We have worked with the division of whole numbers numerous times in our routine life and it is very easy even we can perform it without using calculators.

Working with decimal numbers can be tricky as the decimal system consists of all types of numbers and sizes and it writes them using a “.” Symbol called as a decimal point.

As most of us are not familiar with the division operation of decimal numbers so it looks difficult at prima facie but in this article, we will explain the operation of division of decimal numbers step by step so it would be easy for all of us to understand and remember.

Dividing Decimal Numbers By The Whole Number

For this purpose, we just need to remember the trick of removing and placing the decimal point. For eminent comprehension let’s say we have to divide 25.5 by 5.

Step 1

shifting of decimal point

Remove the decimal point or shift it towards right till the last integer i.e.

255 or 255.0

Step 2

As the number decimal number is now converted into a whole number, at this step we can perform the simple whole number division.

255/5 = 51

Step 3

At this step, we will place the decimal point where it was removed or it was shifted one time towards the right so we will do the reverse operation and place it towards left.

reverse shifting decimal point

51 after placing the decimal point would be 5.1 so in this example, we have got 5.1 as the answer.

Example 2

For the division of 2.55 by 5

Step 1

Shifting decimal point two digits towards the right

Remove the decimal point or shift it towards the right.

255 or 255.0

Step 2

Perform simple division operation

255/5 = 51

Step 3

reverse double shifting of decimal points

As the decimal point was shifted two digits towards the right and after doing reverse operation we have got 0.51 as a result.

Division Of Decimal Numbers By The Decimal Number

This method is a little bit different from the above method. What if we have to divide 4.84 by 0.4

We have to look at the divider in this method. Simply shift the decimal point towards right on both sides until we got a whole number of the divider.

Here the divider is 0.4 so by shifting decimal point the result would be 48.4/4

Now go for the division as given below in the picture.

Decimal division

At the end, we have got the answer of division of 4.84 by 0.4 as 12.1.

For the division of 48.4 by 0.48 do the same process as above. As we shift decimal point towards the right on both sides, in this case where we have no integer after 4 in 48.4 we will add a zero here.

Now go for the further process as given in the picture below.

example of decimal division

The result is equivalent to 100.83.

By keeping in mind this simple trick of removing and placing the decimal point we can easily perform the division operation on decimal numbers. I hope you liked my post about “Division Of Decimal Numbers Without Using a Calculator” and if you have any query you can write it down in the comments section.