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How To Clean Patio Stones?

Cleaning of patio stones is very important as summers are here so we all wish and dream to go out and sit in our beautiful gardens with some drinks in our hand to enjoy the lovely evenings. When we go out and sit in our gardens, we face the reality of our dirty patio stones from which weeds are growing and heading from every possible space. Patio stones get rusty and moldy easily if water spills on them most often. So you can make your garden peaceful and beautiful by cleaning the patio stones with effective cleaning products.

cleaning of patio stones

To fulfill our dreams, we must arrange a cleaning session of your patio stones to make them look clean and tidy for beautiful appearance of your garden. Cleaning of patio stones needs extra care and perfection because you may damage them with chemicals so be careful. For cleaning of patio stones, you may need to follow some simple and effective home remedies. So, here on, we are providing you some efficient tips on How to clean patio stones without damaging them.

Things required for cleaning patio stones

  • Pressure washer
  • Brown soap
  • Soda crystals
  • Chlorine Bleach
  • Cold water
  • Stiff brush
  • Bucket

Steps to follow for cleaning patio stones

Very easiest and quickest way for cleaning patio stones is to use a pressure washer. It saves lots of time and energy of a person who is cleaning patio stones. Using pressure washer is a very effective way to clean patio stones as compared to using a brush. When you select a pressure washer for cleaning, select the one having a long hose. Pressure washer with a long hose is easy to use, and from that hose, you will be able to clean all the surrounding of patio stones without even moving the washer from one area to another.

Following steps to follow for using pressure washer:

  • Carefully attach the hose of a pressure washer with any nearby tap, and then turns on the button on hose after that slowly release the trigger. When water starts from the hose perfectly then you may switch on the power button of a pressure washer.
  • After this, you should select the suitable lance and then fix it correctly so that it will not leak.
  • Now you start to press the trigger and your hose will start to work. Now start from one side of patio stones and move towards another end. The pressure of water will clear all the dust and dirt from patio stones from both ends.
  • After cleaning of all the patio stones with pressure washer now the next step you should do is to again rinse all the patio stones with low pressure of water. This method will rinse out all the dust from the patio stones and make them clean and beautiful.

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Using bleach for cleaning of patio stones

Many people love concrete slabs along with their patio stones, so for cleaning this type of patio stones bleach will work very effectively and efficiently without damaging them. Bleach will remove all the molds and rust also from the patio stones in less time. You just have to select accurate bleach for cleaning these types of patio stones which are having concrete slabs with them.

Cleaning of patio stones is very important

For cleaning these types of patio stones you should follow the steps given below:

  • The first step you should do is to take a watering can and put lemon juice or some other two combinations of bleaches into it.
  • Remember to use cold water on patio stones, so fill a watering can will cold water.
  • After that water whole patio stones, try that nearby plants do not come into contact with the bleach water otherwise they will damage them.
  • After watering the patio stones, take the stiff bristle brush and rub all the patio stones one by one by applying little pressure while rubbing.

Use stiff bristle brush to clean patio stones

  • Then leave bleach solution on patio stones for 1-2 hours maximum and then rinse all the patio stones carefully with plenty of cold water.
  • You will notice that your patio stones will again look new and bright.
  • If you are using chlorine as bleach then you should be very careful about plants which are on surrounding of patio stones because chlorine can damage the plants with its chemicals so be very careful and try to save the nearby plants.

Using brown soap for cleaning patio stones

Using brown soap for cleaning of patio stones is very simple, easy and I think very old method. It is very effective to use brown soap on patio stones. For this you have to follow some steps mentioned below:

  • Take s bucket or watering can fill it with cold water.
  • Then add one cup of brown soap in the watering can or bucket.

Patio stones needs extra care

  • Mix the two ingredients well with each other and then pour this cleaning solution over patio stones in your garden.
  • Now take stiff bristle brush, and start rubbing all the patio stones one by one. Apply little pressure while rubbing the patio stones so they will become bright and clean as a new one.
  • Now after rubbing, leave the solution on patio stones for some time to act. After some time rinse all the patio stones with plenty of cold water.
  • If weeds are growing between the patio stones, then you can put a little amount of white vinegar or chlorine bleach on them, so they will be destroyed and you can remove them.
  • After following all the steps mentioned below you will notice that your patio stones are now so clean and shiny.

Use brown soap to clean patio stones

  • Another method to clean your patio stones is to use soda crystals. For using soda crystals for cleaning you have to follow all the above-mentioned steps which you have followed for brown soap for cleaning. This method is really easy and effective and it leaves your patio stones like a new one. It makes them so sparkling and bright, so we will recommend you to use this method.

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