Entry Level Jobs: Top 10 Communication major jobs and salaries 2018

While ending your studies, you should ask yourself what you’re going to do next. Although to land for the perfect job you need specialization and professionalization but you can follow different routes depending on your interests. In this post we will see what job you can get from communication major?

First you need to ask yourself what is your goal, your dream, your expectations or interest. This is because in this fast-changing world, there are many opportunities and new job titles that you can choose.

Communication major jobs

If you are also from those people who are fascinated to entertain, influence, and inform others with their best possible media content then communications major is right for you.

Is a Communication Degree Worth it?

It is a field that contain many careers, occupations and also you can work in government, health care, digital marketing, internet and the nonprofit sectors. This field requires skills and knowledge in theory, tools and techniques that relate to the management, analysis and strategy influencing communication.

communication major degree

Many people ask is a communication degree worth it? Instead of this people should ask themselves that “Am I ready for the wide world of prospects afforded to me by a communications degree”?

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Top 10 Communication Major Jobs

Have a look on some of the best job opportunities for communications majors and from this you can choose Job according to your skills.

  1. Public Relations Specialists
  2. Meeting/Event Planner
  3. College Alumni and Development Officers
  4. Media Planner
  5. Social Media Manager
  6. Human Resources Professional
  7. Business Reporter
  8. Brand Manager
  9. Health Educator
  10. Sales Representative

Communication Degree Salary

According to Payscale, an online salary, benefits information, a degree in communication may not pay off immediately after graduating, but after some time many graduates earning quite profitable.

communication degree salary

Many graduates in market having degree in communications are earning an annual median of $42,100 per year. If they also have some experience then are earning a median annual salary of $72,300.

Let’s have a look on occupations that had the highest average pay according to 2016 reports:

  • Technical Writers: $73,160
  • Editors: $66,080
  • Camera Operators: $63,200
  • Writers & Authors: $71,920
  • Public Relations Specialists: $66,540

Entry Level Jobs For Communication Majors

Being a communications major means learning the best way OF communication and these skills can be applied to any industry. This is the reason communications major are in high demand in every industry, here below read entry level jobs for communication majors:

  • Marketing coordinator
  • Client services representative
  • Public relations assistant
  • Editorial assistant
  • Associate brand manager
  • Social media coordinator

High Paying Jobs with a Communications Degree

If you have a Communication Major degree, your top career goals might be to work in a lucrative position in the field. If you want to explore some of highest-paying jobs then read below:

  • Marketing Managers

  • Public Relations Managers

  • Technical Writers

  • Market Research Analysts

  • Writers and Authors

Marketing Manager

The top-earning position in a Communication Major is a marketing manager who earn up to $131,180 and it’s job growth from 2016-2026 is 10%. Their responsibilities are assessing customer demands, strategically deciding how to price services and products, and creating marketing plans.

Public Relations Managers

Another high-paying career for those with a Communication Major degree is job of a public relations manager. He earns $107,320 and job growth from 2016-2026 is also 10%. Their work is to create press releases, coach clients in order to best communicate with various groups, and also to implement strategies to develop a company’s or individual’s image.

Technical Writers

For those who are interested in both technology and communications and working as a technical writer could be a perfect fit. Technical Writers can earn up to $69,850 and it’s job growth from 2016-2026 is 11%. Their work is to create instructional and informative materials which could simplify advanced technical concepts.

Market Research Analysts

If you are among those people who enjoy communications and research, work as a market research analyst could be a great move. Market Research Analysts can earn up to $62,560 with job growth from 2016-2026 is 23%. Their work is to uncover information about what consumers want to buy through surveys, sales trends, and questionnaires.

Writers and Authors

If you have no interest in technical writing, but you have a talent for writing, you might be a great fit to work as a writer/author. Writers and Authors can earn up to $61,240 with job growth from 2016-2026 is 8%. They use their skills to create magazine articles, blog posts, books, TV scripts, and more.


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