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How to Protect a Dog from Cold Weather?

If you have a dog in your house and it is winter then it is important for you to protect your dog from cold. When cold weather comes dogs have natural ability to notice dropping the temperature and get alert. Cold weather affects the internal balance of animals and their metabolism. There are certain types of dogs which adapt according to Cold Weather faster and better whereas some animals struggle. This condition is true for the old, young and for puppies.

Protect your dog from cold

There are certain types of things which you can do as a dog owner to stop dogs shivering from cold.You can make your pet to adapt temperature smoothly, Read this article we are going to give you some helpful tips so you know how to protect a dog from a cold weather and help your pet to adopt the winter weather.

Protect pet from cold weather

  • If your dog’s bed is outside the first thing you can do to help your pet to keep warm in cold by either covering the place where your pet sleeps, such as kennel and make sure there is blanket or cushion so that your dog does not sleep on the plastic cold floor.
  • If your dog sleeps in the floor then its body temperature alter very fast and it can get cold, therefore make sure your dog’s house is fully covered and there is no hole in the house through which cold air comes in.

Make a house for your pet

  • You should make a home for your pet which has a roof because it will protect the dog from wind and rain, in case weather is worst then you should take your pet indoors.
  • Whenever you provide water to your dog in winter check it after some time to make sure it is not frozen. If the water becomes frozen due to weather then your pet cannot drink it which will affect its health and causes dehydration.
  • It is best to check your pets water time to time in the cold weather and replace the water bottles with fresh water.
  • Food is another important factor which you should keep in mind although dogs become lazy in winter but still they need the energy to withstand in the cold weather. We recommend you to take your pet to vet and ask him what steps you can take in winter to protect your dog from the cold, for example, should you take your pet outdoors, where it can walk and play for some time.

Make a house for your pet

  • In cold weather, dogs love to play to keep themselves warm and active but remember if you are living in an area where the weather is very cold and snowfalls a lot then be careful because your dog can get injuries in the legs.
  • You must check the area first where your pet can play if it is not possible then check the body of your pet if it has any ice attached or not, remove ice immediately if you find any.’

do not cut dogs hair in cold weather

  • Do not cut your pet’s hair especially in winter, you can cut the hair in spring but never cut their hairs in cold weather because dogs fur protects them from cold weather and keeps them warm.
  • In case your pet has long hairs then you must use a grooming rake or a fine-toothed comb because fine-toothed combs have one single line of needle-shaped teeth which are evenly spaced, on the other hand, grooming rakes have more than a single line of teeth.
  • Different types of a brush are available in the market for different types of dogs and their hairs. choose a brush which is best suitable for your pet. One common brush which you can use for all dogs is a slicker brush to clean your pet.

Use towel for your pet

  • You can use a dryer after giving a bath to your pet but make it sure your pet does not afraid of it, otherwise, you can use a towel to dry your pet.
  • This article is only based on providing basic information, Tryarticles does not have any authority or responsibility to prescribe any medicine or treatment. we strongly recommend you to take your pet to vet in case of any type of pain or condition your dog to have.

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