Coronavirus: Everything You Need to Know About Symptoms and Risks

Coronavirus Symptoms and risks: Coronavirus is one of the trendiest topics in the Global news village. Moreover, several television news channels and experts have been briefing facts about this dangerous disease.

Coronavirus Symptoms and risks

After compiling data from different finds and sources, we have crafted this helpful guide for you. Let us get started with our helpful guide about Coronavirus symptoms and risks along with the types, origin, and transmission of this deadly disease.

Coronavirus Symptoms and risks:

Coronavirus is a type of virus that specifically affects the respiratory tract of several mammals. Moreover, it also affects the respiratory system of human beings.

These viruses are particularly associated with common health-related issues such as pneumonia, common cold, and SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome).  Besides this, these viruses can also affect the gut.


In 1937, the coronavirus was first suspected in birds in 1937. If we go into further details, the virus was spread from bronchitis virus commonly in birds on farms or at any other place. The infectious bronchitis virus is capable of causing severe problems to poultry stock.

One of the main symptoms of these viruses includes the common cold.  Over the past 70 years, Scientists made shocking findings which state that these viruses can infect rats, mice, cats, dogs, horses, turkeys, cattle, and pigs.

Recently, the coronavirus was first surfaced in China and gradually, it spreads to all other countries as well. This blog post will cover all aspects of the coronavirus along with measures, you should take to prevent this disease.

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Furthermore, we will also discuss its causes and how it transfers from one person to another person.  The coronavirus can lead to further two dangerous diseases including SARS (severe acute Respiratory Syndrome) and MERs (the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus).

Main Facts about Coronavirus:

  • There is no treatment of the common cold.
  • This virus leads to both SARS and MERS.
  • Coronavirus infects several species.
  • Currently, there are seven known human coronaviruses.
  • In 2020, the origin of SARS is Wuhan, China.
  • SARs affected 37 different countries and killed more than 1000 people.

What Exactly Coronavirus is?

HCoV, commonly known as Human Coronaviruses, was first suspected in the 1960s. Initially, these viruses were observed in the nose of patients having a common cold. Two humans having common cold OC43 and 2293 were responsible for affecting the countless people.

Why HCoV was named Coronavirus?

Coronavirus was named because of the crown-like projections on the affected human surface. In Latin, the Corona means Crown or Halo.

In humans, the infections spread rapidly either in winters or in early springs. Moreover, it is unusual for anybody to get ill because of the common cold. In addition, it is also unusual to get affected by a common cold caused by coronavirus after 4 months.

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The reason may be that the antibodies of coronavirus don’t get destroyed in a short time.  Moreover, antibodies for one Coronavirus strain might be useless for all other strain types.


Currently, cold or flu-like symptoms are considered as main symptoms of this life-threatening virus. Cold or flu from two or more days might be a result of coronavirus. These symptoms can be regarded as mild and they vary person to person.

Coronavirus symptoms and preventions

Apart from this, some forms of coronavirus can be fatal. Here are the common symptoms of the Coronavirus:

  • Sneezing
  • Running nose
  • Fatigue
  • A sore throat
  • Exacerbated asthma

To be honest, the Human Coronavirus cannot be treated or cultivated in the laboratory with that ease like other causes of the common cold such as rhinovirus. Therefore, it becomes very hard for us to track the impact of the Coronavirus on national public health and economics.

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Right now, there is no cure for this dangerous virus. The only thing you can do is to take of your self and try the counter OTC medication. The following measures should be taken if you find coronavirus symptoms and risks:

  • Rest and avoid overexertion.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Prevent traveling to smoky areas and avoid smoking.
  • To reduce pain and fever, take ibuprofen, naproxen or acetaminophen.
  • Use cool mist vaporizer and clean humidifier.

However, the affected persons can be diagnosed by taking a sample of respiratory fluids such as mucus from blood or nose.

What are the Types of Coronavirus:

Depending on the severity and impact of the virus on humans, the coronaviruses are classified into several types. Apparently, seven types of Coronavirus are discovered and all of these can cause severe results to humans:

  • 229E (alpha coronavirus)
  • NL63( alpha coronavirus)
  • OC43 (beta coronavirus)
  • HKU1 (beta coronavirus)

The following types of Coronavirus are very rare but they are very dangerous for human beings:

  • MERS-CoV
  • SARS-CoV
  • 2019-nCoV

Last year, a new strain of the Coronavirus suspected in China and it is still circulating in different countries. Furthermore, no country is able to get a cure for this dangerous virus, therefore, medical experts are unable to name this Coronavirus.


Researchers have found that how a human coronavirus transfers from one person to another person. They declared that the viruses transfer from one person to another person via secreted fluid from the human respiratory system.

Coronavirus transmission and measures

Here are the ways that may help in the spread of human Coronavirus:

  • If a person cough or sneezes without a mask on the mouth then coronavirus spreads because of dispersing droplets in the surroundings.
  • Touching a person who is infected from the virus.
  • Touching an area objects or surfaces that virus and then touching your mouth, nose or eyes with that hand.
  • The virus may transfer due to feces as well.

As mentioned above, citizens of different countries may get affected by the seasonal diseases like those in winter or spring. However, the disease remains active for the whole year and the young generation is more likely to get affected with this coronavirus.

