Choosing The Right Child Car Seat For Maximum Safety

Child Car Seat, more commonly known as children safety seat, is a regulatory requirement in most of the Countries across the world, especially in Europe and America. Child seat is also known as infant safety seat, baby seat or restraining car seat.

Whatever may be its name, its prime function is to protect the children against any possible threat of injury in case the car meets an accident. Though some car manufacturers provide such seats along with the new car but most commonly the user has to buy one and get it installed in his car depending on his / her requirement.

child car seat

Since the invention of cars in early 1900s, no such child safety seats were introduced. In 1930s first child seat was manufactured but its purpose was not the safety of child; it was rather a booster seat aimed at enabling the driver to see his child.

In the year 1962, first real child safety seat was introduced by a British Engineer. This was a rear facing seat. In the same year, an American Engineer introduced a forward facing child protection seat with metal frame.

Since then, the children safety seats are an essential component in most of Countries. Over the years, it has been improved considerably ensuring perfect child safety.

However, what type of seat is required for your child is an important question which you may come across so often. In this article, we will provide you all the necessary information required for you in choosing the right child car seat for maximum safety of your child.

Child Safety Seat

A child safety or baby safety seat is manufactured primarily for safety of children against the possible threat of death or injury in case of car collision but comfort of children while using this seat is also an important factor. Basically the essential components of a safety seat for children are as under:

Child Safety Seat
  • Air bag.
  • Harnessing slots (normally 3 sets).
  • Harness clip for chest.
  • Harness system which holds the child at shoulders, groin and hips.
  • Harness release button.
  • Belt path.
  • Harness release mechanism.
  • Pull Strap for tightening the harness.
  • Soft cushioning all around the seat, including backside for comfort of child.
  • Anchors for holding the seat compactly with the car.
Child safety seats are generally manufactured with an expiry date of six years. Make sure to replace the safety seat within that expiration.

This type of safety seat is required for the children up to the age of two or more years, mainly depending on the height of the children. Next category of such seats is known as Booster seats which is used for grown up children till such time they attain a height where they can use the normal seat belts.

Normally when a child is 4 feet 9 inches in height, they can use the normal seat belts and no more require the child safety or booster seats.

Just like the motorcycle helmet, child safety seats are manufactured for one crash event, which means that it has to be replaced in the event of a car collision, as it can no more guarantee safety of your child after that.

Categories Or Classification

There are different types of safety seats for children depending on their age, weight and height. Remember, the selection of right seat for your child mainly depends on his or her height. If a child is tall enough to use the normal seat belt, whatever his age may be, he should stop using the child safety seat.

The best place for fastening the child safety seat is the center of the back seat, instead of fastening it on either of the side.

Generally, the child safety seats are classified into four major groups, from 0 to 3.

child car seat groups

Group 0

This is meant for the infants. It is also referred to as baby carrycots. Here the carrycot or the group 0 baby safety seat holds your child while he is lying on his back. Group 0 seats are meant for the babies of up to 10 kg of weight or for an age group of up to 15 months.

Sometimes manufacturers also provide a Group 0+ category of infant seats, which is permanently fixed with the car using the normal seat belt. This type of seat is recommended for infants up to 13 kg of weight or up to an age of 15 months

Group 1

Next category of baby safety seats is Group 1, which is permanently fixed with the back car seat using the normal seat belt. It is a rear facing fixture but can also be used for forward facing. Recommended for children of 9 kg to 18 kg of weight. Can be used for children of age group of 9 months to 4 years, depending on the height of the child.

Experts strongly recommend that children should sit rear facing to ensure their safety.

Group 2

In this group, seats are comparatively larger than those in group 1. It uses normal seat belts to hold the babies in correct position. These are forward facing seats but can also be used as rear facing. Recommended for the children having weight between 15 to 25 kilograms and for the age group of 4-6 years. However height of the child is also to be considered.

Group 3

More often this category is similar to the Booster Seats. So, it provides height to the child enabling him to use the normal seat belt in its correct position. It is a forward facing seat, recommended for children having weight between 22 to 36 kilograms. It can be used for the children up to an age of 10 years but again height of the child is more important.

Booster Seats

Booster seats are required for the children who are not tall enough to correctly use the adult’s seat belt. So, this seat just lifts the child up to a he

These come in two different types, the booster without a high back and a booster with high back. You can select one according to the liking of your kid.

Whatever may be age or weight of your child, when he attains a height of 4 feet 9 inches, stop using child safety seat for him.
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