If you have a cold water fish in your house then you must take care of it. Cold water fish requires a basic care but do not neglect this basic care of cold water fish. It is important to choose aquarium which is large enough for your fishes. Look after your cold water fish to ensure they are healthy and they do not behave strangely. Read this article to know how to care for a cold water fish.

Cold Water Fish

Look After cold water fish

  • Firstly, monitoring of a pet is one of the best methods to take care of it. Once you choose an aquarium and filter then you must put it in the right place in the house away from other animals like cats or dogs.
  • Make sure your cold water fish eats food properly and they are not isolated from other fishes in the tank, in case you observe a fish which is isolated from others and it stays still then it is a sign of illness.

Feed your cold water fish

  • If you observe your fish is rubbing itself against the walls or rocks of the aquarium in the bottom then be alert because it is the symptoms of white spot disease which is a parasite causes fishes to feel itchy and scratch themselves against walls.

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  • Make sure your cold water fish do not fight with each other because it is normal in fishes to play and interact with each other but if they start fighting then its mean there is something wrong. The problem can be illness In your cold water fish or your aquarium is not large enough for all fishes.
  • Whenever you are introducing new cold water fish in aquarium make it sure that this new fish is compatible with other species of fishes.

Sickness in fish

  • In case you observe your cold water fish continually emits a slight gasp at the surface of the water, then it is a symptom that your filter is not working fine and cold water fish is trying to maintain the condition. It is also a sign that there is not enough oxygen in the tank and your fish is trying to get the air.
  • Regularly check the condition of your fish skin, fins, and scales. If you found any change in fish behavior then be alert because it can be a symptom of a disease.
  • See the water tank once in a week and check sides of the tank because not everything which is green is a good thing. Most of times algae buildups on the sides of the tank which makes the cloud in the glass and gives a murky look to the water.
  • If you do not clean algae properly it will rob the plants of needed oxygen, there are plenty of tools available in the pet store which includes scrub brushes and aquarium algae magnets which are used to remove the algae.

Aquarium Temperature

  • Try not to full the tank with tap water because it contains the chlorine which is very dangerous and harmful to fishes. You can get a product in the market which removes the choline from the water tank.
  • Whenever you are replacing the aquarium water with fresh water make sure that temperature of the fresh water is same to the temperature of old water.
  • Fishes need a lit environment but keep it in mind that providing direct sunlight is not a good approach. In case you provide direct sunlight to fish water tank then it can cause algae blooms.
  • The best approach to give light in the aquarium is through using the electric lighting which ensures your fish has the proper light they needed and the aquarium of fish also have a beautiful and nice look.
  • Whenever you buy an aquarium make sure you test aquarium for its chemical chemistry, always buy a good quality of aquarium for your pet.
  • You must maintain the ph level of water tank like acidity or alkalinity In water. You can buy a test kit for ph level from the market which is specifically designed for this purpose.
  • It is recommended that you must change around 25 percent of your aquarium water at least once in a month. This will ensure your fishes have a healthy life and it also maintains the nitrate concentration at a safer level.
  • You should also clean the gravel as it accumulates the excess food in it. To clean gravel use the gravel vacuum to get rid of dirt. You must add the siphoned stocking in case you have smaller fish which can be sucked in a vacuum.
  • You must buy a special air pump for your aquarium which maintains the quality of the water and provide oxygen to fishes.

Clean your Aquarium

  • There are special pumps available in the market which are used to change the water steadily and remove the dirty water by replacing it with fresh water. Tryarticles recommends you to use the pump once in a week when you notice water starts getting dirty.
  • Like any pet, these types of fishes need special care and food which is specially designed for them to fulfill necessary nutrition.

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  • The portion of food you provide to your cold water fish is very tricky, experts recommend that the amount of food should be equal to which fish can eat in 2 minutes.
  • Cold Water fish needs company, therefore, you must provide them, partners, too which keeps them entertained.
  • Remember when fishes are sick they become inactive which is a sign that something is wrong with your fish. If you observe when your fish always remains at the bottom of the aquarium and it only comes at the surface for air or it remains in the corner of the tank then it is a sign that your fish can be suffering from some illness or disease.

  • This article is only based on providing basic information, Tryarticles does not have any authority or responsibility to prescribe any medicine or treatment we strongly recommend you to take your pet to vet in case of any type of pain or condition your fish to have.

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