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How To Make Cinnamon Tea? Cinnamon Tea Benefits

Cinnamon tea is a simple and beneficial drink. It has a lot of health benefits and also a few side effects. It is a very light drink and is delicious. Cinnamon is actually considered a spice. Adding this in your tea gives a spicy taste to your tea.

cinnamon tea

There are many health benefits of this tea. You will get to know once you start taking it regularly. It helps in reducing weight, cure chronic diseases, improves cognitive function. It also balances the cholesterol level and blood sugar, strengthens the immune system, etc.

How To Make Cinnamon Tea?

Cinnamon is an herb, extracted from the bark of Cinnamomum tree. It usually comes in the form of cinnamon sticks. It is also found in the powdered form in tea bags. You simply dip the tea bag in hot water and soak it a few times. Your instant cinnamon tea is ready to drink.

how to make cinnamon tea

This can also be made by using cinnamon powder and cinnamon extract. It can also be made by many varieties of cinnamon that comes in the market. The cinnamon tree is native to Sri Lanka. Only the inner bark of this tree comes for the making of Cinnamon tea.

Health Benefits Of Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon Tea has the following benefits:

Reducing Weight

This tea helps you in reducing weight and lets your body store fewer fats. It also helps in balancing the blood sugar in your body. Having a balanced level of sugar in your blood helps in weight control. You will only need to drink one to two cups per day.

Cholesterol Level

Cinnamon is believed to be effective for maintaining the cholesterol level in your body. It helps in reducing the concentration of the lipid and glycemia in your body. It also reduces the chances of heart attack or a stroke. It is also effective for chronic diseases and lowers the chances of atherosclerosis.

Strengthen Immune System

Cinnamon contains a big amount of components like antifungal, antiseptic and antiviral effects. Due to these components, cinnamon tea is considered as the best drink for strengthening your immune system. It is also very beneficial for your all the stomach diseases.

Cinnamon Cures Chronic Diseases

It contains antioxidants like cinnamaldehyde, cyanide, and catechins. These oxidants neutralize free radicals, helps in boosting metabolism. They also prevent oxidative stress in your body. It means that cinnamon tea has a preventive effect on chronic diseases.

Cinnamon Tea Improves Cognitive Functions

Cinnamon has many advantages for your body as well as your mind. It helps in boosting the cognitive functions, focus and concentration. It also helps is the growth of neural ways. It is also effective for the treatment of Alzheimer’s and other neural problems.

Cures Inflammation

Inflammation can be of many types. It can be irritation and itchiness on the skin or in the lungs. It can also cause pains and aches in the muscles and joints. Cinnamon tea is believed to be very effective in case of inflammation in your body. It is the most soothing remedy.

Cinnamon Tea Treats Menstrual Cramps

Some women face severe menstrual cramps and are desperate to find any reliable remedy that is suitable for their hormones as well. Cinnamon tea is considered to be the best option in this condition. It reduces pain and the severity of the period if you have the heavier flow.

Side Effects Of Cinnamon Tea

Excess of everything is bad. Although cinnamon tea is considered to be safe if it is consumed in a limited amount. The large amount of it will result in mouth ulcers and throat infection. So it must be consumed in a limited amount.

side effects

It may react with some of your medicines. If you take medicines for blood sugar, heart disease or diabetes, etc then you must consult your doctor first. You should not drink it if you are a liver patient and you take medicines for it.

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