Android is amazing (without root), but this operating system has a small drawback. This is something that many users cannot stand easily. It is a number of useless applications that are difficult to use because it is Preinstalled on the phone.

In many places, you are reading it to delete these default applications you need to route your device, but disable them and release them without eradicating your device’s space There are often methods. Do you want to know how?

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Below I will explain how to uninstall preinstalled Android applications without root.   Read this vequill article to uninstall apps without root.

Simple Steps to Uninstall Apps Without Root

  • The root user can delete many applications that are preinstalled on the phone, but you can free up space by disabling the application without root privileges. But what is the difference between deletion and disabling?? Disabling the application will stop using the data and space on the device even if it is not deleted. Mobile’s internal memory no longer runs out of memory and data and can optimize the storage space on the device.
  • Disabled apps will be displayed on the terminal if they need to be re-enabled. To start uninstalling a preinstalled application without root, first, go to Settings

Android Settings

  • From there, go to the “Details” section and select the “Application Manager” option that gives access to all the applications installed on the device.

uninstall app

  • There are many things downloaded such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc installed in this installed application list, but other applications such as Google Play Books, Play Music, Youtube, etc. are installed by default on a mobile phone. Since many of these applications are not being used by us and occupy space, it may be best to disable them without the root of android.
  • It is not possible to disable applications essential to devise operation. In this case, I chose the Samsung Apps Store because I do not use it, but you can choose what you are not useful


  • Enter the pre-installed application and press the “Disable” button to stop using the space and resources on the device.

Disabling app without root

  • The framework will tell you to disable this application others might be influenced if you still need to proceed with the procedure, you should accept. At that point, it will inquire as to whether you need to replace the application with the factory version, which you need to accept.

Disable Default android app without root

  • Quick and easy! By following these steps, you can delete the applications pre-installed on Android without root. Even so, they are not completely out of your phone’s memory.
  • If you want to launch the application again in the future, just press the enable option to undo the process.
  • You do not need to download the application called “Android Transfer” to your computer. I want to remove the actual preinstalled application without eradicating your Android. This allows you to send the application to a different source and free up space on your mobile phone.
  • When you connect your cell phone to your computer, the program detects the source and displays all the files on your Android phone.
  • Click on the application you want to uninstall, it will be displayed in the left column. Click Uninstall to avoid disconnecting the phone from the computer during the process.

The list of Android applications that you can easily delete without hurting and without the root of  your device is as follows:

  • Android live wallpapers
  • Android Work assistant
  • Audio effects
  • Basic Daydreams
  • Google keyboard (remove those you don’t use)