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How To Convert Months, Days And Seconds

To learn the skill of conversion of months, days and seconds is a beneficial practice. Information about history will be clearer to you when the time is converted into months or years.

You can easily calculate your monthly saving that at the last of the year how much you would be able to save. You can also calculate that if you sell the product of 100$ daily then how much will you earn in one month.

Converting days months and seconds requires a bit skill of multiplication and division. If you are good at that then you can effortlessly transmute it. In this article, we will discuss how to convert months, days and seconds easily.

Number Of Days In Seconds

Days to seconds

First of all, we need to know that how many seconds are there in a day so we could know the logic behind the conversion.

We know that

1 day = 24 hrs

1 hr = 60 min

1 min = 60 sec


1 day = 24 hrs x 60 minute x 60 seconds

1 day = 86400 seconds

With the help of this rule, we can easily convert months into seconds. Let’s discuss an example for better understanding of this concept.

Suppose we want to convert 8 days into seconds then we will simply multiply it with 86400.

8 days = 8 x 86400

8 days = 691200 seconds

Number Of Seconds In Days

Second in a day

Now will discuss the conversion of seconds in days

86400 seconds = 1 day

1 second = 1/86400 days

1 second = 1.157 x 10-5 days

If you are asked to convert 18400 seconds in days then either you can divide it by 86400 or simply multiply it by 1.157 x 10-5

18400 seconds = 18400/86400 days

18400 = 2 days

It is approximately equal to 2 days.

Number Of Months In Seconds

Months in seconds

First, we need to know the logic behind this conversion

1 month = 30 days

1 day = 86400 seconds

1 month = 86400 x 30

1 month = 2.628 x 106 seconds

Using this we can easily convert months into seconds. If you are asked to convert 8 months into seconds then simply multiply it with 2.628 x 106

8 months = 8 x 2.628 x 106

8 months = 2. 102 x 107 seconds

Number Of Seconds In Months

seconds in months

To convert the seconds in months

2.628 x 106 seconds = 1 month

1 second = 1/2.628 x 106 month

1 second = 3.8052 x 10-7 month

Suppose we want to convert 8484844 seconds in months then we will multiply it with 3.8052 x 10-7

8484844 seconds = 8484844 x 3.8052 x 10-7

8484844 seconds = 3 months

It is approximately equal to 3 months.

Number Of Months In Days

months in days

Usually, we take 30 days to a month but some months also have 31 days. To convert days in month first we will take average numbers of days in a month as 30.5 days.

30.5 days = 1 month

So to calculate the number of days we will multiply the numbers of months by 30.5, for example, to calculate 4 months in days

4 months = 30.5 x 4 days

4 months = 122 days

4 months are approximately equal to 122 days.

Number Of Days In Months

days in month

Just like other reverse methods, to convert days in month

30.5 days = 1 month

1 day = 1/30.5 month

1 day = 0.0328 month

To convert 48 days in month we will multiply with 0.0328 or divide it by 30.5

48 days = 0.0328 x 48

48 days = 4.6 months

Remembering above rules we can convert time in different units so keep practicing. I hope you liked my post about “How to convert months, days and seconds” if you have any query then write it down in the comments section.


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