Cleaning of your pillow is very important because you use it every night. A dirty and dusty pillow can cause skin allergies to the sensitive human skin, so pillow should be clean and tidy. Washing pillows at home is a very tough task, especially in common washing machines. Pillows are too heavy to be washed in common washing machines.

Cleaning of my pillow

A clean and tidy pillow is everyone’s need to sleep peacefully at night. We will recommend you to change your bed sheets and pillow covers every week or twice a week. If you want to clean your pillows properly at home you need to learn some effective and simple tips. So, here on, we are providing you some many easy and efficient steps on How to clean my pillow without damaging it.

Things required for cleaning of your pillow

  • A ventilated place for drying pillows
  • Automatic Washing machine
  • Two pillows
  • Sunny day
  • Lukewarm water

Steps to follow for cleaning of your pillow

  • Pillow is our partner in happiness and sorrows. Once you feel comfortable on one pillow you cannot sleep on another pillow. A neat and clean pillow is very important for everyone, untidy and dirty pillows are not good for patients, small kids, and many others. Dirty pillows can result in a different type of allergies.

you should change bed sheet twice a week

  • People having asthma cannot cope with dirty and dusty pillows, so cleaning of pillows are very important at home. For this you have to follow the steps given below:
  • Firstly, for cleaning your pillows you need to take them out from their pillow covers then put them in the drum of an automatic washing machine. Put maximum 2 pillows in the washing machine drum otherwise, they will not be washed properly and will bash into each other.

wash pillows in automatic washing machine

  • Before putting the pillows in the washing machine you should always check the tag or label attached to the pillows, in which manufacturer has mentioned the washing instructions. Wash according to the instructions. Pillows are also lightweight but when they absorb water, they become very heavy, so give them long cycle wash using Luke warm water.

cleaning of pillows is very important

  • After washing the pillows in an automatic washing machine, allow them to dry properly by putting them in ventilated and sunny place. Put a pillow on a seat for drying, because a seat is ventilated from all sides. Put the pillow directly in the sun to make it dry completely. If you feel that the pillow filling became lumpy then try to separate the filling by using hands.
  • After drying of pillow hit them by using both hands to regain to its original shape and size. Drying of a pillow is not a very easy task as it seems, pillow filling can be wet or damp from deep inside. So, if you want your washed pillows to be dried completely, you have to leave them at ventilated or airy place for at least two complete days. After cleaning of your pillows you will enjoy peaceful sleep on them.

allow the pillows to dry completely

  • After two days, you can put pillow covers back on the pillows and can use your clean and tidy pillows for having sweet dreams on them.
  • If you don’t feel confident about washing pillows at home in the washing machine then you can also send them to the laundry for a wash and dry clean.

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