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How to Clean a Leather Sofa easy steps

Leather sofas in your drawing room or living room look really elegant. But leather sofa needs to be clean on weekly basis to make them look new. They are easy to clean and maintain as compared to other material of sofas. If water, juice or some other liquid spilled on leather sofas they can be clean or wipe easily. Leather sofas are expensive than other sofas so they need extra care to last long.

Leather sofas are easily maintainable but to maintain them you really need to learn some important and efficient steps. So, here on, we are providing you some simple tips on How to clean a leather sofa without damaging it.

How to clean a Leather sofa

Important steps on How to clean a leather sofa

If you want to keep your leather sofa clean and tidy you need to take care of it. To prevent leather sofa from any dust and dirt just clean them weekly. Just wipe a sofa with a damp cotton cloth to remove any dust particles from it. Wipe the entire surface of the leather sofa with a cotton cloth and it will shine if it doesn’t contain any stains on it.

Above mentioned step is just a weekly or daily cleaning of sofas. You must clean them thoroughly with specific products which are used to clean leather material. This deep cleaning should be done once in every 2-3 months if you don’t have children in your house. Otherwise, children create a mess in that case you can clean your leather sofa once a month with special leather cleaning products which are easily available in nearby stores.

prepare a mixture of soap and water

Firstly you need to do is to vacuum a sofa to remove all the visible dirt on it. Then prepare a solution of liquid detergent with water for cleaning of leather sofas. Now take a cotton cloth damp it with a soap solution and wipe it all over the sofa, in its cracks, and deep inside all the folds of your sofa to clean all the dirt. After that, damp a cotton cloth with tap water, wring it properly now clean sofa with it. Finally, take a dry n soft cotton cloth now thoroughly wipe the sofa with it to absorb any liquid left on the sofa.

Vacuum sofa to remove dust

Now you need to polish your leather sofa with a specific leather polish product or you can make your own leather polish at home. To prepare a leather polish you need to mix one part of white vinegar with two parts of flaxseed oil. Put all the solution in a spray bottle; spray it all over the leather sofa and in its corners. Then leave it for few minutes to act and then after few minutes again clean the sofa with a dry cotton cloth to make it look shiny.

After polishing your leather sofa it will look little darker than its original color but you do not need to worry because after sometime when all the liquid will dry, it will return to its original color.

If you stained your sofa accidentally then below given are some useful tips to clean it

  • You can take a cotton swab, apply a little amount of alcohol on it, then wipe or rub the stain for few minutes to remove it.
  • You can also clean the stain with whipped egg whites, you just need to dip a cotton cloth in egg whites mixture and wipe the stained part with it and you will notice that the stain is gone after rubbing the stain for few minutes. This tip is helpful if your leather sofa is light in color.
  • You can also clean the sofa with the peel of lemon and orange. As citrus fruit peels help you for cleaning purposes.
  • You can also clean the stain on the leather sofa by covering the stain with a baby or talcum powder. Now rub the stained part with a soft cloth and you will notice that the stain is disappeared.

cover the stain with talcum powder

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