How To Clean The Cat’s Ears In Simple Steps?

Cat is a clean pet, but sometimes they need our help to clean the areas hard to reach such as ears. If you feel like your cat is facing issues like, ear mites, ear infections, pain in the ear, then it is necessary to clean the cat’s ears.

As a cat owner, it is your responsibility to check the cat’s ear regularly to avoid such abnormalities. Today we will help you how to clean the cat’s ears.

how to clean the cat's ears

If you will not clean your cat’s ears, it will face, ear problems such as waxy discharge, itchy and smelly ears, ear mites that can lead to a serious ear infection.

Once you have noted any of these abnormalities you should consult a veterinarian. To avoid these inflammations cats need cleaning at least once in a week.

How to Clean Cats Ears?

Cleaning a cat’s ears is a very easy and straight forward process. Before cleaning you need to make your cats relax to make it more cooperative while cleaning.

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We have mentioned the easiest cleaning processes below:

  • After consulting your cat’s veterinarian, you should add the recommended solution into your cat’s ears according to instructions.
  • To put a solution in the cat’s ear, pull back its earflap gently and fill your solution in the cat’s ear. Do the same step with another ear.
  • Once you have added the solution inside your cat’s canal, now massage the base of ears for six to seven seconds to adjust the solution inside the ears.
  • Use your finger and wrap a gauze around it, to clean the excess liquid out of the canal. Using a finger is safe as it can’t go far enough to damage your cat’s ear.
  • Keeps in the notice the number of drops of solution your veterinarian has prescribed
  • The medicine should be coated in the entire ear canal
  • Apply the same process to the other ear to clean the cat’s ears.

Note* If you feel that your cat is getting irritated and agitated in any part of the cleaning process, just stop there, don’t make her aggressive to claw or bite you.

Tips for Cleaning a Cats Ear

Let us introduce you to some helpful tricks and tips to clean the cat’s ears to make your task easy. These tips will work fast and effectively.

  • A one-person can never clean the cat’s ear properly because your cat will get irritated and it will start moving, you always need another person just to hold your cat you that you can easily clean its cat.
  • While cleaning the cat’s ear doesn’t go in an inner structure of the ears and never use Q-tip in an ear canal because it can break its ear canal. Cat’s ears are very sensitive, so try to clean only visible earflaps and don’t do in-depth.
  • Before you begin the cleaning process, you can also put your cat in a towel to make them still.
  • Always put an ear cleaner to room temperature to provide a better experience and comfortability to your cat.
  • Your cat can get irritated by cold ear drops
  • Hold your cat’s head firmly before putting Cottrell in it, to avoid unnecessary shaking.
  • Don’t rub the ear solution vigorously as it can damage the eardrum
  • Instead of rubbing a dirt lift a speck of dirt.
  • After putting the solution leave your cat alone and allow her to shake her head to further cleaning of wax and dirt.

Why Ear Cleaning Is Important?

The structure of the cat’s ear canal makes it very difficult to trap material in a canal. It traps the materials inside and it is very difficult to take them out.

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So it is necessary to clean the cat’s ear to avoid unnecessary trapping of materials inside.

putting liquid medicine in cats ear to clean the cat's ears

Because these trapped materials can use pain, itchiness and can also lead to serious ear infections.

What Cleaner should I Use to Clean Cats Ear?

It is suggested to use a good quality cleaner for better results. Avoid using cleaners that contain alcohol or hydrogen peroxide because they can cause serious irritation to your cat’s ear.

Before buying any cleaning solutions first read its instruction to check if it contains hydrogen peroxide or alcohol.

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If your cat is facing inflammation or ulceration in its canal, then you should use antibacterial or antifungal cleaner, it also helps in removing wax build-up. It is better to consult your cat’s veterinarian to decide which cleaning is good for your cat’s ear.

Cleaner to clean the cat's ear

Instead of buying a cleaning, you can also make one at your home by mixing white vinegar and green tea and spray this solution into the ears. Don’t use these homemade solutions if your cat contains an infection, wound or scratch in its ear.

