How Much Should My Cocker Spaniel Eat?

If you have a pet dog in your home then you have experienced that dogs are perfect companions, loving and loyal towards there owner. They become part of the family, that’s why it is your duty to give them the proper care they need but one thing you must remember is all dogs are not same. There are different types of dogs like a border collie, American Stanford, and cocker spaniel etc. Each type of breed has a different type of food and hygiene requirements.

Cocker Spaniel

These requirements depend upon the size, coat, nature, and age of the dog. The cocker spaniel breed is native to Wales. This dog is very balanced, compact, athletic and strong dog. Read this article to know how much a cocker spaniel should eat.

Cocker spaniel general feeding

  • The cocker spaniel has unique coat and skin which needs a special attention. The hairs of cocker spaniel consist of around 94% of protein, therefore, feeding them is fundamental.

Cocker Spaniel contain protein

  • The diet of your pet should be nutritious which contains fats, proteins, minerals, vitamins, copper, zinc and fatty acids. You must keep it in mind when feeding your pet that cocker spaniel dogs stomach is prone to the digestive problem, therefore you must take care of your pet’s food.

Cocker spaniel puppy feeding (up to 1 year)

  • Puppies are stopped feeding by their mother at the age of around 7 months, give cocker spaniels a little amount of feed like between 150 to 200 grams of special food while for medium sized puppies should be given food two times in a day (morning and evening).
  • It is recommended to mix the food with a little warm water which softens the food and makes it easy for puppies to chew it. if you want you can also give them warm milk too.

Increase Cocker Spaniel food

  • At the age of 7 months, puppies are able to chew the food so you can stop mixing the food with warm water and at the same time increase the number of food grams around 300 twice a day.
  • A good rule for you to know your dog must drink water 2.5 times the weight of there food. In case your dog stops drinking water then the first thing you have to check is either your pet is dehydrated or not.

Feeding Adult cocker spaniel

  • When cocker spaniel reaches the age of one year or above it is considered to be an adult dog and it should be switched to another type of food according to its need. You must keep it in mind that these breeds of dogs (Cocker Spaniel) have a tendency to get overweight by eating a lot, therefore, you must not give them the excess amount of food.

Do not give Excess Food

  • There is a special type of food for this breed of dogs which usually comes in cans and contains necessary nutrients for the development of cocker spaniel properly.
  • Whenever you buy this type of food (cans) from the market then you must feed  you pet Around 180 Grams In the morning and 180 grams in the night.
  • You can also make a normal food for your cocker spaniel but always remember never give them the same meal as we humans eat, the food you make for your pet should be cooked separately and the adult dog should eat around 200 grams of tender chicken or beef around 80 grams of rice.

Give Fresh Water

  • If you observe your dog do not drink water then go and check their water bowl if the water is dirty or water is not fresh then clean your pet water bowl and add fresh water. It is possible that your dog is not drinking water because water does not taste good.
  • Make sure you have a stainless water bowl for your pet because they are specially designed for dogs.
  • This article is only based on providing basic information, Tryarticles does not have any authority or responsibility to prescribe any medicine or treatment we strongly recommend you to take your pet to vet in case of any type of pain or condition your dog to have.

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