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How To Clean Leather Boots?

Cleaning of leather boots is very important to keep them in good condition. Leather boots need special care and protection to keep the originality and shine of leather boots like a new one. Daily cleaning is also very important which includes daily wiping off the dust and dirt from shoes with a soft cotton cloth. You can also remove the dust and dirt from your leather shoes with a special leather shoe brush.

Cleaning of leather boots

This is daily cleaning but when it comes to deep cleaning of your leather boots then you need to buy special leather shoe polish which you can get from any nearby market or superstore at low cost. After polishing your leather boots clean them thoroughly with a piece of a newspaper it will enhance the shine of the shoe. It is important to clean your leather boots with effective cleaning products for long-lasting shine and to increase the life of your leather boots.

So, here on, we are providing you some special steps and techniques on How to clean leather boots without damaging them.

Things required for cleaning leather boots

  • Newspaper
  • Soft cotton cloth
  • Liquid detergent soap
  • Brush for leather shoes
  • Lukewarm water
  • Small soft towel
  • Shoe polish for leather

Steps to follow for cleaning leather boots

  • As we all know leather shoes are not very cheap if it is pure leather otherwise there are many types of leather like faux leather and many others which are not really expensive as compared to pure leather. So if your leather shoes are very expensive than its cleaning must be very important for keeping your leather boots in good condition to increase its lives period.

Use leather brush for cleaning

  • So, firstly cleaning includes removing all the dust and dirt from shoes. Always remove dust and dirt from your leather boots after every use, this method will help your leather boots not to build a tough layer of dust and dirt on them. Daily cleaning will also make thorough cleaning easier. To remove dust from your leather boots with any soft cotton cloth or with a shoe brush which is meant for cleaning leather.

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  • If you want deep cleaning of your leather boots then prepare a solution of warm water and liquid detergent soap. Dip a soft cotton cloth in the prepared solution, wring it well and then start cleaning the outer side of the shoe with gentle motions. Clean the whole boot properly with the soft cotton cloth and remove all the tough stains with it.
  • Now take another cotton cloth, soak it in plain warm water, wring it well and start wiping the boot again to remove all the traces of liquid soap from the boot. Finally, dry the shoe with the help of small soft towel to retain its shine and originality.

Leather boots need extra care

  • If your leather boots contain some tough stains then you can apply another method which includes rubbing the shoe with salt. For this method take a little amount of salt, put it on shoe surface and gently rub it with the help of the soft cotton cloth. You will notice that the stains are gone but some marks of salt appear on your leather boots.
  • You can easily remove salt marks from your leather boots by wiping them off with a damp cotton cloth. Damp a cotton cloth in the mixture of water and white vinegar. Put an equal amount of water and white vinegar in a small container. Soak a soft cotton cloth in it, wring it well and then starts to wipe your leather boots with it. All the stains will be removed by applying this method. In the end, dry your leather boots with a soft towel. You will notice the shine on your leather boots.
  • White vinegar is very effective cleaner, you can clean almost any stain using white vinegar. Vinegar is natural disinfectant also, so it also disinfects your shoes, your clothes, and many other households. White vinegar has a tendency to remove all the tough stains, and it can also remove all the bad and nasty smell from any household. Start using white vinegar for cleaning your home, as it is very effective and efficient cleaner which can clean almost everything in your home.
  • There are many oils on the market which are used by professionals to clean the leather shoes. You can get them from any leather shop, and before using it on your leather boots, remove all the dust and dirt from your leather boots with a plain brush or with a soft cotton cloth. Then take a soft cloth, put little amount of oil for leather on the cloth, and gently clean the entire shoe with that cloth having oil.
  • Now leave your leather boots for some time so that all the oil will be absorbed in the shoe. After that, wipe all the excess oil with the help of a towel or with another soft and dry cotton cloth.

Use leather polish for deep cleaning

  • We also recommend you to use a special leather polish after every deep cleaning. So the leather will regain its originality. Before polishing the boots, put newspaper on the floor and then put your leather boot on the newspaper and then starts polishing it. Always get the polish of the same color as your shoe because there are many different shades of polishes for leather.

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  • There are many leather conditioners also in the shoe market. So get them from any nearby shoe market, and apply it on your boots to prevent them from cracking. Leather conditioner should be used twice a year for the maintenance of your leather boots. Apply it with soft cotton cloth in gentle circular motions. Leather conditioner will enhance the shine of your leather boots; it gives life to your expensive boots at very low cost.

Soft towel is used to dry boots

  • Do not dry your leather boots in sunlight, as sunlight can cause fading and discoloration of your boots. Always dry your boots with a soft towel after applying different methods of cleaning on it.

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