Never use water in the solution because it will sit in the inner part of the cat’s ear and allows the yeast to grow. Olive oil is also good for cleaning the outer part of your cat’s ear. Now your question of what can I use to clean my cat’s ears is clear now.

What is Needed to Clean Cat’s Ear?

To clean your cat’s ear you are not needed to use any special tool or equipment. You just need the following things to clean your cat’s ear at home:

  • Cotton balls
  • Good quality Ear Cleaner
  • Gauze
  • A wonderful treat to reward after cleaning its ears properly.

Note* Please do not use Q tips, as it contains higher risks of perforating the eardrum, it can also break the ear canal. It can also push the debris further into the canal.

What kind of Cat Needs Ear Cleaning?

Not all types of cats need ear cleaning, some of them have healthy, clean ears and have a natural tendency of cleaning ears itself.

It is recommended to clean the cat’s ear only if there is a need for cleaning. Overcleaning can destroy canals, can also cause an ear infection.

how to clean the cat's ears

Only clean your cat’s ear if you feel a liquid discharge from ears or if you examine odor from ears. Your veterinarian will tell you the best way and the right time to clean the cat’s ear as he will teach you properly how to clean the cat’s ears.

Symptoms of Cat Ear Infection

Following are the most common symptoms of a cat’s ear infection:

  • Red Ears
  • Inflamed Ears
  • Painful Ears
  • Itching
  • Irritated skin
  • Crusty ears
  • Black discharge from ears
  • Green, yellow or red pus inside cat’s ear
  • Odor coming from cat’s ears
  • Swelling or redness in ears

Note* If you feel any of these symptoms in your cat, consult your veteran as soon as possible. But if you only see a speck of dirt in your cat’s ear, then it’s fine you can clean it at home and you should know how to clean the cat’s ears.

How Often Should I Clean A Cat’s Ear?

It depends on the type and the habits of your cat. If your cats like roaming outside the home and makes herself dirty, then regular cleaning of dirt is necessary.

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But if your cat stays inside the house and keeps herself clean and tidy then she may not require cleaning often. No matter what, you should check your cat’s ear regularly to see if it needs cleaning or not and we have already guided you on how to clean the cat’s ears and cleaning the cat’s ears at home is easy.

How to Check If My Cats Ear is clean or not?

To check your cat’s ear, open the ear flap by gripping the top of the ear, see the interior of your cat’s ear. Try to look into its ear canal to make sure if it is clean or not. You can also use a torch to see the interior properly if you don’t have a torch, try to check it in plenty of bright light. and this is also the best way to clean the cat’s ears.

how to clean the cat's ears

Checking your cat’s ear wax will allow you to determine whether you need to clean your cat’s ear or not. A pink ear color without any odor will indicate that your cat has clean ears and cleaning cat

A lot of people ask that should I clean my cat ears, we know that your cat has self-cleaning capabilities and you don’t need to worry about its ears. Make sure to check both of your cat’s ears to look out for any indicators as this is the best way to know how to clean the cat’s ears.

How Can I Prevent Cat’s Ear Infection?

Periodic cleaning of your cat’s ear will prevent a painful ear infection or disease. Use a mild ear cleaner for your cat’s ear and apply twice a week to make a great effect on your cat. Cleaning the cat’s ears with rubbing alcohol is also an effective way. One can also make a homemade cat ear cleaner.

Some cleaners are specially designed to dry break a wax, whereas some are used to dry the ear canal. You should consult your cat’s doctor about the best option if you don’t know how to clean the cat’s ears naturally.

Wrap Up

I hope your question on how to clean the cat’s ears is clear now. Groom your cat in such a way that it cleans its own ears, including the inner flap of the ear. These habits are so meticulous and will keep your cat healthy and safe. Plus, it is your responsibility to frequently check the ear canals of your cat.

Also, after cleaning water in the cat’s ear, always reward her with a treat so that she will enjoy this process for the second time because she knows she will get a wonderful treat after that. It is your responsibility to never keep cat ears dirty.

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