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How To Create Hygge Decor For Christmas?

Celebrating Christmas with family and friends is a most popular trend in the world, especially in Europe and America. Spending time with the whole family in the cozy atmosphere at home, when winter is at its bloom outside and enjoying delicious foods and drinks, is perhaps the best activity during the Christmas celebrations.

There are several different styles and trends of enjoying Christmas mostly depending on the culture and civilization. Hygge is one of those. Hygge comes from Denmark. In Danish, hygge is a word that means, “giving courage, joy and comfort”. Hygge style of decoration is all about the mood of comfort and coziness and a feeling of wellness.


The word hygge is originated, in Danish, from the word hugr, which then transformed into the word hug that means the consciousness, soul and mind. Another explanation of the hygge is that it may have originated from the very old word hugge, which then turned into the word hug, with the meaning “to embrace”.

Whatever may be its origin but today it is a Danish tradition that is associated with coziness and comfort or an everyday togetherness with safety, equality and personal wholeness. It is a social and cultural tradition from Denmark that is widely adopted in the whole of Europe and America. People love to have a hygge Christmas.

In this article, we will give you some useful tips on how to create hygge décor for Christmas,

Hygge Activities In Christmas

Hygge has developed into a popular way of celebrating Christmas, which involves several different activities and events.

  • People like to gather the whole family for playing a board game.
  • While the whole family is gathered in the home during a cold winter night, they would like to read aloud a storybook for children.
  • Some may enjoy romantic poetry.
  • Some may enjoy having a jam session, where everyone would participate with some songs, a carol or a folk song.
hygge ideas
  • Making different Christmas ornaments from the recycled material involving the whole family in it.
  • A good baking session with friends is yet another cozy activity for a Hygge Christmas.
  • You may like going for a walk with your family, in the local Christmas Market during the evening.
  • Enjoy having some hot drinks together with your family or friends, such as a hot chocolate.

Create Hygge For Christmas

Here are some useful tips on how you can create hygee for Christmas.

  • Colorful lights are one of the most important parts of Christmas. White and Gold fairy lights will give a different feeling, try it.
  • Place your lights in a glass jar to create a wonderful glow and glass combination.
  • Light up candles and lanterns. A hygge style of lighting up candles may be to use vanilla scented candles.
  • A beautiful hygge cultural tradition is to create a Candle Countdown, for the days to go for the main Christmas event. You can buy candle especially made for this countdown, having a number carved on each candle.
creating hygge
  • Light up the candle having the number that matches with the number of days to go, for Christmas. You can also decorate this candle as you may like.
  • Decorate your home with different shaped ornaments, draping, ribbon or glass balls. Choose the colors that fit your mood.
  • For creating a warm and cozier environment, arrange a sufficient quantity of pillows and blankets for your family and for any possible visitors.
  • Arrange some fluffy socks and Christmas sweaters for children.

Foods For Hygge Christmas

A rich Danish tradition of celebrating Christmas is having a big dinner, known as “Julefrokost”, which means “Christmas Lunch”. Apart from this, you can also have your own baking or cooking sessions during the Christmas days to celebrate the whole season in hygge style.

We suggest some for you:

  • Cardamom Buns are the good choice for very cold days.
  • Marzipan bits, covered with chocolate.
  • Mince pie, though not a traditional Danish recipe but perfectly match the hygge style, being spicy and warm.
  • Pepperkaker or gingerbread.
  • Spherical pancakes and doughnuts with powdered sugar and jam.
  • Roasted meat and vegetables are the most popular Danish food. Roasted Vegetables such as turnips and cabbage is a delicious thing that you must try this Christmas.

Other Ideas

  • Decorate your home with an artificial pine. Though not a true hygge tradition but very popular. Decorate the artificial pine with fairy white light.
  • Hygge means coziness and comfort. So, try covering your furniture with warm blankets, rustic animal hides and fluffy pillows to create a cozy atmosphere in the very cold December nights.
  • These are the Christmas holidays, so you don’t have to go to your offices or workplaces. That means no formal dresses. Enjoy and feel cozy, wearing cashmere socks, shearling slippers and fuzziest sweaters. You can go to any Christmas party wearing a pullover and clogs.
  • Decorate your home with natural elements, collected while walking through the gardens and woods, such as sprigs of greenery, fallen branches and pinecones. Create your décor using these natural things.
  • Try having a cup of Scandinavian mulled wine, most popularly known as glogg, to get cozy.
  • Have an extended session of baking during these Christmas holidays. Enjoy baking gingerbread, almond cake, cinnamon rolls or oatmeal balls. These are the favorites for a hygge Christmas all around the Scandinavia.

There are hundreds of different hygge styles of decorating your Christmas event. What to choose largely depends on your local traditions, culture and civilization. If you living in a cold area, where December is chilling cold, your selection will be quite different from those who live a warm area, where Christmas days are not so cold and even warmer as compared to other areas.

So, what you would do must match with the weather conditions of your area. If it is not so cold outside, having plenty of blankets in your room may spoil the event. But if it is chillier outside, you may have to opt. for more warm things.

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