Moreover, several people may get affected by Coronavirus once in their whole life or multiple times. It is believed that the changing abilities of this deadly disease make it more endemic. If you think that you are facing known symptoms then you should stay at home and take rest.

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It is just to ensure that this deadly won’t be transmitted to other people because of you. Make sure to prevent close interaction or contact with other people as well. Moreover, the affected patients should also cover their nose and mouth with tissues, handkerchief or masks.

You should use handkerchief while coughing or sneezing to stop the transmission of this deadly disease to your loved ones.  Moreover, you should dispose of handkerchief, tissue or mask after use in order to maintain hygiene.


Late in 2019, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suspected the gradual increase in the case of Coronavirus. The virus was first identified in Wuhan, China. Till now, the Chinese authorities named this virus as a 2019-nCoV or 2019 Novel Coronavirus.

According to the report, thousands of people have been infected with this virus in China. Moreover, international health authorities have identified that countless people in other countries have also been contracted with Coronavirus.

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Besides, multiple people in the United States were infected with this disease because of fluid transmission. Viewing the rapid transmission of 2019-nCoV, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared a global health emergency and released several safety guidelines and parameters.


After China, the virus rapidly spreads into 24 different countries. In the United Kingdom, one of the known clinics in Brighton was closed temporarily because one of its working members contracted with Coronavirus.

According to the reports, the virus emerged in an animal or seafood market where people ate a hazardous meal.

Initially, it was declared that the animals have transmitted this virus to humans but the ongoing diagnostics of 2019 Novel Coronavirus marked humans as the main source of transmission.

Details about this virus are still to come but in the past, this virus was assumed to affect the respiratory system of humans. At that time, SARS and MERS were the two diseases that spread through a human contraction.

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Currently, symptoms of 2019-nCoV transfer from one person to another person in no time, however, it may or may not produce all or some of them. But, you may face severe illness if you get infected with this virus.

Common Coronavirus symptoms and risks may include:

  • Fever
  • Breathlessness
  • Cough

It is to be noted, the symptoms may take anything between two days and two weeks to appear after infection. Moreover, researchers are still working to get a cure for 2019-nCoV. Apparently, Scientists have replicated the 2019n-CoV.

The replication detects and monitors the early symptoms of this virus. Therefore, it is handy for those people who have not found early symptoms of this virus yet.

SARS: Coronavirus Symptoms and Risks

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) was a contagious virus or disease caused due to SARS-CoV. This virus particularly leads to life-threatening pneumonia.

SARS coronavirus

If we take a look at the details of this virus, the SARS originated in the Southern part of China in November 2002. Particularly, the virus was first identified in Guangdong Province and transferred to Hong Kong in very little time.

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Similarly, the transmission of SARS CoV targeted 37 different countries. SARS coronavirus is considered a unique disease because it affects both the lower and upper respiratory tract. Moreover, it even causes gastroenteritis.

The common symptom of this deadly disease is Fever but it takes one or two weeks to appear on an infected person. Initially, the following flu-like symptoms appear on an infected person:

  • Dry coughing
  • Chills
  • Diarrhea
  • Breathlessness
  • Aches

You may have heard about pneumonia, a severe lung infection may be caused due to this coronavirus. In extreme cases, the virus can cause the failure of your important organs such as the liver, heart, and lungs.

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In 2002 and 2003, the virus affected more than 8000 people and out of 8000, 774 people were killed. This shows that these life-threatening viruses have a mortality rate of 9.6 percent.

According to reports, this infection attacked elderly people and out of all infected adults, people with ages above 65 barely survived. After a couple of months, scientists had been able to get its antidote in July 2003.

MERS: Coronavirus origin and Symptoms

MERS-CoV is the basis of MERS disease which was first identified in 2012. Being appeared in Middle East countries, the scientists named this disease as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.

This disease was first identified in Saudi Arabia and after that, it spread to all other countries.  Similarly, MERS reached the US and then South Korea in 2015. The common symptoms of this disease may include fever, coughing, and breathlessness.

MERS coronavirus

According to research reports, the infection only spreads through individuals who returned from the Arabian Peninsula. Shockingly, the mortality rate of this life-threatening disease is 30% to 40%.

What is done to stop 2019-nCoV transmission?

The scientists have been trying their level best to develop a vaccine. However, it seems that it is pretty impossible for them to outbreak a vaccine before 2021.

For the time being, the Chinese Authorities have declared a health emergency and sealed Wuhan. Moreover, the authorities have restricted its citizens and foreigners from traveling to other countries.

It is just to ensure that no one infected person can spread the infection which might result in more deaths.

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Most of the countries have banned Chinese passengers to enter their territories, moreover, those countries are evacuating their citizens from Wuhan to protect them. Furthermore, several airlines have stopped their operations in China.

What is the actual reason behind 2019-nCov?

Apparently, the Chinese authorities have been trying to know about the actual reason for this deadly virus. Initially, the reports disclosed that virus surfaces in Wuhan’s seafood market. The seafood market is known for the illegal trading of wild animals.

Furthermore, the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that animal source appears as one of the main reason behind the evacuation of this disease. Similarly, the Chinese Authorities stated that this virus spread from the infected animal species to humans via illegal trafficking pangolins.

All of those pangolins have been the main part of food and medicine in Asia.  However, scientists stated that infected bats or snakes might be the main source of this virus. We will update this post again if we find something more interesting about Coronavirus symptoms and risks.

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