How to Clean a White Handbag?

Cleaning of white handbag is a very critical task, If you deliberately stained your favorite white handbag with tough stains of ink or dirt then they should be removed immediately. If the stain is fresh and recent then you need to act as fast as possible to remove it and if it is dry then we will tell you some effective and efficient tips for removing it. As we all know white handbag needs a lot of care and protection because it gets dirty very soon.

cleaning of white handbags

So you should protect it from getting tough stains of ink and many others. If your white handbag got tough stain then we will tell you some simple and easy tips to brighten its color and to bring it back to its original color. So here on, we are providing you some many easy and effective tips on How to clean a White handbag without damaging it.

Things required for cleaning of a white handbag

  • Water
  • Bleach
  • Towel
  • Rubber gloves
  • Nonalcoholic face wipes
  • Makeup remover solution or cream
  • Soft cotton clothes

Steps to follow for cleaning of a white handbag

  • White handbag looks very elegant but at the same time needs the care to maintain its color and look. So before starting to clean your white handbag you should remove all the things from it, empty it properly by checking all the zips. Now close all the zips properly so that no solution should enter in the bag. Perform this method very keenly and carefully without damaging your white handbag.

white bag needs care protection

  • After removing all the things from the handbag, now put your bag on a towel to save the place on which you have placed your bag. After that, take one cup of hot water; put one-third part of bleach in it. Before using bleach we will recommend you to wear rubber gloves because bleach can cause harm and irritation to the sensitive human skins.

use bleach & water solution

  • Now soak the soft cotton cloth in this prepared solution of bleach and water, wring the cloth properly and then start dabbing the stain with the help of the cotton cloth. Before using it on stain you must try it on a hidden part of the bag to check as if is it causing damage or fading the bag’s color or not.
  • If it is not fading the bag’s color then gently dab the cloth on the stain, this process will help you to get rid of all the traces of marks from your white handbag.
  • Bleach and water solution is very effective on handbags made up of leather with no finishes. If your bag is not made up of leather then we will suggest you use mild liquid detergent solution with water in the same way as you are using bleach. For this, prepare a solution of Luke warm water and liquid detergent, soak a cotton cloth in it, wring it and then dab on the stains of the bag to remove them.
  • After following all the steps mentioned- above, take dry and soft cotton cloth and wipe your bag using it. In the end, use a professional leather protector on the bag to regain its original look and shine.
  • If your white handbag is having little dirt spots then we will suggest you use makeup remover solution or non-alcoholic wipes. Just rub the stained area with wipes or makeup remover cream, leave it for few minutes on the stain to absorb them, and then by using soft and dry cotton cloth clean your bag. You will notice that all the dirt and dust spots are gone and the bag will look like a new one.

use non alcoholic wipes

  • If you deliberately stained your white handbag with ink stains then you can use nail color remover for removing the stains. For this dip cotton ball in the nail color remover and then dab it on the stained part until it disappears completely. This method is one of the most effective and simple methods for removing ink stains from a white handbag.

Points to remember while cleaning of a white handbag

  • Always wear rubber gloves before using any of bleaches. Bleach can cause harm to your skin.

always wear gloves before using bleach

  • Before applying anything on the bag, test it on the hidden part of the bag first.
  • Some people do not feel confident about cleaning their bags, so you can take your stained bags to professional cleaners.

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