper – The part of shoes which covers the entire foot is called the Upper. Therefore, this part should be of soft, comfortable and flexible material. It should also have the ventilation, the much-required thing for your feet. The upper comes with the low cut for batting and high or mid cut for bowling, so as to provide support to the ankle of the bowler.
  • Sock Liner – This part of shoes has a direct contact with the foot sole, the one on which foot is rested. Therefore, the comfort of your foot is directly related to the sock-liner; choose the one having reasonable cushioning. Sock liner also comes in replaceable form, so you can replace as per your requirement.

  • Mid Sole – Mid sole of shoes is situated between the out and in the sole to provide shock absorption. Mid Sole made up of harder material is meant for providing extra support to the feet. Mid sole made up of relatively softer material is meant for shock resistance and comfort to your feet.
  • Heel – Heel of shoes is one very important part, as it is meant for providing security to your feet. Secured type of heel is for bowlers and the comfortable heel is for batsmen.
  • Torsion Bar – Also known as Trusstic System. This is partly responsible for providing stability through reduction of torsion in the midsole and the outsole. This is also responsible to prevent the foot from any possible injury while running.
  • Lasting – Shoes comes with different types of lasting; to fit as per the pronation type of a foot. There are three types of lasting, the Combination Lasting, the Slip and the broad type of lasting. Choose one according to your feet’s pronation type.

Size Of Shoes

Last but very important consideration before selecting the right shoes for you, is the size. Shoes must fit comfortably on your foot, neither too loose nor too tight. Try to have a walk and short run while putting on the shoes; this will help you a lot to select the correct size.

size of cricket shoes

Apart from all above considerations, always try to buy a reputed brand of shoes, such as Adidas, Gunn & Moore and Kookaburra. After all,  these are your feet which have to suffer, if you buy inferior quality shoes.

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