Despite the fact that more than 70% of the earth is covered with water, very little of it is usable. In fact, the earth is consistently under threat of scarcity of water. Due to climate change, natural freshwater reserves are decreasing whereas the underground water level is also decreasing day by day. Scientists are consistently warning the human race about the shortage of water in coming years. Hence conservation of available water resources is the call of the day.

water conservation

Apart from this worsening situation, some areas in this world are already facing acute shortage of water, especially when rain also does not fall abundantly in these parts of the earth. A drought is, therefore, an inevitable consequence. Drought is a calamity which is almost out of our control but we can reduce it’s impact by adopting some water conservation strategies.

Conservation of water is a collective effort by the entire human race. On the local basis, you can play your role effectively by adopting some useful ways, where you can reduce the usage of water. Changing your lifestyle and reducing the water consumption is in fact, your obligation towards your community. Each one of us must play our part in the conservation of water for today and for the future.

Here we are suggesting some useful tips on “How To Conserve Water During A Drought?”

Each Drop Of Water Is Important

When it comes to the drought situation, you may realize that each drop of water has its own utility and importance. In your normal life, where you have an abundant water supply, you cannot imagine how important is each and every drop of water is. Have you ever noticed a tap in your house, constantly dripping water? A fair estimate would reveal that a dripping tap in your house causes wastage of around 10 gallons of water in a day.

From the above, you may realize how important each drop of water is. So, for saving water you must take care of each and every drop of water available to you. You may preserve a handsome quantity of water by adopting following habits.

Each Drop Of Water Is Important
  • Check all water outlets in your house and fix each dripping tap.
  • Always ensure that the water tap is firmly closed after use.
  • Don’t wash your clothes singly. Gather these clothes and wash them only when you have a full load of your washing machine.
  • Same goes for the dishwasher. Use your dishwasher to its full capacity, instead of washing the dishes separately, each time.
  • Flush the toilet only when defecating.
  • If washing your car or your motorbike, use water bucket instead of a hosepipe. Using a hosepipe for washing your car may waste three to four time more water as compared to what actually is required.
  • Water your garden with water bucket instead of the hosepipe.

Usage Of New Devices That Save Water

In daily household affairs, a number of devices are used which consume water. With the passage of time and due to consistent usage, these devices start consuming more water, such as washing machines and dishwashers. So, it is advisable that you should get it fixed so that they use less water or the best option is to replace it with new ones.

Usage Of New Devices

Many manufacturers are nowadays, offering new improved versions of their devices that are specially designed for lesser water consumption. A good example of such devices is low flow toilets and showers, known as aerators. These are designed to use almost half water as compared to their older versions. Composting toilets is another good idea, where usage of water is zero.

Re-use Or Re-cycle Technique

There are so many ways where you can reuse or recycle the water. Though looks something out of the box, it can really save a huge quantity of water in your house. Examples are:

  • Instead of letting the rainwater flow into the sewerage system, try to collect it in some containers, which can then be used for gardens or for washing floors and toilets.
  • When boiling rice or pasta, don’t throw the water away; it can be collected in a bucket for onward use in your garden or toilets.
  • Don’t throw away leftover ice cubes. Let them melt in a container. The resultant water is equally good for drinking or for any other usage.
  • On a larger scale, some towns have an arrangement of reusing water coming out of the factories. They use such water for watering the parks in their cities. But care should be taken that this water should be free of any toxicity.

Follow The Water Usage Restrictions

There are so many towns and cities where local management has declared some restrictions on water usage. An example may be the case where management has restricted the citizens not to water their gardens more than twice a week. Similarly, some areas impose the restriction on washing your cars on specific days of the week and so on.

If you are living in such an area, you must strictly follow the restrictions thus contributing towards the noble cause of conservation of water. Don’t wait for the authorities to get the plan implemented by force; adopt it on your own with true spirit.

Conserve water for you and for your next generations.

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