Oil cleansing routines have been on the rise, lately! While other oils may prove beneficial, there’s something very soothing about cleaning your face with olive oil.  The way it conditions the skin is remarkable and the bonus is that olive oil suits the masses more than the other oils.

Cleaning your face is an unavoidable task and putting in extra effort would pay off with beautiful skin in the years to come. The method is simple but it can vary according to your skin types and needs. This Try Articles article will enlighten you on how to properly clean your face with olive oil.

Washing face with olive oil

Why Olive Oil?

Olive oil is loaded with vitamins. Naming some: Vitamin A, D, and K, as well as vitamin E. All of these nutrients are present in the oil if it hasn’t been extracted via expeller press or has not been exposed to heat. Using heat and other chemical processes to extract the oil kills the properties the oil contains.

It is important that we read the label behind the olive oil bottle that has the extraction process used to filter out the oil listed. Making sure you get a quality product is important as the quality will reflect the results you get. Always go for a cold-pressed unrefined virgin olive oil.

The manually pressed olive oil will be much more expensive than the other ones but it’s worth the health of your skin.

Virgin olive oil
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Contains Anti-oxidants

The anti-oxidants are a much-needed property for the healing of our skin as they aid in reversing the damage caused by ultraviolet radiation. It contains the highest amount of squalene, which gives a boost to the already present anti-oxidants.


It is a thick and a dense oil. It takes a longer time for the skin to absorb it, but that’s what also gives rise to its moisturizing property.

Fights Bacteria

If you’re an acne sufferer,  using olive oil as your cleansing method can help you slowly get rid of the acne. Olive fights bacteria by killing the bacteria that causes acne to happen. It helps in de-clogging your pores, where the bacteria lives and spreads out in the form of pimples. It also aids in reducing acne scars.

Properties of olive oil
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Normal Cleansing Routine

This one is easy peasy! All you need is some cold pressed virgin olive oil and your face. First splash your face with lukewarm water, to open your pores for deep cleansing. Take enough oil in your palms and rub the palms against one another so you have oil on both palms. Now rub both palms across your face. Rub them like you would with a soap.

Cleaning face with olive oil
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Once you have cleansed the entire face, wash with tepid warm water. The oil will turn milky and that’s perfectly okay. The water should be on the warmer side so that the oil can easily wipe off. Pat dry with a washcloth and you’re done! You will feel your skin soft, supple and hydrated. You won’t need to moisturize unless your skin type is very dry.

Makeup Cleansing Routine

For this method, take oil in portions and start off with the lips first. Rub the makeup off gently and move to the eyes now. You’re probably looking like a raccoon right about now. Take a picture for the sake of silly memories? haha, It’s fun! Next, move to your cheeks, chin, and forehead. Rub like you would with a lather of soap.

Splashing with water will turn it milky. Keep washing the face until the water runs clear. Pat dry with a towel. You can follow up with your nighttime moisturizer and other serums as you normally do.


Olive oil may cause some reactions to sensitive skin types so it is important to do a patch test before you apply it on your face. To do a test patch apply a little amount on the insides of your elbow or under your jawline near your ear.

Caution for using olive oil
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A reaction will be that your skin may go red, feel itchy or have under-the-skin harmless bumps. These bumps will go away in time. But, anything other than the ones we mentioned seems to be at hand, then it’s best to see a dermatologist right away.

Try the cleansing routine for a few weeks and let us know about your results. We’re always happy to hear your feedback!

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