How to Dress for a Civil Wedding – Ideas for Guests

When we talk about the upcoming trends, related to wedding and parties. Alongside with the changing trend in parties, we have also seen a momentous change of trend in the weddings as well. If we talk about the changing trends in the wedding then dress code is supposed to be the crucial part when you are going to a wedding. It varies from civil wedding to religious wedding. So, we’ll talk about how to dress for a civil Wedding.

How to Dress for a Civil Wedding

It would have become very confusing for you if you have to go to a civil wedding and you want to what you should be wearing. The dress codes of a civil wedding have been changing much these days. Previously we used to know that in religious weddings people used to wear more of the formal dresses as compared to the civil wedding. In this article, we will help you solve your problem of what to wear to a civil wedding.

We will briefly discuss on how to dress for a civil wedding, which will cover all the possible aspects including the civil wedding dress colors, dress according to the times of the wedding ceremony whether it’s a countryside wedding or a beachside ceremony along with both men’s and women’s wear.

Colors to Wear on a Civil Wedding

When it comes to which color you should be wearing on a civil wedding, then it’s a very obvious thing that you must know. If you are invited to a civil wedding then there are some of the colors which should be avoided for some good reasons. You should know that the color selection of your dress in a civil wedding really matters. So, you should never wear the white dress in a civil wedding.

Colors to Wear on a Civil Wedding

It has to be done in respect of the bride, as white color is meant for the bride so that she could stand out. One of the other color which you should not be wearing is Black. This is to be done because black color is supposed to be the color of sorrow and grief in the western countries. In case you are thinking of going with the black suit to blend in with the black of the groom then it could be bearable but use some other colors along with that for shoes & tie.

Dress Designs for a Daylight Civil Wedding

Dress Designs for a Daylight Civil Wedding

Now we will talk about what you should be choosing for your dress on a ceremony if you are attending a civil wedding in a daytime. It also impacts you dressing sense on what to wear and what not to. You should be wearing the outfit which would be more comfortable and easy going as compared to that you would wear on the evening ceremony. But you should know the dress code and theme of the ceremony.

Women’s Clothing

Women’s Clothing

When we discuss the daylight dress which women should be preferred to be wearing half formal dress with some grace. The typical half formal clothing which you should be wearing on a daytime wedding would be the cocktail dress. This dress could be either covering the knee or just below the knee. Your outfit would be the one which perfectly fits you.

Choosing Some Decorated Dresses

If you will with some decorated dresses on a civil wedding at a daytime then it would look more elegant.  You should never choose to try out something out of the box which could be bold. It is due to the reason that the bride should be in the spotlight of the ceremony. You could add-on much to your look by giving a nicer touch to your hair which will look amazing with half formal dress.

Choosing Some Decorated Dresses

In order to be more comfortable, you can go with a jumpsuit. As we are talking about the daytime wedding ceremonies then it should be noted that wearing some light colors would be the best option for you. You can also use the matching top with a long chiffon trouser, you can add knick-knacks.

Men’s Clothing

When we have to choose some outfit for men’s clothing then it becomes more difficult. As there are much fewer choices for men to go to a civil wedding. Almost all the men use the suits, but you can turn down the seriousness of a suit if you don’t wear the blazer of the same color. You should rather choose by merging two colors.

Men’s Clothing

Attending a ceremony in the daytime, then you must be going out with some lite color suit. In place of wearing a tie which becomes more formal use a bowtie. Using some good accessories will add much to your look.

Designs to Choose for Evening Civil Wedding

Designs to Choose for Evening Civil Wedding

If you are on your way to the ceremony of a wedding which is supposed to hold at the evening time, then you must dress a little more formal. Even if it is held in the night although then you will do the same. Keeping in mind that the center of attention is kept being on the groom and bride.

Women’s outfit for Evening Wedding ceremony

After that now we are talking about how to choose an outfit if you are a woman and want to look outstanding in the event. Then we will guide you to pick a long maxi. You can also select some dull color dress of some expensive fabrics like silk & satin. This will add to your figure, but keep in mind that never choose something extra tight or which is more revealing.

Women’s outfit for Evening Wedding ceremony

It has to be done because the evening and night wedding ceremonies are supposed to last for many hours and it might get you uncomfortable. You should also keep an eye on your comfort.

Men’s Outfit for Evening Civil Wedding Event

Men’s Outfit for Evening Wedding Event

Again, now we are up to men’s outfit for a ceremony which is held in the noon, then you should probably think of the suit with a tie. Yet we know that it would be good but what you have to do is make a combination of the different color of trouser and blazer with some other color. If you want to try out something more different then wear the velvet made blazer followed by nice trouser.

Use of Accessories & Different Hairstyles For Civil Wedding

Finally, when it comes to giving the final touch to your look when you will be attending a civil wedding then you must make a good use of accessories. You can use some good hats according to where the event is held if it is beachside then wear light fabric dress with a picture hat. The dress color would be a light one.

Use of Accessories & Different Hairstyles

For men, it is a good time to use their wrist watches along with some leather bracelets. If you have long hair then you should be choosing the braided updo hairstyle to look more elegant. It will make you look more formal.

I hope you find my article helpful if you have any further queries you can mention in the comment section down below, I’ll be humble to help you out. For other related articles, you can visit

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