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How To Design Football T-Shirts?

How To Design Football T-Shirts?: Football is known to be one of the most famous games on this globe. Starting from Junior School level, it is played by almost every age group. Footballers are dressed up in a smart and beautiful uniform, consisting of a T-Shirt, Shorts, a nice pair of socks and football shoes.

The most prominent thing in this kit is the T-shirt. So, it is necessary that your T-Shirt should be good-looking with a specific logo of your team.


If you are planning to design a T-shirt for your school or local club football team, you may follow the guidelines given in this article.

How To Design Football T-Shirts?

Buy Simple Cotton T-Shirts From Local Market

One easiest and good way to design a Football T-Shirt for your team is to buy simple cotton shirts from the local market and create your own design/logo on the front and back side of this shirt. First, prepare the design on a paper and after getting yourself satisfied that it is nice looking and will serve the purpose, attach it the T-shirt you have just bought from the market.

Local Market Shirts

You can actually draw the design (if you are good at drawing and arts) directly on the T-shirt you have bought from the market. The color of the cloth of the shirt is much important. Similarly, the colors used for drawing the logo/design/pattern on the shirt is also very important. Here, your ethical sense comes into play. Select the design and color to best suit the environment and culture of your area.

Use Of Software To Design A Football T-Shirt

Many software is available in the market, which helps you to create/design the Football T-Shirt on your own. FB kits is one of the most popular software available in the market for this purpose. This software enables you to design your required T-Shirt based on the patterns and designs of famous brands such as Adidas and Nike.

Design A Shirt

Many templates are available in this software which can be edited to create your own designs by using Photoshop. Photoshop is quite helpful to create or edit thousands of designs for a Football T-shirt.

Make/Tailor Your Own T-Shirt With Logos

You can also make your own t-shirt but for this, you must be familiar with the tailoring skills. A most important step in tailoring your own t-shirt is the measurements and cutting the cloth according to these measurements. Cutting the cloth for a t-shirt is quite simple and you can learn it with a little practice.

You can prepare three universal sizes, i.e. small, medium & large or if required a fourth one extra large. Universal measurements of these sizes are given here for your convenience (all measurements in Centimeters)

T-Shirts Sizes

Many websites are available where you can buy the T-shirts and put your own logo and design on it.  You can search for such websites on Google and select the best for your needs. Bright and fast colors are more attractive and popular these days. However, you may also select stripes design, although not so popular currently. Selection of the type of cloth is also very important. A mix of silk and cotton is perhaps the best option

However, do consider the climate and weather conditions of your area before selecting the cloth. Preferably the cloth should be absorbent, as the player sweat a lot during the match. So, selection of right cloth for your team considering the climate is an art which you will learn over the times.

Draw The Design And Get It Prepared From Local Shop

One of the good options for preparing your own Football T-shirt is to prepare/draw your own design, either manually or on the computer. Take this design to your local vendor or shop and get manufactured your customized football t-shirt from the shop. The vendor will replicate your design and prepare the shirt according to your provided design.

Once this has been done, you can order as many numbers of shirts as your need. The vendor can preserve your design with him and can arrange to supply you the customized t-shirts as and when required by your team.


Although all the above ideas are helpful for creating your own branded football t-shirts but in our opinion, the last one may be the best option, especially when you are managing your own local team. The vendor can prepare customized t-shirts for each player individually by taking his/her size. It may cost you a little more, but it is considered to be a hassle-free option. More importantly, the quality of the dress will be maintained at an optimum level.

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