if you have a pet dog in your home or you are planning to get one for your home then you definitely want to know how many times a day should I feed my dog?

we have compiled a dog scheduled to feed your pets of different ages in a day and also you have a complete understanding of dog feeding. If you know all these things then we can grantee you that your pet will have a healthy and comfortable life.

Understand your pet

One thing we want to clear here is that these feeding schedules are best suggestions, in case your pet has any condition like he is sick then we recommend you to take your pet to a vet and get a customized action plan for your dog.

Dog feeding schedule in a day

It is recommended that adult dog should eat twice in a day so that their metabolism remains stable and it helps in digesting food. Following is the schedule adult dog feeding in a day.

  • 7.00 a.m. – Breakfast
  • 6.00 p.m. – Dinner
  • The amount of water a dog should drink in a day depends upon the food you are giving to your dog and the weight of your dog. if you are feeding your dog dry food then pets need to drink water a lot on the other hand if you are feeding them wet food then they require less water.

Customized Action plan

  • The amount of water a dog drink also depends upon the physical condition of your pet and the environment in which it lives.
  • If you have a dog of large breed which has a weight of 20 kg and it eats around 300 to 400g per day and you take your pet for a walk for at least two hours in one day then instead of giving them1200 ml of water according to the above given calculation( 20kg multiply by 60 ml) it actually needs 1 and half liter of water per day.
  • 6.00 a.m. – clean and fill bowl half-way
  • Noon – rinse out and refill half-way
  • 4.00 p.m – rinse and fill half-way
  • Bedtime – Clean and fill the bowl about ¼ of the way
  • An average dog sleeps almost 14 hours a day, dogs sleep for a shorter time more frequently and a pets rem cycle is more active as compared to humans. In case your pet sleeps more than 16 hours a  day than it is recommended to make sure your pet is not ill.

Feed your pet

  • Remember feed your pet fruits from time to time which covers the necessary ingredients which are not fulfilled by the ordinary dog diet such as antioxidants.
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  • The dry feed of dogs generally lacks in antioxidants which are ideal for preventing cancer and heart disease. One of the fruits which are full of antioxidants and can benefit our pet is Blueberry. If you look inside the blueberry you will find very small seeds which you must remove before you feed blueberry to your dog.
  • You can also feed your pet apple fruit which is good for your pet but make sure your pet does not eat apple seeds because all bones and the seeds are toxics for dogs.
  • In case your pet eats the fruit seeds then they can have a breathing problem, Allergic reaction or your pet can develop an intolerance against other diseases. Make sure you clean apple fruit and remove all the seeds carefully before you give it to your pet.

Dog feeding schedule for puppies

Little puppies need house training, therefore, a sample schedule for a puppies feeding is following.

  • Outside upon waking
  • Outside after breakfast
  • Outside around noon after the second feeding
  • Outside around 4.00 p.m
  • Outside after dinner
  • Outside before bed
  • Little puppies ideally eat three times in a day, therefore, you must schedule feeding your pet at noon too.

Dry food of dogs in a day

  • Many people can warn you against giving any kind of fish or chicken bone to your dog for chewing.  You can feed these bones as long they are not cooked. Remember always feed your pets raw bones. Raw bones are good for dogs and safe for the dogs because they are not brittle and cannot cause choking.
  • Note You should never give your pet a pork raw or cooked bone because these bones contain traces of trichinosis which is a disease and many pork carry them. If you are feeding your pet bones of pork then you are actually making your pet very sick.
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  • Many pet owners give a raw bone to there pet as a treat during their training to show them your love. There are certain types of bones which you can give to your pet like chicken, lamb, turkey, oxtail and beef raw bones are safe for dogs. These bones help dogs to keep their teeth clean, healthy and strong.

Little puppies eat three times a day

  • These bones are very strong and do not break or splinter easily that is one reason you should give these bones to your pet.
  • There are certain types of cooked bones which you should not give to your pet. Like cooked poultry and fish, bones are very dangerous and worse bones you should avoid giving to your dog because when these bones are cooked they have a tendency to become very brittle.
  • When these types of bones are chewed they break up into small splinter easily and cause choking of your pup. The tiny splinters of these bones can damage the teeth, throat, and gums of a pet even they can cause the death of a pet if they get stuck in the dog’s throat.

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