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15 Best Dark Brown Hair Color Ideas With Top Models 2019

Dark Brown Hair: Styles recurs like clockwork. For instance, let’s talk about hair color. Every season, dapper focus on brightening and lightening their hair. Either its’ ombré, balayage, blonde or a peachy pastel hue, darker brunettes are included once in a while in the talk and that’s unbiased.

People might like the bold and blunt shades? Perhaps if you’re naturally raven-haired and seasonal bleaching isn’t workable? The point is to say that dark brown hair deserves more glory in summer.

Dark Brown Hair

Contrasting Instagrammable gray, rose gold and the extent of rainbow hair colors. We’ve observed on red carpets and social media, dark brown is one hair shade that will merely never go out of style. Long hair is back in fashion if you are looking to freshen up your long hair then you will find different styles of bangs for lengthy locks.

Dark Brown Hair

Moreover, it’s easily one of the most mutual hair colors, so it only makes sense. Although it’s everywhere doesn’t mean dark brown has to be dull.

Whether you’re already a chestnut looking to spice things up, or you’ve been a blonde your entire life and want a major change. It’s an admirable option to choose dark brown hair since there are countless different shades and undertones.dark brown hair color 2019

A rich, warm mahogany shade might suit some, whereas a cool-toned coffee or cedar-brown will be better for others. So, if you’ve been thinking about coming to the dark side, your best stake is to have a talk with your hairdresser to determine the desired outcome you want.

You can change your hair color with an ongoing trend. We have made it easier for you by compiling some of the prettiest dark brown hair colors we could find for each skin tone.

This will make it convenient for you by imagining which shade will suit you, what will be the consequences of choosing a hair color. Go in for the creativeness ahead to find your desired new look. You should take care of your hair and protect your hair from chlorine water.

Dark Brown Hair Color Trend among Celebrities

That’s all good and well, but we can’t claim something without support. For you, we stalked thoroughly social media accounts of celebrities and fashion experts to find our favorites.

Either you prefer subtle or soft highlights or beachy and bright ones. These are surely going to encourage you to reserve a hairdresser’s appointment.

Kylie Jenner Dark Brown Hair

Kylie Jenner is well known for her makeup line, socialite and American media personality. Apart from a few color changes in the past couple of years has always set aside a base of silky black hair (like her siblings Kendall, Kourtney, and Kim).kylie Dark Brown Hair

Recently she posted to her Instagram account; it’s flawless to see the soft chocolate-colored highlights. We are obsessed with her shades from mid to ends.

Leomie Anderson Dark Brown Hair

Leomie Anderson is a victoria secret model.LEOMIE Dark Hair

She has a gold skin tone, it’s highlighted by her super cool-toned hair.

Yara Shahidi Dark Burnette Hair

Yara Shahidi recognized for a starring role in Black-ish and Grown-ish flaunts her dark brunette color in our desired way. Along with her healthy, hydrating voluminous curls.yara shahidi Dark brunette hair

She has a natural ombré effect, with layers of her curls are subtly light from the genuine black shade of base.

Emmy Rossum Golden Brown Hair

Emmy Rossum American actress, director, song-writer have some warm tones of deep golden brown.

emmy rosum Dark Brown Hair

This suits her pinkish undertone. This dark brown hair color is mild enough it doesn’t make hair look red.

Priyanka Chopra Mahogany Shade

Priyanka Chopra well known Indian actress. The mahogany shade compliments her medium tan complexion.priyanka chopra Dark Brown Hair

It highlights her dark base. This level dark brown hair is also good for her because it’s not darker than her eyebrows, so it gives her a natural subtle look. If you are facing hair growth problem then you should try Coconut Oil.

Lucy Hale Burnette Hair

Lucy Hale from pretty little liars has different shades of Burnette including gold, and caramel.

lucy hale Dark Brown Hair

Fair skin like her have cool tones, coffee brown color is an ideal shade. She looks both classic and romantic.

Lily Collins Auburn Brown Hair

Lily Collins English-American actress, writer model.lily collins

She has deep brown shade with auburn highlights. It gives her skin a boost.

Ruby Rose Dark Cocoa Hair

Ruby Rose Australian model, TV star and actress wow in any hair color.rubyy rose

Her glossy dark cocoa shade provides a strong look with a classic appearance. Her light features are a bonus.

Ashley Graham Reddish-Brown Shade

Ashley Graham an American model.

ashley graham

Her light peachy complexion works great with her dark brown hair. The soft reddish-brown undertones balance her skin tone perfectly.

Selena Gomez Chocolate Honey Shade

Selena Gomez a well-known singer.

selena gomez

Her light honey complexion is finely tuned in the prettiest way with this dark chocolate shade. The subtle golden tones framing her face make this shade stand out.

Emily Ratajkowski Brown Shade

Emily Ratajkowski American model and actress looks stunning in any hair color.


Her signature dark brown hair is a perfect shade. Her hair has no highlights its just one dark brown shade.

Meghan Markle Chocolate Brown Hair

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, and former actress.meghan markle

She has both warm and cool tones in her skin in a simple word she is neutral. So she can dye her hair warm and cool tones. Her recent cooler-toned, chocolatey highlights really suit her complexion.

Lea Michele Bronze Hair

Lea Michele is an American singer, author, and actress.lea michele

Girls having the honey gold complexion you can follow her up for brown hair color trends. Her bronze hair not only emphasizes her skin tone but also brightens up her eyes.

Yvonne Orji Ombre Hair

Yvonne Orji Nigerian actress is known for her role in HBO series insecure.Yvonne Orji Dark Brown Hair

She experimented with some ombré to highlight her dark brown shade. A level of warm and cool tones also works best for such skins.

Tiffany Haddish Soft Brown Hair

Tiffany Haddish is a versatile American actor, singer, comedian, author, and haddish Dark Brown Hair

She has soft brown highlights in the front, it adds up some shine and looks healthy. Her Burnette shade is rich and gives a glow to her complexion too.

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