Most Common Psychological Disorders In Adults

Most of the individual in their lives can be affected by the mental health problems at any point. Today in our society, the mental health problems are the major causes of disability.

Psychological Disorders In Adults

In recent years, awareness in the identification of symptoms of psychological disorders has increased at a massive scale. Consequently, the importance of prevention of mental psychological problems becomes clear.

In order to identify the symptoms of these disorders and before going to the specialists, in this article, we will describe some basic knowledge of the common psychological disorders in the adults, so to know more, read the article till the end.

Mental Disorders Of Anxiety

All of us experience anxiety and nervousness at many points and it is completely normal, however, when anxiety exhibits itself through different contexts of person’s life i.e. it comes up with other symptoms that generate stress in academic, professional and personal life, we call it as the anxiety disorder.

Mental Disorders Of Anxiety

Panic Disorder

Panic attacks are characterized by sudden and intense fear or terror and apprehension that are often associated with feelings of death.

These attacks include symptoms such as shortness of breath, palpitations, discomfort in the chest and feeling of suffocation. This disorder is diagnosed when there is a series of unexpected and recurrent panic attacks.


When people have panic attacks they are so intense and they try to avoid that experience again. And if they had experienced it in the crowd, they avoid going in the open places, this is known as agoraphobia. They believe that escape can be difficult and help might not be available.

Social Anxiety Disorder

Social anxiety disorder is one of the most common anxiety disorders. It is characterized by fear of being evaluated or judged negatively by the people and as a result, the affected person feels ashamed or humiliated. Such a person can be very afraid of going to social gatherings, public speaking and talking to unfamiliar people, etc.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

This disorder is characterized by intrusive ideas or thought. These people are usually very irritating and annoying, also, they can be very obsessive and anxious. To relieve that anxiety the person carries out a series of an act.

Typically, obsession includes fears, doubts, thoughts of hurting others or thoughts of performing acts that the person considers inappropriate. This compulsion involves repeated acts such as touching or arranging things over and over until they are perfect or symmetrical etc.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

If you worry about something once in a while, it is completely normal, but when the state of worry starts to interfere in your life it can be the generalized anxiety disorder.

It is characterized by excessive, chronic anxiety, and worries. Its specific symptoms are fatigue, vomiting, muscle aches, concentration problems, and restlessness, etc.

Mental Illnesses Of The State Of Mind

Mental Illnesses Of The State Of Mind

Bipolar Disorder

This is a mental disorder in which person experiences a rapid change in the moods and ability to work is known as bipolar disorder. It is called bipolar disorder because it contains two types of poles one where the dominant factors are depression and stress and another where the dominant factors are mania and hypomania.

The affected person can face this alteration often or even at the same time period. These changes contain intense and extreme emotional states and the distinct period over which it occurs called mood episodes.


Most of the people feel depressed or sad sometime in their lives. Feelings of despair or frustration are normal emotions to some disappointment or loss which last for days until they gradually disappear. But depression is a serious and disabling disease that strongly affects the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of the person.

It can last for years and if not treated it can cause permanent disability. Depression not only affects the mental well-being but also the physical health, also, it can change eating habits and sleeping patterns, increasing restlessness and, consequently, general fatigue and even cause mysterious physical symptoms.

Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders

Anorexia Nervosa

This disorder is characterized by the obsession to control the amount of food eaten or not to gain the weight. Distortion of the body image is the specific feature of this eating disorder that is why they feel fatter than they actually are.

Binge Eating Disorder

In this disorder, a person consumes excessive quantity of food at the same time and this consumption is characterized by a loss of control. This is caused by hunger or due to the stress. Also, it is a myth that the people compensate it by vomiting, fasting, exercising excessively or abusing laxatives.


It is the amalgamation of binge and purge eating disorder. Also with anorexia which is the desire to regulate feeling and concern about body weight, contributes to bulimia and its characteristic behavior.

The cycle of this disorder begins when the person quickly eats a large quantity of food at a single time which can generate discomfort and anxiety about weight gain.

Personality And Psychotic Disorders

Personality And Psychotic Disorders

Personality Disorders

Personality disorders are of different types. These types of disorders are characterized by thought and behavioral patterns that cause stress in the ways of relating which hinders them while working and establishing relationships. Some personality disorders are:

  • Paranoid.
  • Schizoid.
  • Schizotypal.
  • Antisocial.
  • Borderline.
  • Histrionic.
  • Narcissistic.
  • Dependent.
  • Obsessive-compulsive or avoidant personality disorder.

Psychotic Disorder

The psychotic word refers to those disorders which produce distortion of mind of a person and cause him to lose contact with reality.

Some of the examples of psychosis are hallucinations, illusions, paranoia and disorganization of thought and speech. These symptoms appear so real to the person that he does not realize that he has psychosis.

Note: This article is merely informative. If you feel that you are having any of the symptoms of any of the disorder, immediately go for a checkup to the doctor.

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