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How To Clean Your Washing Machine Cheaply Using White Vinegar?

Cleaning of your Washing Machine must be one of your worries. You might have tried various cleaning agents and different methods to clean your machine. While some methods and agents do not work to your satisfaction, whereas some may be very costly. But cleaning of your washing machine is very important for the useful life of the machine and simultaneously, avoiding bad smell in it.


Normally, the household technique of cleaning the washing machine is the use of bleach or some other chemical cleaning products. But have you ever tried While Vinegar for cleaning your machine? This is the easiest and cheapest way of cleaning washing machine. Additionally, the white vinegar has many other added benefits when it comes to the cleaning process.

Here we will guide you How to Clean Your Washing Machine Cheaply Using White Vinegar?

Nothing Special Required! For cleaning your washing machine, use white vinegar. You don’t need a long list of items. Just buy a bottle of White Vinegar, very easily and readily available in your local market, at a reasonable price. Another thing required for the process is a piece of Cloth and Sponge.

Regularity In Cleaning Your Machine

Although cleaning of the washing machine is a routine affair with most of the households, yet people don’t take is serious. Cleaning of washing machine should be done regularly. Don’t break your routine and do the cleaning process at fixed intervals, periodically. This will help to avoid accumulation of dirt and bad smell in your machine.

clean smelly washer

But here we are suggesting you use White Vinegar for regular cleaning of your washing machine, as it helps to melt the accumulated detergent, dirt and other harmful particles coming inside your machine through the water. So, make it your regular routine to periodically clean your machine with White Vinegar.

How To Clean Washing Machine With White Vinegar?

  • Set the wash cycle for a long and hot wash.
  • Switch on the washing machine but don’t load any clothes.
  • Add hot water, if you desire so.
  • Once the wash cycle is complete, take a piece of cloth and dampen it with a mixture of clean water and white vinegar (water and vinegar in equal quantity).
  • With this dampened piece of cloth, thoroughly clean the inside portion of your washing machine, including the door, the drum, the rubber seals etc.
  • Now, clean the inside of your machine with clear water. Do it extensively, so that there should be no leftover traces of vinegar.
  • Now, clean the drum with a sponge.
washing machine and vinegar

After completion of the above process, it is advisable to leave the door open for at least 15-20 minutes. This will help eliminate the smell of vinegar from the inside of the machine. As a matter of routine, cleaning of your washing machine with white vinegar must be carried out on monthly basis, to prevent your machine from the accumulation of dirt and bad smell.

Apart from the above cleaning process, vinegar has some additional benefits as well, so try these few tips also, with your washing machine.

  • Fabric Softener – Half a glass of white vinegar in your washing cycle, makes your clothes soft and moisturized. It is equally good for your skin.
  • Detergent Remover – Adding half cup of vinegar in the last wash cycle for the day, facilitates removing the leftover detergent from your machine.
  • Cleaning Of Cloth Diapers – White vinegar is extremely useful for removing leftover detergents from the cloth diapers, thus eliminates the chances of diaper rashes in newborns. For best results, add vinegar (small quantity) in rinsing phase of your wash cycle, when washing the cloth diapers.

There are many other natural products which can easily be used along with vinegar to get extra benefits, such as baking soda. You can also add chlorine bleach with white vinegar.

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