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How To Create Natural Blue Roses?

Roses are one of the most favorite flowers of people all around the world. Normally the roses are of white and red in color but there are so many different colors of roses grown in different parts of the world. Roses are loved by the people due to its fragrance and beautiful colors. In fact, when we think of flowers, the first thing which comes to our mind is a rose flower.

Rose flower is the most favorite topic in literature, almost all around the world, in almost every language. It is the symbol of love. But more importantly, it is the essential part of your home when it comes to the decoration.

Roses of different colors are used to decorate your rooms. It gives a nice feeling, when you have roses in your home or room, either grown in pots or in shape of cut flowers, placed in a vase in your bedroom.

creating blue roses

One may have a wide range of roses of different colors grown in the home garden but at times, you may need to have a rose flower of a specific color that is not readily available in your garden.

Similarly, there may be some unique colors which cannot be grown in your garden. But don’t worry, you can get the rose flower of any color of your choice even if you don’t have a rose plant of that color in your garden. Yes, you can dye white roses to any color of your choice.

When it comes to the color of the roses, blue roses are perhaps the most loved ones. You may come across a situation where you need to have blue roses in your room for decoration or for any other purpose but this is not available in your garden.

Next option may be is to buy it from local flower shop but that may cost you much. We, therefore, have another option for you which is quite simple, easy and may not cost you much. You can dye the white roses in blue color very easily at your own.

In this article, we will give you some useful tips on how to create natural blue roses. We are not talking about growing blue roses in your garden; it’s all about dyeing or coloring the roses in blue color when you don’t have one in your garden.

How To Dye Roses?

Though you can dye rose of any color into one of your choices, it is strongly recommended that you should use white roses for dyeing in different colors, especially the blue color.

Reason? If you try to dye a yellow rose into the blue color, the result will be a green colored rose flower, not the blue. That’s why it is very important to use white roses to color in blue or any other color you may like.

There are basically three methods of dyeing a rose, explained below.

Method # 1

This is the simplest method of dyeing a white rose in any color of your choice such as blue.

  • Buy white roses from the flower shop that has a reasonably long stem.
  • Take a plastic container filled with water.
  • Dip the stem of the white rose deep in the water and cut the stem down to 12 inches.
  • Cut the stem at an angle, instead of cutting it straight. This will prevent the stem sitting flat in the container. Cutting the stem while it is dipped in water prevents bubbles in the stem. So, make sure to cut the stem at an angle deep under the water. Doing so enables the white roses to absorb the color fast.
  • Trim off all thorns and leave that accompanying the rose flower.
  • You may also reduce the size of stem dipped in water, if you want them to take the color faster.
How to dye
  • Now your white roses are ready to get color of your choice. Place it in a plastic vase filled with simple water for the time being.
  • Now prepare the dye bath. Take half cup of warm water and add 25-30 drops of food color of your choice.
  • Now dip the stem in this prepared color mixture. Take care that only the stem should be dipped in the colored water, not the rose petals.
  • Within a period of 4-5 hours, your white rose will absorb the color and you will see a light blue colored rose.
  • For a deeper color, you will have to wait for almost two days. After 48 hours, your white rose flower will turn into a beautiful deep blue color.
  • Once the rose has taken the color of your choice, immediately shift it to another vase filled 3/4th with plain water, so that it lives longer.

Method # 2

Most of the process is the same with all three methods. The difference between the first and the second method is the way you cut the stem. This method is useful for dyeing the rose in more than one colors.

  • After cutting down the stem to 12 inches at an angle, split it halfway. Using a sharp knife split the half stem lengthwise.
  • If the stem is thicker, it can be split into three or more sections, depending on the thickness of the stem.
  • Immediately after splitting the stem, shift the roses in a vase filled with plain water. Meanwhile prepare the dye mixture, in the same way as done in method # 1.
How to dye blue
  • Prepare dye mixture of different colors of your choice, in separate jars for each color.
  • Place the jars filled with different colored mixtures, close to each other. Dip the split sections of the rose flower, one section in one jar.
  • After a few hours, you will see the white rose turning into a multicolored flower.
  • Once your white roses attain the colors of your choice, shift them into a vase containing plain water.

Method # 3

As said above, the basic process is the same for all the three methods.

While following the same process, come to the preparation of dye mixture. Take one gallon of water and mix food color in it. Add one tablespoon of alum in it. The floral dye can also be purchased from the market and can be prepared according to the instructions given on the packaging.


Instead of dipping the stem into the dye mixture, you have to dip the flower itself in the mixture. While holding the rose flower upside down by the stem, dip the flower (petals) in the dye mixture and swirl it around for a few seconds.

Now lift up the rose by stem while the flower itself should be above the jar. Gently shake the flower so that the extra mixture drops down in the jar and flower is clear of the water.

Now rinse the flower with plain water and shake it again to get rid of entire water. If you feel that the color is darker than you require, you can rinse it once more for some more time. Let the flower dry for some time, so that the color comes out brightly. Once the coloring has been done, immediately shift the roses in vase having plain water.

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