Understanding The Causes And Symptoms Of Dependent Personality Disorder

A dependent personality disorder is defined as extensive fear and emotional dependence on people in the surrounding. It is emotional behavior in which a person can’t make his decisions without pieces of advice from others. Decision making skill becomes null in this disorder. Causes And Symptoms Of Dependent Personality Disorder

People with this disorder have extreme passivity and can’t make their decisions without reinsurance of others. These people can avoid personal responsibilities and are completely dependent on others.

They do not want to be alone. Here at TryArticles, I have discussed the causes of dependent personality disorder in people.

Causes And Symptoms Of Dependent Personality Disorder

Experts do not know the actual causes of dependent personality disorder. However, they think that this disorder may cause due to pessimistic behavior and inborn anxiety. Childhood trauma, extreme violence, war or kidnapping can cause severe symptoms of DPD in people.

Most children get dependent on their parents. They do not work or complete any task without the presence of their parents. Pessimistic behavior is reverse to optimistic. It is the negative attitude towards anything. People with DPD often adopt pessimistic behavior.

Causes Of Dependent Personality Disorder

There is no special treatment for this disorder. People with this disorder suffer from anxiety and depression so medicines can be given to overcome anxiety and depression. Causes of DPD are following.Causes Of Dependent Personality Disorder

  • Biological factors are important to cause dependent personality disorder in a child or adult.
  • Developmental factors are also involved in the causes of DPD.
  • Overprotective parenting styles can cause  DPD in a child. These children get dependent on their parents and cannot do anything alone.
  • Chronic physical illness is the major cause of DPD in people.
  • Childhood separation and anxiety can cause DPD. Parental separation can also cause severe symptoms of this disorder in children.

Symptoms Of DPD

People with a dependent personality disorder often need a person for care and advises. They have an extensive fear of abandonment. The people with this disorder think that they can’t live without others and this behavior is included in clinging.

They need permissions for everything due to self-doubt. These people think of themselves as “stupid”. They can lose faith in themselves just because of their ultra-dependent factor. They often think themselves to be separated from their beloved relationships that include friends, parents or life partner. Symptoms of DPD are following.

Difficulty To Make Decisions

Decision-making ability is a great power. Many people cannot make their decisions due to many reasons that include fear of making decision, depression, confusions or stress. It is a sign of a dependent personality disorder.Difficulty To Make Decisions

These people can feel fear in making wrong decisions and also feel guilty about making mistakes. People with DPD even ask you what shirt they can wear? Or how can they carry it? These people always need an excessive amount of advice.

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The adult with this disorder can depend on their parents for the advice of the job, the location of the home and other work. These people can allow their parents to decide on their dresses that what should they wear? Or what subjects they can choose to study?

Always Need Someone To Assume Responsibility

People with DPD always need someone to resume responsibility. These people cannot do any task alone and need someone to take their responsibilities. A daughter can depend on father for homework, play, and other activities in DPD.Need Someone To Assume Responsibility

Likewise, many people get dependent on their parents, friends, sister or brother and life partner. This behavior can tease a person who is taking your responsibilities for all time. People with DPD can face emotional changes and excessive need to be taken care of.

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The thoughts and ideas of these people can change instantly with the advice of any person. People with DPD cannot handle their situation alone and always need someone to encourage them in a tough time. They become unable to take responsibilities in social or personal life.

Difficulty To Express Disagreement

People with a dependent personality disorder can suffer from lack of confidence and stress. These people cannot say “No” for anything that’s why they do not express a disagreement. A person with DPD can go to an extreme level to obtain care and love from you.

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Individuals with this disorder feel depressed and helpless when they are alone. When one relationship has ended these people can search for other relation to fulfilling their need for care and love. People have different thoughts, values, and opinions as a human being and they can disagree with others.Difficulty To Express Disagreement

A person with DPD can’t say “no” to anyone. Following tips can help you in disagreement.

  • Focus On Facts And Reality.
  • Don’t Get Personal.
  • Develop Listening Ability.
  • Use Simple Words To Say No.
  • Use The Statement Of “I”.
  • Know The Time When To Move On.

Difficulty In Initiating A Project

People with DPD can feel irritatable to initiate a project alone. They always need someone for advice and guideline. They cannot carry a profession alone without the advice of a person who is close to them.

It is a major issue that can disturb their professional life. That’s why they cannot create new ideas and depend on the opinion of others.

Difficulty In Initiating A Project

Need Nurturance From Others

The people with DPD need nurturance from others. They need emotional support and nourishment from others. This need for affection makes them dependent. It is a drive for excessive care and love that can force them to show any behavior to fulfill this need. The encouragement from others can make them relax and happy.

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Need Nurturance From Others

Fear Of Being Left

People with DPD often feel an irrational fear of left alone. That’s why they make frantic efforts to carry a normal relationship. This fear can cause anxiety and stress in their mind. Separation from closest ones can cause severe anxiety in people who suffer from DPD.

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Fear Of Being Left

Individuals with DPD instantly search for anyone to get rid of loneliness.

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